Audit Logs Live for Refunds!

Hey happy Monday everybody Sean coming At you from high level this one's pretty Short and sweet but also kind of Important so what you can see right here Is track audit logs for refunds is now Live so uh for those who didn't see this Video you take a look at the YouTube Channel Etc but basically we enabled the Ability to do refunds uh which is Awesome but you also want to be able to See who did those refunds and audit them And so forth and so on um if you didn't Know this already we have audit logging Throughout the entire system both at the Agency account level or the agency level And the sub account level so if you Haven't seen this uh you go into Settings and then inside settings it's Auto logs and obviously at the agency Level we're trying to give you like Agency sort of level events and then at The sub account level we're trying to Get sub-account level events uh and this Works really well for both your Customers and yourself so anyways we've Added refunds to that which is really Really awesome so when you pop up the Details of course you're going to see Exactly uh what happened here so partial Refund on request you can see the charge ID the user ID the refund ID all that Stuff see the amounts etc etc date and Time um that way you can track all that Through so on that note hope all of you

Having an awesome Monday and I will see You in the next video thanks

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