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Hey happy Wednesday everybody Sean Coming at you from high levels so we've Got some great updates here uh two Things so first of all we got a blogging Update so of course uh if you didn't Know we had blogs guess what we do so go Under sites blogs uh and then you can go In obviously and um lots of great Documentation here you can see like you Can uh create a funnel to host your blog All those awesome things uh and then Once you do that Let me jump into my test account here Real quick Okay so obviously here's what a Blog Would look like once it's created you Got the stats and all that awesome stuff But Let's jump into this post real quick Because that is where we have all of our Actions so we go to update post and Check this out you can now actually put In custom code into your blog so if we Jump over to the release notes here real Quick let's see exactly how we need to Do well never mind that was easier than I thought so actually what you do is you Obviously just put your cursor where you Want it so like whatever let's just say It's right there and then up here in the Menu you see where it says insert custom Code you just click this and now you can Put in any custom code you want uh so Like I don't know I'm just gonna like

Write some quick HTML like Hello World Right and you can make this again uh Custom CSS custom JavaScript custom HTML You hit insert code and then this will Be sitting right there and then if you Hit update obviously or you could Preview it that kind of thing uh wait Hold on go back up back to back and Preview post let me see if I did it Right well there it is hello world see Um right there well actually that hello World's not mine but that hello world is Mine so anyways so that's the custom Code element it works it's great it's Awesome pretty simple but awesome Feature I think really helps expand the Uh uh the blogging quite a bit and quick Bonus price here I just noticed over in The Um release notes hold on let me see if I Can get this the way I want it to be Just go like this and then like this and Then like this there it is okay cool so Um as you can see Susie here dropping The uh news seven new website templates Have been added so uh yesterday it was Funnels today's websites so if you go to Websites uh sorry hold on let me quickly Run you through here should be just as Simple as as you would imagine it to be So over here websites you click new Website you click template library and Then she says Hey listen one in one Additional Insurance two in travel

Hospitality three in financial three and Legal that kind of thing so down here uh Travel like we said in Hospitality you Know the deal you know the drill you Come in here you click this Um obviously you can preview it as well Um and then uh and again this is visible To agency owners and agencies users only Um the idea here is that we got the Feedback that you want to really have Your uh be the ones doing this for your Clients but like I said in the video Yesterday we will eventually expand this And eventually I think it's this quarter So that you can choose like to show uh Some of this or all of this to your Client so they can do the work that kind Of thing and then we'll also eventually Get to the place where you can customize It with your own templates as well so Anyways on that note hope you're all Having an awesome Wednesday send it back To you and we'll talk soon thanks

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