Agency Reporting Update Bust churn, customize email reports + more subaccount stats!

Hey happy Thursday everybody Sean coming At you from high level so this is a Great update on an existing feature that Many of you probably don't even know we Have so these are weekly monthly daily You get to choose reports that you can You can send to your clients that are Branded for you that show them all the Amazing stuff you're doing and all this Is going to do for you is make you look Like a hero and reduce your churn with Your clients so this tool is amazing so Check this out today is actually a Modification of this and here's what We're doing so over here on the right Hand side we'll roll through it why do We need the report section so far emails That include metrics cards on the report Screen the restricted agency user oh oh Why are we doing this is really what That is so what we're doing here is We're just allowing you to customize This um even more right so you can come In and you before you were you weren't Able to select what goes out now you can So basically if you check this out here You can see how you can check box these Different sections and based on the Check boxes you can actually go in and Um Uh you can actually go in and choose What is going to go out on the email Excuse me also on the sub account stats Section you can actually now um look at

All the cool stuff you can see on your Sub accounts but they've also added the Ability to do things like sort by Um surveys form Builder websites Um for form build forms built I guess Funnels all that stuff so you can see That so you can actually start measuring The usage of those products as well Um so I think that is a really awesome Update to the sub accounts feature and You can see right here being able to Actually choose which of those uh those Stats that you see and you can actually Uh actually filter by them as well and Then let me Okay so what I did here is I just went Into high level I went to my agency Section and here you go you can see all Of the stuff right here and then over Here oops now you can see sites created Like funnels so I've added the funnels To it as well Um so where the funnels funnels funnels Funnels they gotta be oh oh I'm sorry I Sorted by funnels that's what I did and Then uh and then you can uh of course do Highest first all that other stuff That's amazing Um and then of course again how do I get To that cool report Sean to show uh to Show the client what I'm doing click Reports and then here you go here are These reports and you can see ad Schedule of course I chose some like

Lame sub account so that wasn't really The smartest uh way to go hold on let's Go like I don't know emails or something Um okay cool like choose this one Reports okay there you go and now you Can see how awesome the report can look And then when you go to actually uh Schedule this stuff out you can actually Do that uh let me see here and this is Also uh let's see report details uh oh Yeah these are people who've created Reports sorry just rolling through this Hit edit schedule and see now here You've got these check boxes so you can Actually uncheck or you can check and You can choose which ones etc etc and You can go through and actually uh Customize this now this is an amazing Feature I I am probably underselling This but I would say if nothing else This is probably if not the best feature In the entire app it's real darn close And here's why no matter what you do for Your clients if they don't see it if They don't think it's happening right They're going to assume if they don't See something then you're not doing Anything thing and at the end of the day Even if some of this information isn't Even coming from you the fact that You're able to give it to them in a Succinct compact manner via email on a Scheduled basis that is value in and of Itself so please please please Avail

Yourself of this feature now this is a SAS feature and for a very good reason Because these are the types of stats That we feel like are super important if You're running a SAS business so anyways Um for all of you uh hopefully love this Feature love this update as much as I do The team is doing a rocking job continue To give you more stats and reports so on That note I hope you're having an Awesome Thursday and I will see you in The next video thanks

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