Blog Updates : Image resizing and RSS feed categories live!

Hey happy Wednesday everybody Sean Coming at you from high level I am here In our booth at social media world right Now Um I wanted to jump in here and get some Of these uh updates out so um first up Is blog updates so one thing here I Wanted to show you we now have the Ability when you insert an image you can Actually grab this and you can actually Resize it right here uh in the blog Editor which is really cool just makes Things a lot easier for you a really Great enhancement by the team I'm going To go ahead and jump back here and then Next up we also have some RSS updates so Let's jump into the release notes real Quick and take a look together so you Can now choose the landing page for the RSS feed items so the domains listed are On the uh of the funnels and the Websites which have the blog element in Them so now why do we do this right so Earlier we weren't having categories for The blog so now this gives us categories So for example if funnel a has category One and category two and funnel b as Category three when you're choosing the Domain for the RSS we'll generate that List according to the categories so that Is awesome um also quick thing we did a Bug here fix the wrong status with Duplicates and of course we have these Are our three previous releases so

Anyways those are awesome uh new blog Releases um huge props to the team for Getting that out anyways I hope all of You are having an awesome start to your Wednesday and I have more videos on the Way thanks

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