Achieving HighLevel Success with HL Pro Tools

I wanted to kind of model what would I Do if I was absolutely brand new I have Limited you know kind of I just have Energy and so that's that's kind of why I wanted to do this challenge was to Help folks with just belief because Sometimes you just need someone else to Model in front of you to say hey this is Possible and then you'll do the things That you know you should be doing Anyways because now you have a little Bit more of a Clarity of either what to Do or what to expect and so I would love To talk through like what what yeah what Are the Timeless things yeah so before I Did this challenge what would I tell Folks these are the things to think Through and to focus on Foreign Paulson Thomas here with another episode Of Spotlight sessions Um it's my privilege and honor to have Matt Destino so Matt is not a new name He is one of the veterans ogs in the Community you might have seen him in our Facebook groups or conferences he's a Top player in our space and one of the Things that Matt is really known for is Creating a ecosystem around high level And other platforms similar to High-level supporting sashpreneurs Agency owners that are thinking about Software and I I can tell you I've Always heard great reputation around

Matt he's a solid player he's came to a Couple of our masterminds or at least One of them I can remember Um in Dallas and this is one of my first Times doing a podcast with you right Matt I think yeah yeah we've been we've Been adjacent for a while but it usually End up they usually you know relegate me Over to chase yeah Exactly Matt um I know there's more to The story how did you what's your story Like who is Matt DeSanto how did you get Into this agency world yeah that's great Um I I'll give you like the one minute Version is started agency 2012. uh it Was 2018 actually when we were Um I had gone into like a click funnels World it was all info products and I was Like man I wanted I wanted to focus on Software I was like man I think the Opportunity here for us is software I Was a a pretty big affiliate for a Different software company they cut me Out I was like man I I want to Um I want to own the software so we Started trying to build our own thing And then I was introduced somebody just Connected me to high level in 2019 wow And it was January 2019. I remember the When I was signing up it felt so sketchy To me that I called the number below And the person answered just like Normally like hey and I was like oh I'm So sorry this must be like the wrong

Number someone that's Sean well that's It was Sean it was Sean's cell phone Literally Sean's answering the phone Like on the sign up page and he's like No no it's real this is legitimate what We're doing but at that point I was Blown away because I saw all that it was Saying it could do you could brand it For your own for your own brand there And so and the rest has kind of been History from there so we started on Early we were we launched our branded SAS in about three months um actually in That first month back then they let you Uh sign up for five thousand dollars a Month we could just say hey what feature Do you like will you want us to build And if you look at my first post it was Like January I asked for custom fields For contacts that was the thing that was Like please give me custom Fields I got No traction or votes on it so I just Gave shots 5K and that was our Introduction to high level and we've Loved it for the first year we just Built our own thing Um we we had an existing client base so Kind of benefited from that just like Throwing it into it and uh about a year After we did that that was the first Time I ever did seven figures in a Funnel and that was so entitled didn't Have a funnel Builder so we got a two Comical award for click funnels selling

High level and Um and then we started licensing out Some of the stuff that we were doing to Other agencies in the space Um and so that's why that's why we're Known now awesome man so for those of You that are watching if you are brand New to this space or brand new to high Level I really want to welcome you to The conversation because like it took 10 Years to talk about the results that We're talking about today it wasn't just Overnight success same thing for me I've Had two agencies one was a dud one was a Success even before I joined high level And so when we share our pain Point Results rewards everything like just Have that grain of salt that we have Great intentions we're not trying to Just tell you hey we did this we Accomplished this but it's more like Helping you avoid certain mistakes so With that in mind Matt I thought about Having a centralized conversation about This podcast what are you what would you Say someone should do to law launch a SAS 10K mrr I want that to be the main Point of our conversation today but no No I think that's great it's timely too Because Um I I recognize like you said the lens Through the experience there is there Were certain things that worked for me That were unique to just timing it's

Like there's first mover advantages There and and certain things that worked In our favor or it's like you know if You already have hundreds of customers How do you launch a 10K it's actually Just tell your customers this exist Right so but from a start from scratch Um I I did a just like a fresh Experience and so people can find in the Facebook group but I kind of called out A May challenge where I was going to Start from fresh uh sign up for a brand New version of high level because things Have changed like right now like when I Did it it was all twilio mail gun so I Wanted to go through the experience of Like what would be LC phone what would Be lcmail what would I do and I had some Constraints in there where I was like I Can you know I can only spend a thousand Bucks I can't just blow it up in ads um I can't leverage my own network In terms of anybody's on my list and so What would I do a little bit scrappier Version of it and so there are um I'm in The middle of it right now so and we Talk about it more can we talk about Like okay what was your starting point Like I know you didn't just come up with A challenge out of nowhere for yourself And I know I don't want you to shave Your head by the way yeah but the funny Part is yeah I said I'll do it or shave My head and then people were like we

