Affiliate Manager Update Add Affiliates from CRM Contacts Live!

Happy Monday everybody Sean coming at You from high level so man today is Gonna be an awesome day so we got at Least three official announcements and I Think I'm probably gonna give you the Behind the scenes on another one that's Coming up soon so anyways first off Affiliate manager release notes as you Can see importing contacts to the Affiliate manager is live right now so You can read all this stuff here but Basically this is what it means so let's Jump into the screenshots boom boom boom So you could go to the affiliate manager Site oh sorry this is my I gotta Channel My inner penguin penguin if you're Listening thank you I always try to Follow your tip here okay so we have Affiliate management software in the app So okay I get this all the time so let's Just walk this through so does high Level have an affiliate program yes but That runs on top of affiliate manager Software which affiliate manager Software lets you run your own affiliate Management camp program and we have that In the app like at the location level That means like you can run one for your Agency you can run one for your Med Spa Clients you can run one for your Whatever it is that you you do those Customers can have their own affiliate Management uh campaigns now you're like Wait Sean affiliate management how does

That work for a med spa think about it Like this it's just referral software It's literally the ability to pay people To refer their friends and family and Co-workers and random people that meet In airports or wherever to your Customers so like think I'm a med spa I Want to I want to come up with like a Hundred dollar offer I don't know it's Like buy a hundred dollar gift card I'm Not a marketer so 500 gift card get 200 Worth of value something like that you Give a link to Jane who's your good That's about customer Jane sends it out To Betty and Sam and Joe and other names And those people buy then Betty oh and Then you say Betty if you do that I will Give you 50 bucks for every single Person who buys and that's exactly what This offer does it keeps track of Everything I just described so then the Med spa is getting 100 100 for all those Referrals right and more importantly Quite frankly they're getting new Customers but the person who sent it out The person send it out to the friend They're getting 50 bucks An affiliate management software all Keeps track of that that is inside high Level right now so and there's help docs On that as well so anyways with a Massively long introduction today the Feature enhancement there is the ability To uh take your existing contacts from

Inside the CRM and add them in as Affiliates in bulk so in the affiliate Section uh which I think is under Marketing you go in and you used to say New affiliate upload Affiliates now you Can do import from contacts and when you Do that boom you can see uh that they Get imported and then of course you can Also change status on these Affiliates From active to inactive all of that is Now in there Um there is a uh a change log on this so Let's open that bad boy up and switch Over you can see this in the release Notes if you don't know where the Release notes are they're literally if You're logged with the app I'm sort of Trying to point to the right way top Right hand corner you can click it you Get right here or you could go to high and check that out or Ideas that go high I think It's the same thing and there's a change Log section right up here and so all of The stuff that I just talked about will Be right here here um so anyways Hopefully that wasn't too much Information but I really love affiliate Management I'll tell you why I actually Think this is like the secret marketing Tactic for like I don't know the next Five years but let's just say at least Uh for the next year two years and Here's why it's literally saying listen

No running Facebook ads Um no no direct Outreach from the Company but literally I'm going to Empower my existing customers to sell my Stuff to the people they know who by the Way are probably more like them right This is like if I go to let's say I go To like a med spa lot I bet I know People that go to Med spas and so as a Result not only am I already probably Reaching the customers you want to reach Anyways I'm getting to them directly With an offer and it's coming from me Someone they know like and trust versus From you some Rando small business or Age zero whatever and so it creates a Lot more uh trust anyways on that note I Hope all of you are having an awesome Monday and I will see in a minute with a Bunch of other cool releases bye

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