API Update Bulk associate contacts with companies!

Hey happy Thursday everybody Sean coming At you from high level so this is really Quick and simple but I love to highlight It so this is an API update for those of You who haven't seen the API uh go to Developers uh with an S developers Plural.gohelevel.com but the uh contacts Team releases cool update where Basically we have a company object Essentially that you can associate Contacts with but you know before you Obviously can do this one by one by one By one but they released actually the Ability to do this in bulk so if you Have a bunch of contacts coming in and You want to associate a lot of them with One company very quickly this bulk uh Edition has been made you can see it's a New endpoint now uh under contact slash Bulk slash business anyways huge props To the team for getting this out I hope All of you uh I love the API updates as Much as I do and I hope you're having an Awesome Thursday and we'll talk soon Thanks

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