Gotta hire the stakes so now it's I'll Do it or I have to shave my wife's head So it's like high motivation there but I Get it so we you know I I get I have a Lot of conversations every day every Week with folks that are starting off They're new and high level Um and just trying to find a way to make It work and sometimes there's a piece of Belief which I get it it can be easy to Sit there and say I can't do this today You know someone else did it but that's Because of XYZ that's why it was easier For them that's why it could be done and So part of me was just like I I Genuinely want to show folks this is Possible because I I have lived the experience of what a Fresh of breath air it is to have Hundreds of customers I mean honestly Now we have thousands of customers Paying hundreds of dollars a month And the stability that you feel the you Like I don't have the emotional roller Coaster of if I lose a customer at like My day's ruined honestly we gain and Lose customers every single day and I Don't even know it like I'm I'm dis I Think about this way it's disconnected Impact and revenue so I can support my Family I can be present with them but it Doesn't have to weigh heavy on me in Terms of success or failure and um I've Helped you know I've been able to help a

Few folks and but they they usually have Some things where it's a transition for Them I wanted to kind of model what Would I do if I was absolutely brand new Yeah I have limited you know kind of I Just have energy and so that's that's Kind of why I wanted to do this Challenge was to help folks with just Belief because sometimes you just need Someone else to model in front of you to Say hey this is possible and then you'll Do the things that you know you should Be doing anyways because now you have a Little bit more of a Clarity of either What to do or what to expect and so I Would love to talk through like what What yeah what are the Timeless things Yeah so before I did the challenge what Would I tell folks these are the things That think through and to focus on yeah So if you're if you're listening Um this is perfect if you don't have a Single client okay so stay with me now If you're an agency with like let's say 50 to 100 clients and you're trying to Figure out how to like convert your Marketing agency into a software company Which is crazy to think that's what We're doing today in 2023 with high Level we're helping you convert your Marketing agency book a business into a Software book of business now Matt going To that 10K Mr Arc what's your first Stepping stone I know we talk about

Education we talk about experience we Can even talk about expansion if we want To but like yeah it's your stepping Stone for that Elementary digital Marketer that went through maybe one Course and that's all they know for 9.97. yeah yeah the um there is an Aspect to understand the software does Help like understanding you don't have To get too deep into it but I in in my I'll tell you I thought it would take me Uh days to get set up I was like I know It I know it well and I went through and I got to give you like credit to it is It it legitimately took me a week to get It fully set up and I knew I thought I Knew I know the software well there are Certain things you just like have to do There's certain things also where you Just find we're announced from like a Regulatory basis you gotta like Um so I guess call it real expectations Is give yourself Um a few days now I'm doing this Part-time Ultra part time in terms of The launch there I think if someone's Really dedicated at it and like this is All you have to focus on you could Probably do it in still a few days but Give yourself time to understand it to Learn it to actually know know the Product a little bit Um don't stall in that um so here's the Things that I that I rushed and moved

Quickly on that I think other people can Do is like branding domain I spent no Time belaboring that I've seen so many People either uh pivot or Rebrand or Change it up and it has almost no impact So I was like these are the things that Don't matter is a lot of the like Branding decisions or design decisions They can have impact but for your first 10K you actually need to get as quickly As possible into promotion State yeah so There's a setup piece Like you have to get it set up and I Think it's super helpful Um when there are like there's there's Folks in the community that help with The setup process we've got stuff that Helps with like understanding how to set It up Um but put in your mind I want to get as Fast a promotion as possible because That's what's going to drive the sale And as much as you think That you're going to achieve Perfection You're not you're not going to achieve Perfection and the nice thing is High level is a product already exists You're not trying to establish product Market fit product Market fit exists Um and so I think you know try to get Past those first little steps and get Into promotion but that's where you're Talking about the educational piece so From a promotional standpoint

