Affiliate Software + Funnel Updates Live!

Hey happy Friday everybody Sean coming At you from high level so we've got a Couple of awesome announcements today so First up let's start with the affiliate Management software so real quick in Case you didn't know this we have Affiliate management software now do not Confuse this with our affiliate Management program this is your ability To create your own affiliate Management Program at the location level that means Every single one of your clients that Means your agency you can run create and Administer and pay out your own Affiliate management uh program so it's Pretty amazing check out the help docs If you haven't seen it um it's really Really really awesome and I personally Think my unbi well I'm fully biased but You know my unabashed opinion here is Simple I can't think of a single method Better to sell any product or any Service uh than this method because if You think about it this is really just a Referral right you know how many of us Sell by referral every day in our lives Imagine you could incentivize those Referrals and you could get you know Tens thousands hundreds whatever people To recommend those products of your Products your services your your Customers products and services I mean There's no ad spend here it's really Phenomenal so if you haven't thought

About it before give it a minute to Think because I think you'll find that It is a really awesome way to sell so Anyways on that note um let's jump into The updates here uh that we put out uh Today okay so first up on this screen a Couple of small things here the export Button is new so you can actually export This list uh We've also made the Affiliate name clickable so you can Click in and actually jump into uh that Specific affiliate so that's kind of a Small update but I think pretty darn Useful uh and then the next thing is um On the campaign side we can actually now Do flat commission so before the Commission was a percentage but now you Can actually do flat commissions so you Can specify exactly like a dollar amount So like I want to pay five dollars ten Dollars a hundred dollars for this Particular sale happening versus 20 10 You know that sort of thing so that is Now live on the affiliate side so that Those are really really really great Updates um the flat commission Especially I think is going to be a big One but again if you haven't found about Affiliate stuff definitely take a look We've got great help docs we have great YouTube videos like those are the places Go to the high level YouTube channel so Anyhow on that note let's roll over to Some funnel okay so the big visual

Change here is when you go over into the URL redirects and so let me move my big Head here so notice on the left hand Side where am I I'm in the settings Section for the location right and so Under here it says URL redirects we've Had this feature for a long time but now We've made it a lot easier so you can Sort of see like okay listen if I go to This domain and I hit this path this is The redirect I want to have uh happen And you can actually edit that really Easily so you go ahead and you hit edit On that you see it it pops up um here's The path here's the redirect your uh you Can do a redirect type and then here's The target URL that I want to send them To so it really makes it easy to put in Those Euro redirects and these are Useful for all kinds of things right so This could be an SEO technique where Hey Listen the old URL is here and the new URL is there so I want to go ahead and Move move them you know so I want I Don't want to lose my Google juice here Um so Google spider hits the old URL They will recognize the red rack so That's awesome maybe there's an old page That wasn't working or you know whatever Or maybe there's even content you don't Uh necessarily you know maybe you don't Want people to look at at the moment It's coming soon all kinds of really Good uses for that but URL redirects um

Are there have been there but now we've Enhanced them and made the editability a Lot better so anyways take a look at That and again that's going to be over Here in settings URL redirects at the Location level so on that note I hope All of you have an awesome Friday and I Have more videos to come thanks

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