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Hey happy Friday everybody it's Sean Coming at you from high level so this is Actually an API developer update so if You're not interested in any of that you Can just close this video right now but I really like to talk about this stuff Because uh developer uh development team The API team does a killer job so Anyways um heads up the CRM Marketplace Team so for those of you don't know On the API side we sort of have a Marketplace going when you register for The um oauth which is the V2 API sorry Go to Developers.gohighlevel.com and this will All kind of make sense to you but Basically there's two versions of the API the original and the uh and kind of The oauth or the version two which is Kind of what we're going forward with Um you have kind of a Marketplace there Anyways this is uh so this is an update To that and basically what this allows You to do now is when you create an app Um and you can take a look here you can Specify whether or not this app Should be available for just the agency Or for the agency and the sub account Now real quick this cannot be changed Later so make this decision now Um and so the cool thing about that is Then uh from there what you can do is This allows you to create these agency Level apps so think about it like this

If you're a developer thinking about Creating an app for high levels Direct Customer the agency do it like that if You're trying to create an app that's Applicable to the agency's customers do It like that or on the options it's both Which is kind of odd do it for for both But anyways um also just a heads up this Is kind of as you can see this would be The start of the deprecation of API 1.0 So for those of you who are on 1.0 we Don't have an official deprecation date Yet but it's coming so if you're still Using 102 get off of 1.0 Um and please move on um and then all The uh existing Marketplace apps will be Defaulted uh and considered as Sub-account level apps so anyways this Is just kind of a Cool Change um I think They did a great job here Um just want to get this news out for Those of you who are interested on the Note I hope all of you have an awesome Friday and I hope you have a great Weekend thanks

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