I was thinking what is What is the lowest barrier problem that I could get a business to admit they Have What's the lowest barrier problem that I Get a business admit they have because Most of business like when you're buying Is you're solving a problem and a lot of People I see them stumble because they Focus on a discomfort instead of Distress so if you think about it Discomfort and distress both problems But a discomfort might be like I have a Bum me and if you have a bum knee you Might talk about it a lot you might Complain to a lot of people about it but You may not actually take action to Solve it or you'll be slow you'll think About it someone will tell you like ah Physical Therapy maybe I'll think about It I got this awesome brace maybe I'll Think about it sometimes you'll just Complain about it because it's just a Discomfort a distress is like I have a Broken leg what happens you go to the ER As fast as possible and you don't ask a Lot of questions you know you're not Saying what kind of fiberglass is used In your casting process you're like I am In pain I'm in distress solve this as Fast as possible and the difference Between a discomfort and distress is a Lot of times education it's an Educational

Angle to take with that hook that Changes it from like this is a nice to Have to now this is a I need to have This Um yeah so Matt like here's here's Here's what I'm getting from what you're Essentially putting out so like so for Us to get to 10K mrr quickly you need to Understand the product just enough to Have an MVP to go to the market fast Right yeah you need to Market is Everything right so here's what I do do Know about high level like dude like We've got 400 plus features you're not Going to learn everything in the first 14 days we know that you know that even Experienced agencies take a couple of Months to really fully utilize the thing So don't feel bad that it's this big Overwhelming giant like mountain of Information that you got to learn how to Hook it all up together that's why we Have great ecosystems around us right But secondly You know don't let that slow you down to Go to market going to Market quickly is More important to get to that 10K than Having a perfected product right that's What I get from your first initial Suggestion uh 100 and that's it's Interesting because yeah it'll probably If you want to wait until you're 90 comfortable with the product before You sell it realistically you're signing

Up to wait like three to six months and So that can be uncomfortable for folks Um but it is a real it's a reality that You don't need to understand everything To understand a few things that actually Solve a problem now so think about that For the business that you could be Helping The selfish thing says I need to Understand this fully before I even let Them have access to this helpful thing The self-less thing says if I can even Understand one aspect that would be Helpful to them it would be better for Me to let them this is good give me Money and experience the benefit between Now and six months from now I can't tell You how many businesses where when they Get a system like this they're like this Is a game changer and for them this Could be the difference between them Having more time to spend with their Family it could be the difference of Them being able to uh you know get more Customers have a little bit more margin Uh maybe maybe afford to get another Employee so like think of the cascading Impact there you could be providing like Really allowing someone to provide Another job allowing them to be a more Present you know parent uh with their Kids like all the benefits that come From just putting this tool in their Hands yeah and I say this as an

Encouragement and then also it's kind of Like a challenge there is like remember This remember that potential impact when You feel tempted to get stuck in like Learning phase where you're just Learning and learn and learn and learn And think that like even if one thing Could benefit them Get it in their hands as fast as Possible they will they will literally Thank you Because their business and their lives Get better with a tool like this and so That's that's what we're that's what That's what I was thinking about and and Part of the challenge is part of the Strategy there of how do I focus on a Simple thing that can translate into Value for the business and it's Definitely not everything Um and so Yeah if we want I can show you kind of Like like the hook that we're taking With that or maybe talk through Specifically the hook that we're we're Building there but that's that's Definitely as fast as possible get to That hook yeah so so here's here's an Observation I've always had with Agencies and high level and I'm I'm Pretty sure you probably have the same Observation because you serve like Thousands of eye levelers Um

Everybody gets you know excited about Sean coming at you live videos but every Time I think of those like we serve like 15 to 20 different types of agencies I Mean video agency you know events Management creative agencies SEO guys Google ads guys Lee Jen and Legion like You know PR like we're building features To fit multiple different types of Agencies in other words everything we Develop doesn't pertain to you right you As an agency don't need all of it matter Of fact you probably don't even need Most of the features to just get that Helping hand over to the small business Owner and that's some I'm sure that's Something that you observe all the time So when it comes to the 10K mrr concept Like what's the second thing that you See that is very impactful in getting There like yeah so in so that hook that Message uh kind of like the hook the Offer Um and then awareness so I think of it This way you'll never have more Customers than the number of people who Know you exist This is a bottleneck for so many folks Starting out well they will be building Building And wonder why why I don't have any Customers And the the truth is no one even knows They exist and and it's hard because you

