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Hey and welcome back to vids Society in This video I'm going to be showing you How I'm going to be taking other People's content and transforming it Into a brand new SEO optimized article That will hopefully outrank them all Using chat GPT and one prompt so stick Around I think you guys are going to Like this one now if you watched my Video from yesterday you saw where I'm Starting to build a brand new website Based around natural remedy supplements And products I'm going to be promoting As an affiliate but I want to get all of My content using chat GPT I want to test It and just see how well it does rank in Search engines and whether it stays There or not long term to use this Strategy you have to use a brand new Chrome extension that just came out that Is absolutely amazing so this extension Is called AI PRM for chat GPT and I'll Put this link below the video as well as Some other links you may be interested In so check those out now once you have This installed you want to go back to Chat GPT and you want to log in and you Should see something that looks like This and what these are are prompts that Are created by other people in the Community and so you can actually create Your own prompts and keep them private Or you can share them with everyone else And you can even include a link to your

Website when you do that now if we Scroll down through here you're going to See there's a hundred and ten different Prompts currently added and I have a Feeling every single day this is going To go up by quite a few because the more People that knows about this extension The more people that will be adding and Sharing their own prompts now there's a Couple that I want to talk to you about Today and these are the ones that I'm Going to be using to create content for My new website the one I found I liked The most and of course this was only Posted 13 hours ago is the one called Outrank article so let's say you're Making product reviews and you want to Write a long content that's going to Outrank your competition but you don't Want to take the time to do it well for Me let me just jump over here to a page That I already found for a product that I want to promote on my new website and This is already ranking on the first Page of Google close to the top so what I can do is simply copy this URL of my Competitor come back to chat GPT and Click on this outrank article and you'll Notice down here at the bottom it opens Up this box and it says to enter your Competitor's URL so what we can do is Paste this in here And we're going to start it and we're Going to let it go and what it's going

To do is it's going to go through Analyze all the content that's on that Page Which kind of surprises me because I Didn't think that chat GPT connected to The internet and pulled data from it but For some reason it's able to do it and So what it's going to do is rewrite the Content that's on this page into a new SEO optimized long form article now you Can see it's even adding tags and Breaking down the article into different Sections as well as adding bullet points And all of this is very important for SEO and ranking in different places Throughout Google so what I'm going to Do is pause this video and we're going To go ahead and let it finish okay so if We scroll down to this article you're Going to see during the conclusion it Stopped all you have to do is click on This continue button and it's going to Continue writing more content now I find This kind of funny that when they use This prompt they use the word please in It because honestly guys this is a bot You don't have to tell it please or Anything like that in fact you can just Put the word continue and it knows what To do and it's going continue writing so This is going to be a really decent Sized article that we can use on our Blog and so what I'm going to do is I'm Going to be going through and searching

For a lot of these products that I'm Going to be putting on my website for Affiliate marketing and I'm going to be Finding my competitors I'm going to take Their URLs I want to have this content Rewritten and then I'm going to be using That on my website and we're going to See just how well it ranks and I'm also Going to be adding probably videos from YouTube I'll probably go find a video or Even make one of my own using like Pick 3 or something like that just a kind of A generic video to help boost its Rankings and if you want to learn how to Do that I got a video on my channel you Can watch but you can see this is done And for some reason it adds this box Down here at the bottom I'm not sure What this is for but I've tried pasting It in my blog and everything and it it Kind of looks like this here so I'm not Sure what that's for but and so this is Your article you can just copy this and You can paste it you want to make sure That you remove this section hear from Your article if you did click on Continue but now you have a full article That you can use now let me show you Some of the others let me come back here To New chat now the other thing you can Do is you can create blog titles from This generator here this was just added 14 hours ago so if you click on this one All you have to do is come down here to

The bottom and paste in what you want Your title to be about so for mine let's Say I'm reviewing this product here Called H eczema formula and then let me Add the review to the end of it and then You can click Start and it's going to go Out and create you I think like five Different titles that you can use and so This one here say goodbye to eczema or H Eczema formula review this is great but For me what I would do I would switch Places with these I prefer to have the Main keyword at the beginning of the Title so mine would be our hxima formula Review or even remove our just have H Eczema formula review and then say Goodbye to eczema and then here's some Other examples you can use down here too So it gives you some really good ideas That you can use for your blog post used Now the next thing I want to show you is How you can create your own articles Based upon outlines and questions which Is really powerful also so if you scroll Down through here you're going to see There's one here called outline for blog Article and you can use this one to Create a an outline for a blog post and Then you can tell chat GPT to expand on Each one of those sections of the Outline but what I want to do is go to The next page And we're going to go here to this one Called find questions and it says

Discover the top 10 questions about a Specific keyword that targets an Audience so down here you can see the Format of how you need to enter it You're going to put audience semicolon And then who your audience is and then a Comma then you're going to type in Keyword semicolon and then your keyword That you want questions for so I'm going To go ahead and paste in mine here and You can see how I did it I put my Audience's parents and my keyword is Eczema natural remedy and then we're Going to go ahead and click Start and It's going to create for us 10 questions Based around this keyword that's Targeted toward parents and then we can Tell chat GPT to expand upon each one of These questions and give us content for It and then we can add that to our blog Content also and these are the two Strategies that I'm going to be using to Add the content to my new WordPress blog So now that we have our 10 questions I Can come down here to the bottom and say Answer here one hit enter and what it's Going to do is it's going to take this Question and give me an answer for it And then I can do this for each one of These questions and that's going to give Me another probably two three four Hundred words or more that I can add to My existing content and all of this I Probably can create within 10 to 15

Minutes and have this huge article that I can post on my website and all I have To do is just repeat this process over And over for every product that I want To promote and then we can just see What's going to happen over time and Whether or not Google is going to rank It or not and the other thing I wanted To show you before I forget is how to Add your own prompts so maybe you found One that you really like what you can do Is you can go back into These chats and you can see here the Prompts that it creates for you when you Search now sometimes it doesn't save the Data here that it creates so you want to Make sure what whatever data that it Creates for you or content it creates You want to go ahead and copy it and Either paste it on your blog or a word Doc or Google Docs or something so you Can save it but this is the prompt that It used for the last search I did it Says I want you to respond only in English I want you to act as a market Research expert that speaks and write Fluent English audience is going to be Parents the keyword is going to be X-Men Natural remedy then it says you will Then generate the top 10 questions Related to the keyword for that target Audience right all in English so what You could do is you could take this Prompt and edit it and write it to

Better fit whatever you're trying to do Online and then you can save it as your Own prompt so you could copy this and Then if we go back here to own prompts You click on add new prompt template and You would just fill out the details here And then if you wanted to share it Publicly you would tick this box here And you conclude your author name and Your author URL that way when it gets Published if you come over here you're Going to have a link right right here And when people click on it it's going To take them to your website so if you Want to stay up to date with me and Follow along as I build out this website Or even you can do it yourself and go Back and start the other video that I Did yesterday and you can see how well I'm going to be doing with this new Affiliate marketing Journey using chat GPT for all of my content so don't Forget to subscribe and if you have any Questions leave them below and I'll try To get to them as soon as I can that's It for this video guys have a great day

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