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Hey happy Friday everybody is Sean Coming at you from high level I am in Dallas Texas as hopefully all of you Know now at our amazing Mastermind this Week has been phenomenal Um we have met so many awesome people We've seen so many SAS success stories It's crazy so I hope to see you all um At our event I think it's going to be We're gonna do another one in June but Anyways on that note I hope Oliver had An awesome start to your Friday Um but before you run off to your Weekend check this out this release is Huge so as you can see on my screen Hopefully we have actually launched the Much awaited prospecting tool onto beta So if you go to beta.gohigh so This is the most important thing that I Think sometimes people miss when I do These beta announcements you can actually Now start to prospect for your agency Inside high level so let's take a look Here real quick so obviously this is the MVP for those of you who have been with Us you understand we always launch MVPs The idea is hey how can we get you Something so you get started get some Value and then start to give us feedback And so with that you have the ability to Go in and we'll jump into the Screenshots here because they're much Cooler to look at than than me so um the

Maps map search integration for Prospects manual Prospect searching Online Health scorecards listings report And GM reviews report is all in our MVP Now we have a limit of 20 per day and The idea here is pretty simple we want You to do this manually because if you Just sort of if we let you do this in Bulk what's going to happen is you're Going to bulk create them bulk email Them and then bulk go to spam and bulk Be done so what we're really looking for Here is you're going to use this tool to Go out locate those prospects that You're going to do some work on you're Going to write some very thoughtful Emails on or do some thoughtful walk-ins On or calls on that's the type of thing This prospecting tools really designed For so without further Ado you jump into Your agency section you'll now see a new Uh item on the left hand side called Prospecting from there you can go on Into and add a new Prospect and when you Do that you've got a couple options Right so you can actually search like Law firms near Texas or you can and you Can actually get a list of those firms Or see a list of those firms choose one That you're specifically interested in And or you can go in and you can Actually manually enter one as well then When you hit generate report what you're Going to see is exactly this report

Generation in progress this is actually A real progress partner I normally would I would fake this like but the the Product team did a fantastic job here And when it pops out the other side when It's done is literally this report that You can see right here and you can kind Of scroll through it but obviously if The listings information you have the GMB information and the goal for us on This side really is we want you selling SAS right we want you selling missed Call text back text to pay web chat Widgets um GMB messaging uh uh text Enabled phone number is like all of the Sassy sort of stuff Um and so that's really where we're Headed with this report reputation Management of course on the review side As you can see we're doing uh the Reviews uh and then of course listing Side as well um so you can do that and Then we're pulling some some just the Latest reviews and putting those on the Report and you'll sort of see this all Nicely woven together now very quickly From here Um we'll add all kinds of great stuff Like things like the ability to PDF it Email it like all of that adding more Sections actually if you go back I had a Previous video where I did like a preview on this and you can See kind of what the full report is

Going to look like in the end but Anyways we really wanted to get this out And as soon as I saw enough value here That I thought some of you could use it We got it out so today's the day I hope All of you are having an awesome Friday Um for those of you who came out to Dallas thank you so much uh for coming All this way we really appreciate you um And then for those of you who didn't I Will see you next time and on that note I hope all of you are having an awesome Friday and we will talk soon thanks

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