Can have a lot of fun in the software so I'd say like at least balance it so That's what I'm doing and like when I Was kicking off is like I need to Balance my activity I'll be honest I was Embarrassed but I probably spent like I Said A week of just building some of it Was like legitimate I had to like get Some setup and like there was a process To get you know uh you know LC phone Approval submission there's all these Stuff but you do it one time you do it One time and then you're done it's Behind you and that's fine so I had to Do that right like buy the domain all That stuff you got to do it Once you have that once I have a page Where it's like someone could literally Put in their credit card and buy right Into the SAS configurator I got this Stuff set up Um then it's about awareness and so Having the hook and having the awareness Is kind of key and critical there Um I would love to I can actually share My screen if you want to see him um Make sure you can share feel free to Share yeah do I have the ability okay so Here yeah I'll I'll show you um And this is the hook and the offer You're trying out for your um your test Yes so this is so it's important to Understand as I share my screen so zappy Chat is actually the brand that we use

To re-license technology but this is a Good model right and so um the actual Brand that I run the challenge through I Came with a new name I called it Falcon Chat Um because Falcons are fast it's such a Lame this is the funny thing I don't Love the name and I just did it because I was like I need to get over it it Doesn't matter I need to prove to folks That even a silly dumb name like Falcon Chat uh can can get sales here but so But this is Spotlight this Is like the example of the process that I'm running Um for our stuff and so this was the Hook It was AI right now ai is trending like It's nobody's business and Um it is a new opportunity it is a new Opportunity this is a key critical thing If you talk to a business and say I'll Make your website better that's an Improvement offer and some people if You're a driven business you will uh be Inclined to improve it new opportunities Almost everyone is curious about that's Why stuff like chat gbt like blew up and Flew out out the rails and so if I go to A business and say hey do you have an AI Receptionist that could handle any any Channel communication Um do you have an air receptionist more Than 50 of them are going to say no I

I'd Venture more than 90 of them would Say no I don't have that and so what did I do I just implemented an idea of Deficit I took something that could be a Discomfort and made it distressing well I'll show you how we do that but I made It interesting because they feel like They're missing out right that's why People it's fomo there's legitimate foam And this is categorical fomo now because It's a trending topic they see it all Going out there and um so that was kind Of the hook But but what we did is we make it super Simple so you can literally you know put In they can create their own they can Demo the experience for themselves so if I if I call it Um we'll go mats uh mortgages Uh give it a virtual receptionist name Let's call it you know uh Jordan Um whatever Um the interesting thing here is we're Actually I'm getting a lead so the Outreach that I'm able to do is it's so Simple it is hey we're building this Thing and I'm trying to get feedback Um if you could demo this I'd love to Hear your thoughts and they come here They fill out a form but it's like I'm Basically getting in the lead they're Giving me their number because this is How it's going to test then we ask them

Like you know what um you know what Questions do you want to have like Qualified before you book so you know do You Um have a home picked Out Um is this your first time Um buying a home yeah and like if they Ask what's this about you'd be like you Know you you know requested Um information from our website Um Whatever it might be and They can literally create this Um it's gonna send over we're gonna see If if I get a text over here Um It literally auto replies sends the Conversation and uh pumps it through to Him and allows them to talk now this is An example you're seeing this is a high Level account this is because I put in a Number over here so I'm not sharing the World my uh no no worries my cell phone Number is is the reason why I'm doing This on here as opposed to in a uh In a cell And of course as I as I submit the form I'm like did I pick the right number did You did you actually submit the form I Don't think I saw you click submit Oh you did okay cool no I think it did So Are your workflow's turned on

I know this is the the classic you know It could just be because I reused the Same number so here we'll keep talking About it and I'll find it while while uh While we're talking about so but that's The hook right and so you can imagine Versions of this where you could do that Same sort of thing You need to put you need to give them a Taste in their mouth like to give and Take them out but I think like the free Sample idea it's the free sample idea With a new opportunity right this whole This idea of the you know an AI virtual Receptionist Um the cool thing about what what zappy Chat does is those values then like they Actually build their own proprietary Bots gotcha and I might need to resubmit This through because which which is fine So like so here's what I'm taking away From what you just said so step one is Actually getting yourself familiar with The platform getting as fast as you can To being able to Market and attack a Certain industry whatever you want to do Right the second thing is having an Irresistible offer and here's a great Example of being trendy right Everybody's talking about you know AI This AI that why not sing the same song To give them what they want so then you Can give them what they need right Because we know what they want is the

