A B Testing for Emails Is Live!

Hey happy Monday everybody Sean coming At you from high level so I am super Excited to announce a b testing in email Campaigns is now live that's right so For those of you didn't know we had Amy Maybe testing an email campaigns well Guess what it's been on beta but now it Is live so what in the world is a b Testing for uh email campaigns well Let's take a look so there is a loom Walk through here let's jump into the Help article together and take a look at Exactly what this means so it's really Simple so if you're doing great email Marketing you are you are trying to Figure out which emails are having the Biggest uh of impact for your customers And the best way to look at that is to Uh send different types of email and Maybe test them right okay cool so what Are things that we can vary in an email Uh I don't know things like subject line And body content so that's what this Does and then how do we know if um that Actually helped us out or did anything Or was impactful for us how about things Like open rates and click rates well That's exactly what this does so you can See right here email marketers are you Looking for a way to test and improve Your impact six different versions get It while it's hot a couple of notes 10 Cox content contacts are needed for each Variation uh so creating four emails

Splits SD40 contacts you'll figure all That out um if you look it's beautiful It's walking it down here it's really Cool you get to choose like email Subject content test duration all of That Um I love that they did these diagrams To show you exactly how it works but at The end of the day it's super easy here Um you can literally figure out how uh To write the absolute best email for Your client Um that is now live let's see if there's Anything interesting in here uh I think Uh I don't even think it's in Labs Anymore I think it's just live live so For those of you who've never done this Before this is a great thing to do you Should be doing this for yourself Um you should be doing this for your Clients is a fantastic feature it took a Lot of work to get um done and I'm just Really really really proud of the team So anyways with all that uh to say um Definitely take a look at the change log Obviously look at the help docs and Dive Right In check it out and as usual if You have any feedback let us know Otherwise I hope you're having awesome Monday and I'll see you in a minute for My last video sneak peek of the day Thanks

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