Authentic Campaigns for Better Facebook Ads Conversion

All the Facebook ads I'm running for Code Outreach it's kind of gone stagnant So I'm wondering if I need to like Update it add some new ads or what so Anytime I'm launching a campaign whether It's for our agency or for our clients It's you know pretty rare I'm going to Launch with anything than three ads then Take image because I think that blends In with the timeline a little bit better And it doesn't scream ad so it could be Me speaking on stage it could be a Picture of my team and I so I usually Always do an authentic ad I'll do that Graphic that Josh uses in all of his Keynotes with a picture of you and then The black horizontal bar with the name Of the webinar on there and then video I Know Billy is always constantly doing The selfie Style videos he's had some Ads that have just absolutely crushed it I know he likes using but prop he had This awesome ad where he was holding a Spine in his video as well so at a Minimum that that would be the three

Building Your Agency Engine

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