Latest and greatest is like big Opportunities thing it's like it's like Crypto Bros right when crypto came out Everybody's like oh crypto this crypto This crypto this right like it's the Trend so you write the trend that makes Sense right Um but ultimately what you want to do is Create an offer that makes their life Easier and if I understand correctly Matt with the zappy chat like is it like A Unified Inbox type of system what Exactly are the benefits of like an AI Chat system like that for a small Business yeah well so that's that's what It calls their attention to right so the Why it's attractive it's cause a new Opportunity I'll tell you like so we've Helped some big people launch and right Now you leverage the word AI even in Your in your branding your name I I Didn't do that there but like it is just Trending and that new opportunity of am I taking advantage of this makes it more It makes it more attractive what zappy Chat uniquely does is um it's basically A connector between Um open a And uh and high level sure they can Train it they can add their own FAQs This will give them a little demo of Like what were kind of questions there You put in the website and it'll like You know it'll answer crazy stuff and

Kind of like just assume the Conversational aspect of it Um what zappy chat uniquely does there Is it connects to the calendars and so It connects to high level and then We did this one Um just because it's it's a huge Market Opportunity calendly so calendly doesn't Actually have an API and we kind of Jailbroke calendly's API so you can you Can book on to calendar calendars but What what's the hook there the hook is There's 20 million calendar users and so Now as we just found that as like an Initial uh objection Um is they'd be like oh I want to use my Account encounter like the reality is You don't you want to use a high level Calendars way better but They don't know that yet they're Unfamiliar with the software and so I'm Trying to find what is the low barrier Hook Even better if it's a new opportunity That gets them intrigued and it's low Friction to start that nurture in that Process and so as they um as they get to Demo it for themselves then they get to Um They get to kind of taste this sure and So the crazy thing is when it when it Works when you don't if you reuse the Same phone number I guess like what I Did there then then apparently you can

You can uh it's probably like only allow Once A process that workflow there I'll pick A different phone number and go through This but the um they get a taste for This And they sell themselves right right Which is that's that's really the Hardest thing for folks is when you're Starting out A lot of folks are not good at sales They're just not and and you can Overwhelm a prospect with features if You go on to a demo call and you start Showing them all the stuff that it does It's like the devil's in the details you Are creating objections for yourself And so what we try to do like I said Condense it down to the lowest barrier Thing they are demoing on their own Phones just a text conversation with a Robot and when they see like oh this is You know this is pretty this is pretty Simple this works great Um that's when that's when they'll Actually say this would be great I want This for my business you haven't even Showed them the back end And and you can literally turn it on so It's like here it is it already works But They get to experience what I call this Deodorant problems a lot of what high Level solves are deodorant problems

They're before deodorant didn't before Deodorant existed people didn't think They smelled bad Right it's a discomfort it's not a Distress right after deodorant was Invented the conversation was no longer Am I gonna get deodorant or not it was What deodorant am I going to buy they Knew they stink things like appointment Reminders things like a Unified Inbox Those are things that a lot of Businesses honestly stink at currently Right so so let me ask you the third Step that you would suggest when it Comes to getting to that 10K mrr as a Brand new high leveler Um is it so let's say they say yes and You potentially have an onboarding call Or some kind of a educational handhold To make sure they can actually use a Platform or correctly use a platform or Whatever like what does that experience Look like and is that an area where you Can potentially expand them into other Areas of the business like I like the Idea of Trojan Horse single offer Leading the market and then on an Onboarding call let them letting them Know oh you need this you need this you Need this in a simple way as long as you Don't confuse the hell out of them right But like like is that what what are you What's your third you know yeah how do You expand and how to activate with them

So the um It is definitely uh Even we're thinking about like the word Expansion but it's it's it's activation Right and so how do you ensure the Lowest amount of friction of that Activation so we think of in terms of Quick wins and so that's why it's nice With with zappy chat with the bot Literally because those values that we Pull in we then uh like it automates the Process so when they create the Subaccount those are pulled over so this Basically they've we've they've Onboarded themselves in the demo right For at least two qualification questions They could create other FAQs they can You know expand it in terms of the Functionality there but another form of Like quick wins which you're kind of Thinking is like the expansion portion Of it is things that high level does so Seamlessly things like oh could we get You more reviews things that happen Naturally actually one of my favorite And it's one of the stickies High level does is the number swap on a GMB page right where that is if you ask A business How many uh you know how many leads do You miss how many opportunities you miss In a given week most businesses don't Even know and so because they don't know They say like none yeah they say none

