107 New Templates Live!

Hey happy Wednesday everybody Sean Coming to you from high level so Normally this would be like a one and Done announcement but I got two today so Check this out so 99 count 99 that is Insane templates have been published on The template Library so check this out Real quick you can see right here and I Think I actually asked this question Um funnels uh websites or social media Posts um those are all funnel templates These are just funnel templates 99 new Funnel templates check this out home Services medical you can read it pause The video check it out but Um I told you there's two look at this Let's roll up to the release notes Channel oh oh it starts with an art Sean You can do it all right there it is Boom Four new email templates another a new Website template and three new funnel Templates on top of the 99 I just showed You Um right here you can check them out and See exactly what categories are in now For those who didn't know we have lots Of templates imagine that and then the Way to get to them is really simple you Go into those sections like to the email Section for example social media posting Section or the websites and funnel Session you hit new and it will actually Show you do you want to pick it from the Template Library

Um no your clients cannot see it right Now only you can see it but we have a Plan to get that fixed so that you can Actually expose this to your clients if You want to or you can leave it as it is And choose not to show it um that's on You but anyways amazing job of the uh The templates team they just keep Churning these out and they're so Amazing so anyways all of you are having An awesome Wednesday and we will talk to You soon thanks

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