Affiliate Marketing on YouTube: Proof + Income

Hey and welcome to vid Society in this Video I'm going to do something Different and I want to do something Most YouTubers don't do which is show You proof of some of my income of a Strategy that I use to earn with Affiliate commissions on YouTube so YouTube is a huge part of my online Business in fact I'm coming out with a Course here within the next month or so Which is going to teach you to do Exactly what I do online and show you How I earn over six figures a year doing That if you're interested you can visit I'll put that link below This video enter your email address and I'll notify you when it launches so what We're going to talk about in this video Is some of the previous videos that I Uploaded and what I did to earn from Them and how much I earned from them now You're going to see here the last video I made was six days ago then 11 then 12 12 and then 14 14 14 and so on these Past few videos I made were based upon Chat GPT in fact quite a few of them Because that's a trending topic is Something that's really really popular Right now it's something that I'm very Interested in and something that I'm Using to help my business and so by Learning how this tool works I'm sharing The strategies that I'm learning Within These videos but within that I'm tying

In other products and services that I'm Using and I'm offering those as Affiliate links in my YouTube Description and people are purchasing Those to help them do the same thing now What I see a lot of people fail at when They do this on YouTube is they go out And they put products or affiliate links In their YouTube description that really Are not that helpful in fact a lot of These products are nothing more than Just a way for them to make a commission And in no way really benefits the user Who's watching that video the key for This to be successful is for you to show A way for them to better their business Or to increase their income and how they Can do it using certain tools so for Example if we jump into this last video That I made on chat GPT you can scroll Down through here into the description And you can see a training course that I Promoted on chat GPT this ties in very Well with this video and what people are Wanting to learn more about now this was A product that I found on Warrior plus And I bought it myself because I wanted To see if it was worth sharing with my Subscribers and it was a decent course And it was only around 12 so I applied To be an affiliate I got approved I Added the link here on this video and if We jump over to my Gmail you can see Some of the earnings by adding this link

In my YouTube description now if we Scroll clear down here to the bottom You're going to see this receipt email And this is where I purchased it myself Because I just wanted to make sure it Was a decent product before I shared it With anybody else but you can see the Dates over here this is just within the Past few days all of these sales came in From those links under my YouTube video But that's just the beginning of it That's only one affiliate link Throughout several of these videos I Made I showed tutorials about how you Could use a product called Pick 3 which Is an online video tool that I use Constantly to create videos with and I Shared a demo on how you can use chat GPT along with this tool to create Really good AI videos now I know a lot Of people do not agree with creating These types of videos but I can tell you From my own experience and other people Who's in The Pick 3 Facebook group you Can get approved for monetization by Using this tool and AI it is a little More risky but a lot of people are Getting monetized from it and a lot of People are using these types of videos To generate a lot of income so down here I put a link for victory where people Can go and purchase it now I have this Link here under most of my videos that I Use for chat GPT and if we jump over to

My email account that shows you all the Sales I've got from picture you can see Them here I've had two today uh several Yesterday and then it just goes on and On uh some days I had I think 18 to 21 Sales of Pick 3 now what makes this Really great is that this product is not Only a really good product which makes It easier for me to recommend to my Subscribers but it's also reoccurring Commissions so when they subscribe I get A little bit of commission every month That they renew or if they chose Annually I get that every year and these Are the types of products that I like to Focus on because they're more long-term And I have more of an idea of what my Monthly income is going to be like now I Want to give you one more example and Let me go back to my channel And I did one here for writing books and So let me jump into here and in this Video I briefly mentioned a tool that a Lot of people use us to create ebooks With and it's called scribble and so What I did is I went to ClickBank and I Found the affiliate link for scribble And I added it down here in this section Here now this is the only video that I Have this link in and if I jump over to My ClickBank account that I used for This one you can see here some of my Earnings that I got since I posted it on My video so if we were to jump into this

One you can actually see that these Cells are from scribble if we jump into The one here for 227 dollars Uh you can see just as well all these Are scribble except the bottom two I'm Actually really surprised to see this One this is a review that I made from an AI video over a year ago for a weight Loss product I uploaded it to YouTube And still today I make sales from it Which goes to show you the power of YouTube and I can come back and go into Each one of these days and you're going To see that most of the sales that I Have in this account are from scribble From the link that I posted under that Video So do people click links in your Description under your videos absolutely Probably a whole lot more than you think Can you make a full-time income by Creating YouTube videos quality videos And recommending quality products Absolutely I've been doing it since 2013 Full-time earning six figures a year Just by doing this and like I said I Have a full course coming out here Within the next month or so if you're Interested in learning this strategy From A to Z on what I do it's going to Be extremely affordable then make sure You go to enter your Email address and I will be sure to Notify you when that launches

But that's it for this video I hope you Found it useful if you did please Subscribe to my channel and I'll be sure To notify you when I upload more videos

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