AI Client Goldmine Review and Demo

Hey and welcome back to vid Society in This video we're looking at a new Product that just launched four local Marketers called AI client Goldmine and If you're not familiar with who the Offline sharks are that's what these Guys do for a living is they are local Marketers and they like to share their Strategies their tools and exactly what They do with others who are also Interested in local marketing whether You do it now or whether you want to get Into it this course which launches today For just 27 and normally guys when they Launch these the price goes way up Afterwards so I recommend if you're Interested pick it up during launch week But this is loaded it has an amazing Training course along with a leads Finder software tool which I'm going to Dive into and show you exactly how that Works too but before we get started Below this video there's going to be Some links that will take you to my Website where you can learn more about This product more about the pricing the Up sales and also some bonuses you can Pick up if you happen to get AI client Goldmine from my link now the main Purpose of AI client Goldmine is for Using AI to find or Prospect for local Customers for your business and so I'm Going to show you how all that works the Training course itself is amazing all

Their training courses are amazing They're done by themselves so this is Nick Ponte here him and some of the Other owners and the people involved With the software they're the ones that Does the training it's not outsourced to Somebody who's never used the tools Before or doesn't understand how it Works that's what I love about their Products in fact if you were to go down To their course I think it's down here Under digital Gold Rush let me just Click on this and then they have a video Here called what should I sell if you Click on this one and somewhere through This video I think right in this area I'm not going to show you this in the Video in this in this video but he goes Over their current pricing he goes over What they offer for local clients and What they charge them and I know this is Something a lot of people looks for when They do local marketing they don't know What services to offer they don't know How much to charge you're going to see Everything in this video as to how they Do it through their own business and That's what makes this such a solid Product is it's something that's proven And it's something that they're using Themselves and so what you're going to Get in the course itself is let me jump Over here to this document and there are A total of six modules and you can see

Here you can read through each one of Them I'm not going to read over all them You can pause the video and read them But it goes over and tells you the uh What you're going to learn throughout This course which is worth so much more Than twenty seven dollars in my opinion I mean guys this is this is proven stuff Right here that they're showing you now The other thing they give you is the Lead software and that's included with The 27 price so if I jump over to it This is the software right here and it Gives you a ton of information about Businesses that you can see right off if They need any kind of work done so we're Just going to reset this and then we're Going to come up here and do our own Search and for this example we're going To look for something like a salon and We'll probably do Cleveland Ohio so let Me just go and put that in up here okay So you can see I got Salon here then Cleveland Ohio we'll click on find leads And normally this takes up to about a Minute it says and so you can see it's Already pulling in data it's found 10 Out of 25. now you can go through this List and you can see so much right off About each one of these businesses so up Here you can see whether they've been Claimed or not in Google you can see how Many ratings they've got citations They've got photos videos down here you

Can learn about their website it tells You their speed backlinks if they have a Home page video if they're integrated With Google analytics and then you got Some things about SEO also down through Here letting you know how well their Site is optimized because all of these Are key factors in you reaching out to Them and offering additional services so One thing I've noticed that most of These businesses don't have are Citations right here it says citations Are the amount of times that the company Name and address or phone number are Mentioned on other websites you can sell Them citation services that help them Build Authority and rankings by getting More citations on their websites And then let's go ahead and scroll down Through here and see what we can find See if any of these are unclaimed Because right now I'm showing all of These ones are claimed here and uh we're Just gonna have to wait for this to load But like this one here this one does not Even have a website so this is one that You could easily reach out to uh and Offer multiple services from building a Website integrating Google analytics Creating videos for them getting Backlinks for ranking and SEO Optimization there's just so many things That you can do and that's why so many People does local marketing for this is

Something that I did for years before I Got into affiliate marketing uh but I Just found out it just it really wasn't For me I enjoyed affiliate marketing Better so that's what I turn to but this Is the type of work that I did when I Was in local marketing and I would have Loved to have had a tool like this to Use to be able to find these businesses So easily because then you just had to Go in and do your own research manually One by one site by site but this just Kind of consolidates everything puts it All together and makes it so easy to Identify exactly what each of these Businesses really needs now this will Also perform audits for them and so if You want to learn more about how all That works visit my website links under This video you can also come up here and Tick these boxes and when you do that Under actions it says here you can Resume finding leads you can save the Leads and when you save them you can Export them into a Excel file I believe It is or CSV file and then you can have All the data there where you can do more Research or just have it on file and Save it so if your goal is to get into Local marketing this is a course I am Going to highly recommend probably above Any of the others that's out there right Now not only just for the value that it Offers but knowing that they are facts

They work and for just a price of twenty Seven dollars where you not only get Access to the course but you're also Getting access to the software to find The leads now once again there are a few Upsells to this product they're all Completely optional they are all very Affordable those are listed on my Website as well as some bonuses that you Can pick up too if you decide to pick up This product through my website so That's it for this video guys I hope you Enjoyed it if you do like these in-depth Reviews of products before you go out And purchase them be sure to subscribe To my channel and I will see you on the Next one have a great day

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