AI Bot Development Sneak Peek!

Hey happy Thursday everybody Sean coming At you from high level so um I am Probably not supposed to show you this But I'm gonna do it anyways so uh uh I've been talking a little bit about This recently so we have an AI chatbot That's coming out this quarter um we've Been doing a ton of uh work on the back End with this already and for different Modalities so uh things like uh the Thing I care about a lot is appointment Booking but there's also support Functionality and so one of the things That we're doing is the team is actually Testing this bot now internally with all Of our support folks and so basically You don't have access to this so don't So um there's a couple digitals here but You know uh this is actually our Internal support portal um and so what's Cool is we're actually deploying this AI To our support team and saying hey look You can use AI to actually ask questions Of the support docs to see if you can Get back faster answers and so we're Using this to actually tune uh uh tune The AI and check for uh its ability to Actually respond to these questions and Do a good job for our team uh and so This is just kind of some behind the Scenes action on what's going but a lot Of this will inform uh how the actual Bot that we eventually roll out here in This quarter uh ultimately functions and

How we're going to make sure that it's Going to do an awesome job for all of You Um so anyways I just wanted to kind of Show this kind of a little behind the Scenes sneak peek Um I think what they're doing here is Very very very cool Um so anyways on that note hope you're Having an amazing Thursday and we'll Talk soon thanks

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