Because they don't know the real answer Just connecting Google business profile To high level and if you put the phone Number in there it does the number swap What happens now you've got insight into The phone number like into anyone who Calls the business from the GMB right That alone is so powerful at um At Adding another one of those deodorant Problems yeah they see the opportunity And so you combine it with something Like like an AI chatbot that's like Actually connected to the calendars and Drives those conversions there and what Happens now you become incredibly sticky There's no way they're leaving And you want to you could use this as Expansion so I'll be honest what we used To do is we would Um Our hook Was usually around Um visibility So if I if I don't think like a classic If I had to distill down like why is in Every almost every business why aren't They growing as fast as they want to Grow there's three reasons I I kind of Figure out is one people are are looking For them and just don't know they exist There's not enough visibility you're not Even a contender you're not even on the Page you know they're not judging you

They just don't even know you exist the Second reason is uh people find you but You're not attractive or not accessible Enough Um and so this is where high level Solves high level solves each one of These stages but um you know think about That it's like people found your website They bounce uh why maybe it's ugly maybe It's unattractive maybe there's not Enough social proof maybe you don't have A chat widget on your website that's why I love like the chat widget just that Peace alone you get more leads because It's more accessible but the third one Is Your business isn't growing because You're not responsive And most like most local businesses Their responsiveness is on the tier of Ghosting they basically ghost their Prospects if you take weeks to get back To someone you're you're like it's like You're trying to get them to go to Someone else this solves That so we're starting with the last Problem now Um that responsiveness mostly for me Because I'm launching and I want to do Um I want to have a higher qualified Type of prospect if someone doesn't have Leads this is not going to be attractive To them right however you can now mix And match right so if if you now solve a

Distressing problem I have an AI you Know receptionist on my site now it can Respond quickly to leads um whatever it Might be now if you say hey would you Would you be interested in more Visibility more visits we have this cool Thing where it can index your website And just you know literally backlink Over you know 90 different spots and Even does you know uh all these things And it's just the yext integration You're literally just turning on the YX Integration for what are you doing Increasing visibility so you can kind of Mix and match in those buckets and Create tiers on top of it but I think to Your point I recommend Not having true comparative pricing to Launch Because you can create indecision Paralysis it is better to have this is Your one decision is yes or no this is Your one price and if you're gonna have Different prices they should be decoy Prices Um similar to like popcorn pricing right Popcorn pricing is like small popcorn Eight dollars medium popcorn 850 large Popcorn 8.99 right and so everything is pointing To choose the large size right you're Going to get folks that choose the small Because like I don't want to eat a lot

Of popcorn they're gonna people choose The large but It so decoy pricing works but otherwise If you're launching I think people it's Best to just be simple have one thing so Decision is just yes or no on that one Thing and that's what I'm doing so I Picked 497. I wanted to do 500 but the Marketer in me was like I know And so it made it harder so I needed 21 clients to not have to shave my head Or my wife's head and um And uh but that's that's you know really What What we're thinking about in terms of How do we You know how do we launch it in the Market how do you launch it in the Market as quickly as possible how do you Not get stuck doing the stuff that's not Going to make a difference for you and And how do you really experience Something that Um is going to make an impact for those Businesses as fast as possible and so I Know I uh I blundered the demo here's What I'm gonna encourage you if you guys Want so Spotlight you can Test it out yourself if it's actually Garbage then you can you know then test It out it costs on the garbage but it Really actually is phenomenal I'll tell You the secret here it's phenomenal Because of open AI that AI has just

Scaled to a different level we've been Using dialogflow for the last three Years it's cool there's a lot of cool Stuff going on there but now the Conversational ability and specifically We feedback the inputs of um of the high Level calendar or like I said the Calendly calendar and so now It actually books those appointments so For folks in Industries where their Appointment LED they actually want Appointments on their calendars Um or like if you're doing if you're Doing database reactivations this is why You know Rob Bailey spoke at this at The Mastermind yeah Rob sends everybody to Zappy chat because from like a how do You Empower uh Your own agency to not have to do all The responding you got to find robots or Teams or whatever it is to create more Leverage there but this is where from a Pure SAS play It's that one degree removed right we're Putting them in a place where now they Could do their own reactivations this is Rob 's awesome um but it's funny because He's like you know he you could do the Same thing in charge like 10 times what We charge you totally could if you just Own the whole process there I just Prefer Um

