2 Way Email Sync for Outlook Live!

Hey happy Friday everybody Sean coming At you from high level so I think of Course you watched the last video and You saw that we launched Google and Apple pay into beta and you said to Yourself wow that's amazing I can't Believe it um I bet they can't they Can't come out with anything as cool as That on the same day well guess what You're wrong today we are launching uh Two-way sync with Outlook that's right Two-way email sync so let's talk about Two-way email sync in general so what The heck is to way emails thinking why Is it important so Um we're up and quick note for anybody Heard the word Outlook don't worry Gmail's coming here shortly and I'll get To that in a minute but this idea is Really simple and Powerful so you have Customers and maybe you do this yourself You're using Outlook you're sending your Emails back and forth to clients Um and you want those email Communications to make their way into High level automatically and without Having to First send it out through high Level right or do the sending through High level well now you can do that Two-way email sync is what makes that Possible so the idea here is fairly Simple but yet profound I'm oper reading Out of Outlook I'm talking to my clients And all of that information is making

His way back into high level isn't that Amazing right okay so Um quick note on Gmail as usual Google Is uh dragging their feet on some Security stuff um that wait or actually It's not security stuff but it's like uh What do they call it uh scope stuff Anyways point being Um we got all that solved we think we Should have that out by next week it's Funny the code is all done in Q8 and It's working so we're just waiting for The go ahead from Google so we should Have this exact same concept for Google Next week but let's talk about Outlook And let's talk about how to get started So first things first Um you go in and you actually set this Up now where the heck is that well I Don't know actually let's go look at What they say so um first let's walk Through review nodes together just so we Understand what's going on here so this Feature is currently live under Labs so Okay that what does that mean that means It's on the live app.go high level or Your white liberal uh URL but you have To go into Labs we all know where Labs Is of course Um it's under settings inside the Location and then you turn it on right Okay cool we've got that check it moving On all right now users can their Personal Outlook email

And sync outgoing and incoming emails Between the CRM and their personal Outlook account now personal Outlook Just means like the Outlook they use it Could be a business account or a Personal account doesn't matter okay Anyways user can use their personal Emails to send receive and track emails The sync will be established between Both platforms when an email thread is Initiated from the CRM first outbound Message so this is a really important Note here so if you s this the first Email has to be sent from inside high Level now don't worry uh We've we know How this actually works or there are use Cases where for example you have an Existing conversation that you want to Get into get into high level that didn't Necessarily start there and we have That's coming up next and we'll probably Do it like with a browser plug-in and Maybe like a forwarding address or Something anyways we'll solve for that But point is right now it's that first Outbound message has to be in the come From the system and then all subsequent Replies and responses can be done from Outlook so also and of course that's What I just said all subsequent emails Kit will be sync between both platforms Check moving on okay how the sender your Domain mapping works with different Types of emails so individual emails on

Connecting a personal email account Outlook account the Outlook email ID Will be considered as the sender domain For the email sent by the user for Individual emails what that basically Means is if you've connected it and You're going through and you're sending Out an individual email we're going to Use that email address as the from Address essentially and we're going to Send through Outlook so it's literally a You know like as if you opened Outlook And send it directly right Bulk email if the user enters their Personal email ID post connection under The from field the user email will be Considered as the sender domain for the Bulk emails if the female if the field Is kept blank it will consider the sub Account level provider as the sender Domain so essentially what that means is If you tell us to put in if you put in Your Outlook email address we'll use it If not we'll just assume we're going to Do what we would normally do which is Use the subaccount email setup which is Generally what you want because again When you're sending one-off emails it's Great to send through your outlook or Your Gmail but you're sending both That's like the last thing you want to Do because you're just going to get Yourself shut down anyways and then Finally workflow and automation emails

Will continue uh to go from the sub Account level provider so we're not even Going to give you the option there Because again back to this whole idea Outlook in Gmail if anybody ever says Hey you can send bulk through them you Can't actually they don't want you to do That they'll shut you down they'll They'll spam you out they'll even lock You out of your account if you do it so This really tries to help protect you From running into that issue right sorry I know this email is going long but I Think this is a really good I wanted to Go as in-depth as I can the help docs Actually aren't live for this yet they Won't be live for a couple days and then Finally this feature is a usual level Setting it does not impact other users In the sub account so Um you know when we're looking at these Screenshots here let's go back to this This is actually done at the user level So um once you connect it looks like This it's great okay cool and this just Shows it's actually working it's ironic Because it's not that sophisticated as Far as like the UI but in terms of Impact it's amazing right so let me go Pull up my user and let's see how this Works okay so I'm inside my sub account Here I'm in my profile and down here I'm Like oh that's weird it's not here right Because what do we say to begin with

It's under Labs right so we go into labs And then we have to make sure that we Turn it on oh I probably also have to Make sure that I refresh the screen haha Just what I thought so as you can see Down here two-way sync is here I got to Turn it on like this Boop it's turned on Right that's awesome okay now what I'm Gonna go back to my profile and what Should I see oh look at that there it is Two-way email sync gotta love it so Anyways um it's really simple you just Literally click this and then you hit Connect and then the screen's gonna pop Up and it's gonna ask you which account You want to do and you'll go through That flow and then it'll be connected That's it it's no no harder than that Um and so and then from there you can Get to start you can start sending out Your email so the cool thing again is It's it's it's a sub account level Labs Change right so what of course I would Recommend all of you do go and chest This yourself Um on uh on your accounts before you Turn it on for your customers Um but again awesome awesome amazing Amazing update a really brings us I Think a lot closer to First Class CRM Land on that note again just quick notes Gmail out next week for this hopefully And then uh the other thing is oh yeah Obviously it's in Labs but eventually

It's going to roll out to everybody so When you go in the labs remember we Always try to tell you I think what oh Yeah see live in 25 days in fact you put Your little mouse over it see it tells The exactly when it's gonna go live the Idea here is we're just trying to give You a heads up and a warning so as an Agency you can vet all this get it all Running and documented for your clients Before we just drop it on you so on that Note I hope you have an awesome Friday What a great feature and as always we'll Talk soon thanks

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