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Hey everybody happy Wednesday this is Sean coming at you from high level so I Am super excited first of all to be at The Statler Hotel in Dallas Texas and For our big Mastermind event it is Double the size this year that it was Last year so that is super exciting and We will have other events this year like This so if you have not been to oh hold On the SAS Purdue event like this you Got to come on down but anyways let's Get to it um so today some really Exciting releases so first up let's talk About the RSS feature for blog so first Of all Um I always try to start with like the What so like check this out if you Didn't know we have blogging in the System that's right for those of you who Just heard this I bet you that just blew Your mind but it's pretty awesome right Because obviously blogging is important Why is blogging important well because It creates content and helps us share You know with with people what we're Doing right and our customers should be Writing blogs and all this wonderful Stuff so we have blogging in the system And that's awesome but today let's talk About what we're doing here so we're at We actually have the RSS feed generator For the blogs so RSS if you don't know It's a way to send out updated content On your blogs without passing every time

The link for the blog so the idea is There's lots of things oursis is like a Format you can kind of Google this but It's a format that allows lots of Different things to to read that format In of all your blog posts as well as new Blog posts that come out and then Display it in various areas things like You could say that we use it to send out Emails and you can you can use it to Like uh feed readers and things like That anyways just Google RSS if you're At all interested but all that to say What you're able to do now is you can Actually go out and actually get the RSS Feed URL for your blog so what you do You can see right here you go to blogs You go to settings and then hit the tab Label RSS so let's take a look at this So here's the settings right here's the RSS tag and then that's where you're Going to go to actually get it and then If you look what you can do is you can Actually set the number of posts and Then here's the link right here at the Bottom that you can actually get and use For uh for your blog so that is pretty Darn easy to do and this is just a Really great example actually of using That feed and you can see right here um The different blog posts that are Showing up and this is kind of I think Like a feed reader or something but very Cool actually that they went out and

Showed this example um so let's see what Else is going on oh yeah so what's next Um you're going to be able to do things Like bring out the we're gonna have Category support for RSS next up um and Then we also have the option to select And generate RSS for a funnel domain Versus right now I think it's uh limited To the custom domain that we bought Specifically for RSS notes allow a Minimum of one allow a maximum of 100 And you need a domain linked to a funnel To consume the RSS feed so anyways There's also this awesome uh help Article let me click on this So as you can see uh Google RSS feed in Blogs at if you Need to be able to get to it and need to Know what's going on so anyways on that Note I hope all of you are having an Amazing Wednesday and I have an another Awesome video coming out in just a Minute and we'll talk soon thanks

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