I prefer a lot of lower to Mid ticket Folks because then I don't have to be I Don't I don't do one-on-one calls I Don't I don't have uh my day booked up Yeah it's not a white glove service Anymore where you took on a 20 000 25 000 big custom job and they're like you Know blowing up your wife's call phone And your phone number and your business Partner and like it just like this big Hectic thing where you could have easily Sold like 30 mid ticket or lower ticket Items right and then you have less Fulfillment less headaches more Insurance more stability less velocity In your uh volatility I mean in your Book of business Um so Matt um I want to ask you a few More things before we jump off like so Let's say let's say I'm brand new in the High level space you told me get Familiar with the platform it's my first Stepping stone so I have enough to Create an MVP to go to Market with speed Second thing you told me is to have a Irresistible offer that's trendy similar To what you just shared on the AI and Zappy chat and all that the third thing Is helping them see what else is Possible from an expansion standpoint as Long as it doesn't confuse them because A confused mine do not buy right so yeah You have to kind of tread lightly there Um the last couple of questions I have

Is like let's say I'm an agency that Have 50 customers or 100 customers They're Facebook ads people they're Google ads people I have some kind of a Commitment like where do I where do I Even start on a migration or a Transition to this model because I see The value of SAS mat but how do I take My two thousand dollar Facebook ads People and move them into a software Book a business yeah so this is where The AI side is nice it's a new Opportunity Pick a new opportunity then it's Sensible you're you're a reputable Provider and so you can basically say Hey maybe you want to check this out This is actually how we launched we Launched with a book of business I had Already seen Um like this this is crazy to think About 2018 doesn't that long ago but Literally the new opportunity then Get ready for this two-way texting that Was the new opportunity right and that Was literally because that was the like I I it's if you're new it's hard to Believe but if you've been around you Know 2018 2017 it was one-way text that Was literally how we would do deployment Reminder campaigns it was one-way text Messages so but still but that was the Launch points I was like new opportunity And we that was how we did it too we

Separated out we branded the SAS Different than the agency because I Wanted a clear delineation between uh You know Professional Services and Software because what we've been growing Towards and You know stay tuned if you guys want to Follow along in the next Probably five years you will I've Already seen and and Ben Fringe of folks Um exiting and selling high level SAS Companies it is literally worth more it Is just worth more Um you can get a multiple on Revenue That's only possible in software so what I've been growing and building towards Is uh man I would love I would love it If I could Champion the largest High-level exit in history when we do it That probably will be the case but Someone will come behind me and beat me But but Think about that your energy your Efforts can literally be worth more Building this thing and so that's why You'll see examples of it in in the Group and I love Um if you really don't know me and and Like the HL Pro Tools world that's That's where we kind of do the support And learning and kind of helping uh just Get your customers up to speed with it Um we've had a few folks go through that Process of transitioning definitely and

That's usually what I recommend is think Of it in new opportunity easiest thing To sell you're already a trusted service Provider and I guarantee it's such an Easy little hook if you send them a text Message that said hey Um just discovered this AI uh booking Bot would love to get your feedback on It and you sent them that kind of page And they get to literally demo it for Themselves on their cell phone I'll tell you for our numbers we're Getting about 50 that say this is Awesome I wanted right and then out of That you can break down based on price Sensitivity we choose 500 bucks a month But the crazy thing about high level is We're actually probably on the higher Tier it's not the I'd say we're like Mid-tier there but like you don't have To charge 500 bucks a month I just chose That much because I wanted to filter out More serious businesses I know folks you know like they're some Of the biggest accounts that are out There Probably around the 100 to 200 bucks a Month but like you don't have to do that This is a it's a added reseller model And you're on the back of an incredible Engine and it's still the majority Of the market Of businesses everyday businesses are Flying Blind yeah and and what's crazy

