Authorize net Integration is Live!

Hey happy Thursday everybody Sean coming At you from high level so um if you Didn't know this already this week is Actually Um the week of holy in India so um a lot Of our team is uh kind of off or was off Celebrating that holiday so you're gonna Have a big bunch of releases jump out Um uh tomorrow and early next week but Don't worry because we still have some Coming out so today heads up integration is now live so Um let's rewind real quick so supports a lot of payment Gateways particularly in the United States and North American in general so If you're working with anybody who has a Payment solution outside of Stripes so These people it's not just It could be like Chase payments Wells Fargo like blue pay triangle pay upside Down pay whatever chances are they Support integration so This is a great way for you to take Those existing payments from other Vendors bring them into the system Um and actually put people on payments Now otherwise that was in beta it it Went great we've had a an awesome Success there people have really been Loving it so we we brought it live it's Now out um so you can check it take a Look at it you can see it's under Payments under Integrations you put in

Your info here it's pretty simple you Put in your login uh ID live transaction Key and that kind of thing and now You're ready to rock and good to go Um it we now currently support one step And two-step order form purchasing with One-click upsells invoices and recurring Templates along with auto payments text To pay links and calendar appointment Bookings so those are all the places is supported Um no new products were required set the Default uh Gateway in case uh both Striper are connected Because you can actually use both kind Of in tandem Um as you can see here tracking all Those subscriptions ability to cancel Subscriptions all that wonderful fun Stuff uh is is in there uh recurring Invoices Etc etc so anyways really huge props to The team Um they work really hard on this and I Hope all of you are as excited about it As I am on that note I will send it back To you and I'll see you in the next Video in a couple minutes thanks

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