Calendar enhancements easier appointment notifications!

Hey happy Thursday everybody Sean coming At you from high levels so we got some Calendar updates today so first up to Make life easier for everybody if you Don't want to go out you know how like Okay so like when someone you can see This right here like notification and Additional options so the idea here is Like when something happens uh like uh And you need to notify someone like a New appointment is book or reschedule That like that kind of thing Um what what you do right now is you Have to go build a workflow to do this And we sort of wanted to make this a Little easier so we created sort of like A default set of emails that can go out In certain situations so you'll see this Now in the confirmation section you can See down here uh you can say uh Notification type you hit the drop down Acknowledgment email and then you should And you can choose like uh who do you Want the acknowledgment email to go to Right so like oh like I wanted to go to The contact or I want to go to the Assigned user I wanted to go to emails And I think this could be like I think You can put your mouse here it's common Limited point is is like it's a very Simple way to just sort of like turn on Notification emails so let's take a look At kind of what those look like right so If you jump in uh appointment

Confirmation so here's like a here's Like what the default uh appointment Confirmation looks like uh and so if you Like that you can keep it here is uh uh If you let me see here this is uh this Is oh I think this is the one that goes To Um oh yeah like one goes to the internal Team yep there we go and the other is Like two to the client yeah that's good Oh yeah then there's like a recurring Appointment because we've recruit now This this isn't going to get sent like Now but we have recurring appointments Like literally like whoop right around The corner so when they come out that's Just it's in there so you can see what It is we've already planned ahead for it Uh and again same thing like internal External versions you can kind of play With these now right now you can't Customize them so heads up on that we Will allow you at some point to choose Uh the templates you want for these Situations but right now it's just the Default uh the default ones but if you Like them you know it's just a really Easy way for you to kind of turn those Options on uh inside the calendar this Is actually uh when you edit a calendar This is what you're gonna see and so This just kind of allows you to to make That super easy uh let's look at the Release notes to see how to miss

Anything here uh yeah configure accounts Enhancements with the new notifications For the contact we've moved the existing Notifications uh to a new notification Block okay cool uh oh yeah what's next So add SMS to the notification Channel Let the users configure multiple uh Notifications trigger notifications X oh Yeah so then they're gonna add some Options you're like yeah I wanna I wanna Send those stock ones but I want to do X Minutes before and that kind of thing And then also as I already mentioned Just the ability to choose which Template you're going to use so anyways On that note I will send it back uh out To all of you but I hope you like this Enhancement I think it's a really good Way just kind of make the system a lot Simpler to use thanks

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