Bulk actions fixes ton of other small enhancements fixes live!

Hey happy Thursday everybody Sean coming At you from high level so check this out We've got our CRM contact bulk action Fix out today that I wanted to uh let You know about essentially what has been Fixed the bulk action stats have been Fixed so when using email and SMS bulk Actions which hopefully all of us are Doing uh we have a situation where Multiple uh with multiple conversation Providers where the stats appeared uh Inaccurately so we rolled out a fix for This uh and then of course the there's a Monetary spelling mistake that was also Fixed as well so if you've been Experiencing that that bug has now been Fixed so that is good and on that note Let's roll into the next fix Well actually to be fair this is not a Fix this is actually a new feature so on The CRM contact tags and custom values Pages internationalization has now been Launched which is awesome you can see Right here kind of on the right hand Side Um all the different languages that have Been launched I I know some people have Pointed out that we're launching Different languages in different Sections and that is actually true and Why it's because uh it just matters how Fast each team gets to uh that Particular section and gets those Translations done but don't sweat it at

All I'll roll out to all sections Eventually uh so that is amazing uh and If you haven't seen this page obviously Uh you know you're going to be under Tags and custom values uh in the app so That's pretty easy to see so that's Number two on number three We've got a workflow bug fix here so the Custom web hook action uh we fixed an Issue where custom values and custom Fields were considered illegal codes and The component to edit the action body so For those of you who are running into That that is not fixed also uh here you Can see right here on the contact D Trigger uh we fixed an issue where we Got uh this is really more of an Enhancement uh where we got where we Would get events for dnds irrespective Of the filter so that's been fixed and Then also going forward we'll uh get Events only for the specific channel That got changed uh and we get a Separate event for all of the different Channel filters so that is all uh fixed When it comes to oops uh when it comes To that Um oh I'm gonna I'm gonna skip the next One for a second bring it back Okay on the uh opportunities page just a Quick bug fix that should actually make It just uh much more performant um it Was actually we were just multi like Running the same select a couple times

And we we knocked it down to one which Is awesome um and got that done uh let's See here what else did I miss Ah yes okay so elastic indexing so we Moved to elastic indexing worker to the Marketplace back and essentially what This is this is a great example of the Infrastructure team doing a great job Just making things faster and I'd love To call it out because you just won't See it unless I say something Um so by moving the worker in the Marketplace back in we can now more Effectively monitor its performance and Activity so another big thing is believe It or not we actually um are hyper about Monitoring these days so we have Monitoring around all kinds of apis and All kinds of system activities we look For any latency that that pops up and we Try to find a way to make things faster Um and so it's just a way for us to Proactively find any issues that are Going on and the team does a rocking job Of this Um also it allows us to do a lot more Logging a lot more alerting and a lot More enhanced tuning capability so that Is a huge win right there also down here On the CRM you can see we've got a Location restore bug so we have contacts Opportunities and conversations we're Not restoring after the location was Restored so this is if some of you we

Have this uh if you like accidentally Delete a location uh we can actually Restore that location we and and in General it's supposed to restore Everything else uh as far as contacts Opportunities and conversations that's Been fixed so that's awesome back to the Workflow real quick another quick bug Fix uh issue with the workflow trigger Getting changed or updated uh for most Of the child location workflows when a Single snapshot was pushed from a parent Location to a child location so any of You are doing these big update updates With the snapshots there was a workflow A bug issue there that's been fixed also The move action wasn't functioning Properly for the goal step that's not Also now been fixed so I know this video Was a lot of small fixes but I love to Walk through and show you all of the Actual things that are happening on the Ground affecting all of you every day Now obviously make sure in a lot of this You got to reload the app in order to Get all the code changes and also just Want to show you that we care a lot About the little things just as much as We do the big things and so on that I Hope you're having an amazing Thursday And I will see you in the next video Thanks

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