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[Music] Before joining the seven figure agency I Was a generalist agency I served all Types of clients lawyers doctors Construction companies but joining this Group I was able to really zero in on Which of those niches do I really love Which one do I really want to pour into What made me want to join the seven Figure Agency Group was the community The fact that I’m an entrepreneur and Most of us are doing business alone some Of us don’t have business partners even By joining a group like this it’s almost As if you gained a whole board of Directors business partners Consultants So now I don’t feel like I’m growing my Company alone the challenges and pains I Was experiencing before joining seven Figure agency was that I had this weight On my shoulders of the whole entire Business just being up to me all of the Departments and sometimes I couldn’t Sleep just a lot of anxiety and stress Just the weight of the whole entire Operation on me but now I don’t have That weight anymore literally the day I Joined the day afterwards I just felt This tremendous amount of Peace because I wasn’t alone in my business anymore Hey the results I’m looking to achieve By being part of a group called seven Figure agency is to get my agency to Seven figures a year so My journey with

Seven figure agency was that at first I Came here as a guest I was not a paid Member I was invited by Josh Nelson to Come experience this and man I walked Away with so much knowledge but I made One critical mistake which was that he Was telling us in the room guys you need To pick a niche you need to really serve One specific industry one audience and I Thought it was a great idea for everyone Else in the room But I didn’t feel like it would apply to Me I wanted to do it my way I felt like I could keep serving all of my niches Two years later I was really nobody Serving nobody and I was kind of all Over the place not able to get momentum And I finally decided you know what I Don’t want to be serving everyone I Don’t want to be a generalist anymore I’m going to take that advice that I had Been given two years previously and I’m Gonna finally pick a niche and be all About One industry if you’re considering Joining seven figure agency look I know It’s a lot of money I know it’s a big Investment especially for a small agency You gotta trust me that this is what You’re going to be able to get out of This the trainings you’re going to be Able to give to your team the Step-by-step process that you’re going To be able to be held accountable to to Following is going to be well worth that

1500 just think about it if you get one Client from this two clients from this Will it pay for the year’s membership And if you can think about it that way How many clients do I need in order to Cover the membership costs then all of a Sudden joining this makes perfect sense Because that’s the point of this group Is for you to realize how to get those Clients and how to get them coming in Consistently and paying you what you’re Worth [Music]

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