Authorize net payments live for text2pay + calendar payments!

Hey everybody Sean coming at you from High level so we're gonna try to roll Two into one on this because of they're Very related so this is Update so for those of you don't know we Have what in the world is That that is a I don't know payment Gateway integration provider and why do We add it because they support like Hundreds of Downstream gateways so for Any of you who are like don't like Stripe don't want to use stripe can't You stripe got kicked off stripe Whatever Um is a great way for you To then go out and actually find all Kinds of other Merchant providers so Like everybody from like a big Bank like A Wells Fargo has integrated with it all all kinds of small Payment providers so that for any of you Who are sort of struggling with that are Interested in that that's the way you Would go but authorized I know we Originally rolled it out of course we Always go as fast as we can until we Just started with the one step order Forms the two-step order first but we've Been adding all the subsequent features And today we're going to announce even More so as you can see on my screen Requested voice payments within contacts And conversations via text to pay links And processing payments through so first of all hopefully All of you know that that we have text To pay if you don't we have text to pay Text what is text to pay text to pay is The ability to Um here why don't we just look at it Texas Pay is the ability to say Hey Listen I want to request a payment from A person for an amount with the Following items on like a miniature Invoice and I just want to text them a Link I want to be able to click on the Link and then pay the payment That is possible already with stripe but Today it's not also not possible with so a couple things one you Need to go turn it on in the lab in Labs Where is lab Sean it is under the Location of the settings and it's then Under labs and then you'll see this and You turn it on and when you do Um now see down here at the bottom of The conversation you got this awesome Little Um icon with the dollar symbol you click That that's what gets us back to this Window right here you hit copy link and Uh and I guess in this case you could Say it's Mark Ascent now here's the cool Thing about this link by the way just Heads up you can actually use that link Anywhere you want so once the system Generates it you could actually you can Set it out via text via US email via US

You send it in Gmail you can send it an Outlook you can I don't know you can Write it on a card or something and have People open it that way I don't care it Works everywhere so just heads up you Don't have to use it just with us Obviously then check it out boom we're Gonna land on this invoice it's really Cool right Um which and then you hit pay and then You pay it and then bam there you go There's your transaction details all there you go um Texas pay all right we're two Minutes in let's keep moving though all Right well one good feature for Authorized that deserves another so Calendar payments so how many of you Know that you can actually request a Payment Um in order to book an appointment if You didn't well guess what we have that We've had that for I don't know like Four years Um so go check it out it's in the help Docs but today you can also now do it With so let's check this Out right so users who are using Payments with their calendar Appointments will now be able to do that With sweet Um all right so um okay you can read all This stuff live for customers FAQ Documents and by the way change logs

Right so we have change logs everywhere You can hit the change logs up by Getting the uh hidden little speaker Icon top right hand corner inside high Level you can go to and at the top it Says change luggage hit it Um let's just jump in real quick Authorizing that for order forms uh Looks like we have some rfaq docs down Here again Um going into the labs turning it on in Labs we already covered that you can do That let's see calendar calendar this is A great help doc by the way if you Haven't seen it Um Check it out okay great here you go you Now could do this I don't even think you Have to do anything special I think it's Just automatically there possibly all Right let me follow my own good advice And go to High hit Up the changelog link and then we'll see Here Uh yeah okay it's all rolled into right Here so you can check it out okay Perfect so now it's also live for Calendars that's amazing so we've got it For text to pay and calendar booking is live I hope all of you Having an awesome Thursday and we'll see You in the next video thanks

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