Audit Log Updates Custom Fields!

Hey happy Wednesday everybody Sean Coming at you from high levels so today We have some really awesome updates Let's kick it off though with uh audit Log updates so first of all what is the Audit logging so if you go into either The agency section or any of the sub Accounts there is an audit log and the Audit log is really designed to help you Understand what's going on in your Account and then also do stuff Um relative to that so for example if Somebody deletes something you might Want to undelete it so today we've added Some functionality there so let's take a Look at the release that's together and Look at exactly what was added to the Audit log Okay so now we have the ability to Restore deleted custom Fields the Ability to restore deleted custom field Folders the ability to view custom field Updates for changes of sequence or Position and the ability to view custom Field updates for change of folders so This is cool so anytime there's any kind Of changes on your custom Fields Obviously you can see who did it and if Something's accidentally deleted you can Actually go back in and undelete it so That's an awesome update from the team As always if you have any questions let Us know and I will see you in a video Because we got at least two more

Releases for today and they're awesome As well thanks

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