Affiliate Manager Enhancements Live!

Hey everybody Sean coming at you from High level happy Thursday so we've got Uh some affiliate management updates Today so first up um let's talk about Affiliate management so affiliate Management software is at the location Level and what's really important about It is this is for you and your client so This isn't about high level or selling High level or anything like that this is About you using affiliate software to Drive business and you can use this for Coaching you can use this for the local Salon you can use this as an agency you Can use this across the board this is Really the idea that you can use Referrals to drive business it's Phenomenal please think deeply on this Look at the help docs and all of that Wonderful stuff but with that in mind We've made some really good updates and Edits so that we can help you do a Better job getting Affiliates So within Campaigns first up one thing you can do Here is you can actually change the Default email or the email template That's being sent out so if you come in Here when you're editing or adding a Campaign you can say hey what email Template do you want to use here you go You can choose and if you want to see What the default looks like you can Click here and see the default which is Really awesome it just allows you to

Customize this and obviously these are The these email templates come from the Email section which is of course right Up here and you can see templates so you Can make your own templates and as you Can see actually when you look at the Default here notice it says hi affiliate Name campaign name those sorts of things You can use those same variables in your Customized email as well when that goes Out so that's just super important so Definitely take a look at being able to Customize that okay so next the the next Thing I want you to pay attention to is On the payout the payout type so we Introduced the ability to put in a flat Commission and before let's say you have A an offer that's a hundred dollars and You but for some reason you decide I Want to spend I want to pay someone 150 If they have a if they have a hundred Dollar uh thing that they go out and Sell normally you think well maybe this Doesn't make you know it didn't make any Sense so it wouldn't allow you before to Set a higher commission amount uh for if They you know so in that case a hundred Dollars I think the most we let you set Was 100 but we realized that sometimes You want to pay more for that first sale Because maybe it's a one time for them But pay out for them but it's like a Recurring sale for you so anyways we Remove that validation uh so that's now

There now going back into the templates Real quick I just wanted to walk you Through this so when you go in and you Say okay I'm gonna create a I'm going to Say I'm going to create a blank template Because I don't know what I'm doing I'm Going to go ahead and uh do that sorry About the background noise so I'm going To go ahead and when you throw out a Text element here and you go to Customize this what you're going to see Is They have uh right right there see the Affiliate manager variables there they Are full name campaign name commission Link affiliate link location so you can See all of the things that you can Customize here so I just want to let you Know specifically when you're doing the Templates that those variables are now There for you so let me see if I missed Anything I think there's one more thing For the release now Okay so specifically on backward Affiliate manager if you look at the Payout section we did a couple of things Here uh so we added actually the the Date range selector because before you Couldn't do this uh and then this little Button right here still is what it did Before which it exports out your Affiliate list but it used to say export And now it's just an icon so really Simple stuff anyways awesome uh

Enhancements on the affiliate side I Hope all of you are having an awesome Thursday and as usual if you have any Questions let us know thanks

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