75 New Templates Added + Eliza Updates!

Hey everybody happy Tuesday Sean coming At you from high level so we've got two Announcements on this video one is we Got 75 that's right 75 more and we Already had hundreds but 75 more Templates added uh for funnels and Websites so rolling over to funnels how Do we see this we hit new funnel Obviously we click go to template Library and boom amazing check this out Um now a couple things here this has Been here for a while who can see this Right now agency users and agency admins Um we are going to add it so that you Can pick and choose what's visible to Users from this uh I'm hoping this Quarter um as far as like being able to Expose it directly to users but why do We do it this way a long time ago we got The feedback from our customers listen I Don't you know I'm I'm only the Home Services uh Niche I don't want you folks Showing people financial and health and Wellness and and then also some people Are like yeah but I want to do all this Work and I you know that kind of thing And now we have some people are like no No no no I want to let my customers do It so we get it we're gonna have all These options very soon but real quick Just wanted to throw this out here let's Look at the cat categories that came out Here seven illegal Automotive you can Kind of kind of see the 17 additional

And marketing agency you know for Anybody who was looking for more Templates there so awesome job by that Team that is great so next Okay so next up is Eliza new releases so Now real quick um I'll I'll pop this up But what is Eliza Eliza is Um the ability to roll chats over we Have a whole system called Eliza you Roll the chats over to it it's like a Think about like a call center system For chats um it's like if you have an Agent let's say you had like uh like a Call center or Asians and you want to Answer the chats for your customers it Lies as a separate system you can buy That'll let you do this but anyways Um take a look at that in the help docs All that good stuff but for those of you Who are on the system today we've Introduced new quick filters for Eliza So you can come in and you can actually Quick filter filter on uh the Conversations so that makes things a lot Easier uh for you we've also revamped The sort functionality for better ux and The UI will reflect when the filter Obviously is sorted and you can see here Uh recently added last inbound outbound So a lot of good filtration uh features Added to that so anyways I hope um all Of you are having an awesome Tuesday and I have one more big video coming up Thanks

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