A/B split testing in email builder

Foreign Are you ready to take your email Campaigns to the next level a b testing Allows you to measure the success of Different variations of your email by Sending these variations to different Groups of your subscribers To get started click the a b testing tab In the email Builder and then enable a b Testing Select whether you want to test the Email subject or the email content then Set the duration of the test and then Select how many variations of the email You want to test To test for email subject enter the Different email subjects in the subject Variations you can play around with Urgencies questions emojis different Capitalizations personalizations and More to test the email content this Subject line will remain the same but Here you will make changes to the body Of the email and send the different Email variations to the different test Groups select the letters at the top of The email Builder and then make the Desired content changes for each Variation On the left hand side of the email Builder drag the test size slider to set The size of the distribution groups for Your test the test will send each Variation to the same percentage of your

Subscribers determine which variation is The winner and then send the winning Variation to the rest of your Subscribers you will then need to select Whether you want to test for open rate Or click rate for Unique open rate the Variation with the largest open rate Will be sent to the rest of your Subscribers for Unique click rate the Variation with the largest click rate Will be sent to the rest of your Subscribers click save and save your Work and when you're ready to start your Email campaign click on the send and Schedule button and watch the magic Happen Foreign

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