Blog Update Custom Fonts Live!

Hey happy Wednesday everybody Sean Coming at you from high level so today's Is an awesome awesome add addition to The uh blogs but for first off for those Who didn't know you could do blogs in High levels so if you haven't seen this Yet please go check it out it's under Sites it's under blogs we do blogs you Can do blogs sell the um all kinds of Cool stuff with blogs you can do content Aoi with blogs so if you uh didn't know We do blogs now you know if you need to Do a Blog now you know you can do it With us but today we're adding the Ability to also add custom fonts to the Blog so um for those of you who've been Doing Vlogs for a little while you know That there was a limited number of fonts Available but now that has changed and In fact oh my goodness you can now have 1495 different fonts so if you were Concerned before I just don't have Enough fonts well now you I don't think You can complain anymore but today's the Day it's super easy so you just go in You create a new blog post on the fonts Options table so right here you hit that Drop down you hit custom fonts and when You do you can add in your new custom Fonts so now you can have up to uh the The list will just hold like the last 10 Fonts that you use so that way you easy For you to then reference it it'll Automatically update it so if you choose

To use let's say uh a lot I can't even Pronounce it but let's just say a lot of Something a lot of something Um then it'll stay in the list so you Can use it again so super easy awesome Awesome enhancement by the uh the Blogging team huge props on that hope All of you are having an awesome amazing Uh Wednesday and we will talk soon Thanks

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