Matt is like as much as high level has Grown like we haven't even Touched the market like it's crazy to me Like this is right now it's May 2023 for Those of you that are watching two years From now we're at like 26k agencies and Serving right under 800 or 900 000 small Businesses we're nowhere near even Touching the market like when you look At other platforms they have at least a Hundred thousand agencies right like Sure yeah we're not even even so if you Jump on this Trend uh or this movement I Would say like you're gonna be a veteran Like in no time in six months we're Seeing experts come on everywhere like I'm telling you it's not because they They're not qualified it's because our Train is moving so fast more people are Needing Automation Services in general Uh Matt as I kind of close out what are Some things that you would recommend to Those that are brand new in the space of High level I love I mean you guys a high level does So much in the world of Education if you Want to say I've done other videos on Here I really try to just distill it out I mean if you want like behind the Scenes Um I For a long time literally for eight was It eight years about eight years of my Agency I'd have very much so scarcity

Mindset I was like I held all my secrets To myself Um A thing that's clicked for me is our First son came Um six weeks early it was the start of Covet it was March 16 he was in the NICU I couldn't even see him it was crazy in That moment it kind of broke me and I Realized um I needed to I I I needed to Speak I need to be generous and I'll be Honest y'all I share this with you all Because I love him so much so that it's The funny thing there but it was just Like it was just it hit me with like the Fragility of life and um the the purpose And the impact of it all and I had I'd Friends I had folks that got hit hard With like covid and uh like we got hit Too on the marketing agency side of it Coveted us you know what stabilized it Was the SAS piece of it and so that was I remember I was like man this is Like being able to live through this Um back then there was no assessment I Remember having the conversations with Sean when he was like figuring out like What was going to be this higher tier And it was because of It was just Sean seeing folks like us That were impacted so strongly and Benefited so much From this different model and like I

Said the cascading effect there so I if You want to check out other stuff we're Doing there's other videos in there HL Pro Tools is designed to help make it Easier to launch to grow and even to Support your own users there Um and and then zappy chat this is Um it is largely been mostly for folks It largely is for folks who are just Doing database reactivations is where we Kind of fit in the build there but now The trend is just surging it so Even a low volume it feels cool to do AI Low volume I think about like it and so Um yeah those are two things that we're Doing you can absolutely check out and And always hit me up on Facebook I I'm I'm a big believer I benefit you guys Will see I like I I've benefited in Multiple tiers of of high level and now I'm just I'm playing the game all out in Terms of like we're building something Amazing and cool that we're gonna sell And prove the path of here's what it Looks like to sell a high level you know SAS to probably private Equity Um and I would love to help in any way That I can to help other people do this Because This is a sweet like like I said This is We're living in the Gold Rush yeah I Mean it's crazy to me it's crazy to me Matt

That we can take an agency and convert Them into a software company without Development that's crazy to me and I I Don't think people quite understand how Phenomenal that is and so and in Addition you as an agency gets gets to Keep 100 of the revenue like for 297 Matter of fact like honestly you don't Even have to have the 497 plan to run a Software company like you can survive to A certain level with the 297 plan and Just get a beta going with with like Very minimal issues right like so so if You're watching out there on this YouTube channel wherever it is and you Don't even have a high level account First things first like go get a 14-day Trial just get your hands dirty get a 30-day trial you know get talk to people That's what I was going to say so like Me gaming my own system but in the Challenge I was like I did yeah so like Reach out to anybody you know and you Can get a 30-day trial you can you can You can make money before like on very Little and you just got to be willing to Grab onto like that one thing like I Said maybe it's just the maybe it's just The responding maybe just outside inbox Some business that organization means The difference between I mean depending On the business that could be thousands Or tens of thousands of dollars yeah It's huge huge potential impact yeah and

And lastly Um Matt I just want to share an Observation that I've had about you Um when we had the Conference in October You received your two comma or whatever Saspreneur award and it was so cool to See that at least one award winner out Of many maybe somebody else did this too At least one award winner said hey I Want my entire team to come up on stage With me and that tells me that we share A lot of values together and I my my gut Tells me most agencies are like that They they are people oriented and this Ecosystem of high level I promise you is Not as competitive as people think it is Where people are poaching each other Seeing a bunch of things most people are Helping Hands they're collaborative They're guiding each other in many ways And Madison is one of those guys that'll Always be there for you so Matt I Appreciate you jumping into our Spotlight session man I'm looking Forward to our next one and again if you Are brand new don't even have an account Reach out to Matt get yourself a link if You want or jump into our regular links Whatever just get in however you want to Get in to just get your hands dirty and Start building a software company Instead of a marketing agency we Appreciate your time have a good rest of Your afternoon thanks for having me


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