Authorize net for invoice payments now live! + ability to delete stripe subscriptions in app

Hey happy Tuesday everybody Sean coming At you from high level so we've got two Payments related announcements on this Video so first up just a generic Payments uh uh sort of change here so Sub account users now have the ability To cancel stripe subscriptions created Via order forms within go high level at Any time so what used to happen so let's Just a little visual here what used to Happen is you go in and you had these uh You could see your subscriptions in Stripe that were just sort of chilling Out there and you're like well but wait I want to cancel on how do I do that you Just have to jump into stripe and do That and now you do not have to which is Pretty awesome as you can see it's Pretty simple we're like hey you want to Cancel it yes I want to do boom go and It's done Awesome Moving On so anyways All that's there uh if you keep track of Any of the subscription changes and all That that's going to be in there and of Course there's um obviously or at least Notes for this that you can take a look At here um changelog so They're just chilling right here you can See all that that's awesome now moving On we're moving down to Boom integration for processing Invoice payments as hopefully many of You are all of you all know we now have as an option within the

System system and we're um we started Off our MVP I forgot I think it was one Step four order forms two-step order Forms something like that and we are of Course expanding that very quickly and Today I want to announce the ability to Use it for processing invoice payments So first up available in labs in your Live apps so for those of you don't know This is in settings Um at the sub account uh level uh labs In the left-hand menu and then as you Can see right here you check you you pop This thing on right here and then from There Let's take a look here so obviously you Connect using your login ID and Transaction ID and all of that and That's sort of par for the course here That's how the authorized that the Integration has already worked um but Now what you see right here is let's say I'm inside the payment section I'm Looking at my invoice payments and as You can see boom there it is you can see now is listed In there now let's see if there's Anything really interesting integration Allows processing voice payments no new Products are required or created Um support one-time and recurring Payments so that's really cool right so That's really important Um now something to note here so in

Order to facilitate this you know on the Stripe side originally we were sort of Plugging the subscriptions into the Subscription mechanism or the recurring Mechanism I guess that's built into Strike but we sort of built our own uh In order because as we continue to Expand here we're going to support Multiple gateways um we have nmi coming Up next so we sort of built the Subscription Um engine as it were within high level So you're not going to see those Subscriptions get created within they're just actually Going to be held inside high level and We're just going to use as That Gateway so anyways that's all in There obviously you can see you can Track all of it the ability to cancel Subscriptions in there specify the Default gateway for the order form is Also in there because now we're Supporting both strive and And of course there is all kinds of Recurring invoice articles there's Authorizations and articles or auto Payment uh help articles all that stuff So you can check all of that out in Um the help section just uh search down The name of these articles so anyways um Just want to get that out there super Excited the team did a great job on that Note hope all of you are having an

Awesome Tuesday and we'll talk soon Thanks

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