ChatGPT Content AI GPT3 Update So Close!

Hey happy Monday everybody Sean coming At you from high level so I am super Excited about our upcoming AI release Um we're starting with social media Posting I always love to keep you up to Date if I can so I found out that they Actually have their testing it on Staging so basically you can see here on The social media planner I go to new Post I hit content Ai and here is the Interface where you're going to go in And I've showed I'll show you the design Here in a second but this is really Making great progress I'm hopeful either This week or next week Um let's just say next week so that way We're not all disappointed but anyways And then once it comes out to social Media posting we'll also roll it out um Very quickly thereafter to all the other Sections of the uh of the app but I'm Really excited again this is that gpt3 Powered uh functionality and then also We're going to be allowing you to Rebuild your clients for it so if you Want to rebuild your clients have Another Revenue stream you'll be able to Do that Um and then jumping into the design real Quick uh so if we look at this so this Is that same little pop-up I just showed You then you're gonna get these uh three You know like three variations so forth And so on

Um but and then you know obviously There's send feedback and you can use it In the social media post and that's Awesome but then there's also this Really cool you can see right here this Utilization section so you can not only See if you see all of the stuff that You've used and you can see that it is Generic actually to the whole app so That as we expand this out to the other Sections you can always come back in Here see exactly how many words you Generated how much money you've spent All that stuff and then you can see Right here social planner blogs funnels Websites form surveys and you can click On it see the variations that you've Already generated in the past and again The markup here you can see right here This new section content AI you'll be Able to actually then choose the markups That you want and then just similarly Like you would have for other stuff like SMS and all of that you'll be able to Come in and look at all of the content AI Chargers that you've uh that you've Had both on the on the agency side so You can see exactly what's going on as Well as on the location side so the Location can keep track of all the Building there so super excited about This update the team is making Tremendous progress again either this Week or next week um but just did want

To give you a quick update so hope You're having an awesome start to your Monday and we will talk soon thanks

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