Affiliate Software Updates!

Hey everybody happy Thursday Sean coming At you from high level so these are a Couple quick updates on the affiliate Manager so first of all affiliate Management software what is that so um For any of you who don't know we have Affiliate management software affiliate Management software is uh think about it Like referral software basically it's This idea that let's say for your Business your agency or your clients you Want to be able to run campaigns where If they get their customers to take an Action so let's say like simple example Hey uh I'm a Solar Company and if you uh If you as my solar customer get your Friend to buy solar I'm going to cut you A check for a thousand dollars that's Like a referral campaign right that's What affiliate management software does We have that in the system now we've had That for a while it's amazing it's Awesome but today we're going to talk About some enhancements to that so first Up um we now have the affiliate Management system in the SAS Configurator so for those of you in SAS Mode you now have the ability to come in Here and actually determine whether or Not Um you want to have affiliate management And you can see it right here as part of Your plan hands so that is now in the System let's jump over the to the

Release notes real quick and look at What I missed let's see oh it's already Right there okay Um upgraded the export UI button to make The screen look less busy and also Enabled soft deletion of affiliate links In the back end uh when the campaign Gets deleted this is just the idea that If you delete a campaign it Automatically uh soft deletes the uh Campaign link so that they can't link to An old campaign that's now been disabled So Um awesome job to the team um and I'm Gonna send it back to everybody and as Usual if you have any questions let us Know thanks

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