Bonus Quick Win: The Fast 5 Lite

Throughout this course we've learned how To set up a lot of quick and easy wins Designed to generate leads but next We're going to learn how to set up an Automation that's going to convert those New leads into hot leads on autopilot by Addressing the biggest issue when it Comes to lead generation which is speed To lead the statistics on this are clear If you can engage a new lead in the First five minutes the odds of closing That lead Skyrocket the problem is it's Virtually impossible for businesses to Follow up and engage with all their new Leads within five minutes luckaloo can Solve for this problem with some Automation and high level so let's go Learn how to set it up all right so to Launch this automation we're going to Head to the automations tab we're going To click create new workflow and then We're going to look for a recipe called The Fast Five light Select that scroll to the top and hit Create new now this recipe is pre-built But we do want to go through it and Customize the details we can see that It's set to kick off from a Facebook Lead form so you would want to come in Here and specify the form and then next We get a conversational email so this is Set up for the scenario where somebody Claims some sort of offer via the Facebook lead ad and so here we're going

To say thanks for claiming the offer Personalize it with their first name Have you experienced this service before You're probably going to want to Customize that for yourself for your Clients then go ahead and save that Action next up we get a conversational SMS so remember our goal is to get this Lead to engage with us within five Minutes so we've got hi first name Thanks for claiming our offer have you Ever experienced this service before if We close out of that we can see that the Next action is a weight step so this is Actually set to wait until they reply to That text message or if two minutes Passes whichever comes first Next we get an if else conditional step So we've got a branch for the contact Replied and we have a branch where they Didn't reply meaning two minutes passed And that's why they moved forward if the Contact replied they go down the contact Replied path and they run into another If else condition this one is actually Going to read the message of their reply And determine if they replied positively Or not remember we're asking them a yes Or no question in our message so if they Reply with yes they're going to go down The positive path and they reply with Anything else they're going to go down The negative path if they've replied Positively we're probably going to want

To say something like great here's the Link to book another service grab any Opening that works for you if they reply Negatively or not positively we'll Probably say something like okay no Problem and the next step is to complete A questionnaire if you're filtering These leads as most businesses do from There you can continue to build actions You could notify people whatever you Want to do but this gets you to the Point where we're engaging with leads Within the first five minutes But what happens if they don't reply to Our initial text message after two Minutes well they're going to go down The contact didn't reply path and the Next action that we run here is a call Connect this is extremely cool because What happens is when a lead hits this Step high level the system will actually Call your business or your client's Business whose every sub account we're In right now and when somebody answers a Robot is going to read this whisper Message so it's going to say a new lead Has been generated their name is the Person's full name and then it's going To say press any key to connect with the First name so imagine I'm working the Front desk at your client's office I get This call I press a key it's going to Dial the lead and if the lead answers It's going to automatically Bridge the

Call so this action is trying to put Your clients on the phone with leads Within two minutes of the lead being Generated if that doesn't work we roll Right into a ringless voicemail so this Is where the phone doesn't actually ring But the lead gets a push notification Saying they have a new voicemail you Probably want to pre-record this for Your clients just to say hey this is So-and-so from the client's business Thanks for claiming our offer the next Step is whatever it may be give us a Call back reply to the text that we sent You we also shot you an email you get The point after the voicemail drop we're Going to wait a day then send another Conversational SMS seeing if you can Answer any questions again you can Customize this to your heart's content But the point is if we step back and Take a look at what we're guaranteeing Is going to happen in the first five Minutes of every new lead it's a night And day difference compared to what's Currently happening in your clients Businesses they're likely not responding At all within five minutes and here we Are guaranteeing that every new lead is Going to get emails text messages Voicemails we're trying to actually Connect them with a call connect and This is going to happen consistently With every new lead it's incredibly

Powerful you're not going to want to run Lead generation without an automation Like the Fast Five light waiting to Automatically engage these leads with in Five minutes so congratulations you now Know how to Skyrocket the conversion Rates on all of your new leads all of Your clients New Leads with the Fast Five light automation [Music]

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