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Hey and welcome back to vid Society in This video I had to share with you this New tool or Marketplace that I recently Found that allows you to buy very Cheaply uh pretty much any kind of a Prompt that you want to use on chat GPT Now this one here it's actually made Designed for chat gpt3 which is the Playground area now I did a video on the Chat GPT beta playground because it has A lot more options over here so you can Do more stuff with it but you can also Use these prompts in the regular chat GPT 3.5 which is probably what you're More used to seeing so it just depends On how you want to use it but I want to Give you a couple examples in here and I Actually purchased one of these and I'm Going to show you what it looks like After you purchase it but I am going to Have to blur out some of it because I Can't just show you and give you this Prompt if you have to pay for it but the Way this works is you can go here to Prompt I'll put the link below The video and you can see that it gives You prompts to use for AI tools such as Dolly gpt3 mid Journey which is huge for Making images it's something I haven't Covered on my channel but I have used it Uh you have to use Discord to be able to Do that but they have prompts to make Amazing images with as well as stable Fusion and you can sell your own prompts

On here if you want to but what we're Going to do is jump in to find a prompt And this page breaks them down over here You can sort by what you're looking for But on this page it has featured prompts Trending prompts newest most popular and Right here is a GPT prompt generator Here's a course generator here's a Long Blog writer and there are so many Different prompts on here that you can Use especially for Mid Journey this Thing is just loaded with different ways You can use mid journey to create Different types of images and if that's Something you're interested in you can Always go to YouTube and look up Mid-journey tutorials because there are Tons of them out there Uh but let's go over here and just click On gpt3 And these are all the ones that are Available here and there are so many of Them now what this does is these are People who've come up with more Extensive type prompts that allow you to Do more with chat GPT in case you can't Figure out how to do it yourself or come Up with the prompts with it and so we Can come through here and like this one For Long blog writer if I click on this It's going to tell you here what this Prompt does and you can buy it for 1.99 And then over here it gives you an Example input and then up here it tells

You your average cost per call now if You remember if you use the playground Version I think when you when you first Sign up I think they still give you 18 In free credit which is a lot but if not You can subscribe and when you subscribe It's it's very inexpensive and then you Can come over here and it gives you the Settings to use over here and the Prompts to enter and then it will Generate the content for you So let's jump over here and go back and The one that I purchased let me scroll Down through here I'm not sure If I can oh here it is it's the landing Page copy generator and so this one here It says get ready to Skyrocket your Conversions with persuasive landing page Copy so this is something that I've been Trying to do for a long time I've got Pretty good at it because I'm creating My own YouTube course and I've been Using chat GPT to help me create the Sales copy but I I wanted more uh than What I'm coming up with and so this here I went ahead and purchased it for I Think it was 299 And after purchasing It adds it to your account you can see This is where I purchased it and if you Click on it it's going to take you in Here and it's going to show you what the Prompt is now I'm going to have this Part blurred out in the Box because uh

You're gonna have to pay for it if you Want to see that but what you do is you Copy the prompt that's in this box and You paste it right here And then it also has settings over here For engine temperature maximum length And some other settings and that's what You enter right here on the right hand Side so it gives you all the settings That you need to use to make this work Perfect now down here is telling you to Use this prompt that says you need to Specify your product or service on the Product or service which is up here in The prompt you just can't see it and so You just replace the product or service Text with the name of the product or Service that you want to create your Copy for and then when you do that you Just run it come down here click submit After you have your settings in and you Paste in the prompt and it's going to Create the content for you now if you've Watched some of my previous videos on Chat GPT you've seen extensions that I've been using to create a lot of Prompts automatically and they do work Fairly well but you've also probably Seen that some of these prompts they're Not very well organized it's things that I think most people who don't have a Whole lot of experience and create which Do allow you to create content but not Near as advanced at what you can of

Using some of these as I've just found Out so here's another one that I'm going To be purchasing to called Script for YouTube videos so if you click on this It says creating text for YouTube videos Is quick and easy way to bring your Content to life join the millions of Marketers YouTube or influencers and Publishers who use our prompt to create YouTube video copy for successful Content and then over here it gives you An example of the output that it creates And it also tells you like here it says Cut to footage of different musicals Being performed on stage so if you're Using an AI tool like Pick 3 to create Your videos from script it's even Telling you the kind of footage you can Add in in between each of these voice Overs so this can make it much easier And faster to create those faceless Cash Videos that you guys are wanting to make For your YouTube channels but if you Want to check it out it's here at You want to come up here and click on Marketplace and then you just want to Sort over here by whatever it is that You're looking for for me it's chat gpt3 And then this list it just goes on and On and on of prompts so that's it for This video If you guys enjoy these types Of videos on chat GPT and making money Online through affiliate marketing be

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