Automatic SAAS Pause for Non Payment + Additional Audit Logging for SAAS

Hey happy Tuesday everybody is Sean Coming at you from high level so excited We have two updates on this video so um You can see him right here in the Release notes but we're gonna dive into The uh and cover these in more depth First up more agency audit logs for SAS Mode so um obviously we have Auto logs All over the system if you haven't seen Them if we jump in and we're looking at Like if you roll over like a big head Here and like going over to settings and Go to audit logs they're chilling in Here at the location level you also have Them at the agency level as well and so You can get to those Um and so anyways with SAS mode Specifically we've added more uh logging To this and so agency audit logs when SAS locations are created Um you can see here that let's uh blow This up real quick you can see Specifically where um When we're uh doing a payment flow so Request payment flow you want to request That they actually sign up all of that You can see the logging around that you Can see whoa funnel or stripe checkout Sales flow as well as here now uh and Then yeah and then of course you can hit View details on any of the steps this is Sort of normal like you would get in any Other Um audit logging entry but this is just

All the detail that you're going to see And this really just gives you the Ability to see a lot more granular Detail around Um SAS stuff so when you're auditing a Location creation payments that kind of Thing that's available so that's awesome Great job with the team next up Pause sub count automatically when SAS Subscriptions fail so check this out so Over here you can see where it says Suspend sub accounts when their SAS Subscription fails you can actually Enable this option now and let's walk Through exactly how it works now Agencies have control how they want to Handle subscription failures they can Pause their sub account or they can Leave it operational as you can see you Can control it there okay so if enabled What does this mean it means that if There is a subscription is considered Failed and this obviously is a strike Thing so inside stripe they have Different statuses so like cancel past Due and delete expired and complete Um that will count as a failure now what Does pause subaccount mean right this is Pretty important Um when a sub count is paused location Admins and users AKA sub-account admins And users are unable to log into the sub Account whereas they they as an agency Admins that's like you and your agency

Users will continue to have access to The sub account and of course you can See uh there's a whole excuse me Um Uh detail around this uh uh here that's LinkedIn excuse me um once my client sub Account is Boss how can I reactivate it Right so an HD admin can do this Manually Um the client reactivates their SAS Subscription by paying it on the lockout Screen so when they try to log in They're gonna get a screen that says hey You've been locked out for non-payment Clicker to pay obviously they can retry Their existing car they can enter a new Car that kind of thing Um or the agency logs into stripe and Mainly sets the subscription status to Active um or trialing or something like That so anyways um take a look at this This is really awesome it's a great way To make sure that your clients don't get Access to their accounts when they're uh When they don't pay and it prompts them To actually get you paid which is pretty Cool so on that note hope all of you are Having an awesome Tuesday and we'll talk Soon thanks

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