Audit Logs & Trigger Links UI Upgraded! + Clipboard Write Permission Live!

Hey happy Friday everybody Sean coming At you from high level so a couple of Things uh so the audit log Pages both at The agency and sub-account levels we Finished refactoring them and so what Does that mean that means that you can See that the brand new interface Obviously is live and there are a couple Of notes here so this is kind of back End notes audit logs page are now in the Microphone on architecture we'll allow It to be a lot faster and scale better Audit log pages are now in vue.js3 view JS is just the JavaScript library we uh We write high level in on the front end 3.0 is the latest it's a lot faster than 2.0 that's all good stuff Um it also helps bring standardization The app great wonderful fantastic uh Decouple the search component into two For better use of functionality applying Filters and an enhanced view of the Json Model is all now live so if we if you Want to look at that from a visuals Perspective audit logs look like this You can find them at under agency audit Logs or inside the sub account under Settings audit logs as well Um and then if you look at the uh when You go and actually look at any of the Details now you can see they have this Cool ability so that before it would Just sort of throw the tree out at you But now you can sort of collapse and

Shrink different sections kind of when You want to see like kind of what was Done um so that's a cool update and Again this is the cool new search Functionality that they laid out uh That's also live as well so that's that One now moving on down here same deal For the trigger links UI so uh real Quick here if we jump in and we go to Any of the uh any of the sub accounts And then we head over to Um I'm gonna find it I'm gonna find it I'm gonna find it trigger links hold on Be right back Sorry duh it was under Center marketing And then trigger links if you go in here Links um you're gonna see this new uis Is present as well so um you have all of That and of course the analyze uh as Well so that's now on the standard UI Sort of same uh rough notes as that last Section so that's that Um and then uh if you look down here Um real quick this one it was for a very Specific customer but for anybody who Needs this it's just a quick enhancement So custom menus with iframe embeds now Support the clipboard right permission And so basically what this just means is If you're doing a custom iframe embed And you needed the ability to copy stuff Onto the clipboard you now can do that So anyways very Niche uh solution but Again punched out in a day really Pro uh

Really excited that definitely got that Done continue to roll out this UI Remember there's the big benefits when You're thinking about why are they doing This it looks better B it's a lot faster And C it preps us for Internationalization here uh coming up In Q2 so anyways hope you're having an Awesome Friday and we'll talk soon Thanks

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