ChatGPT: The Secret to Making Money with Affiliate Marketing

Hey and welcome to vid Society so in This video I wanted to give you guys Some more information some more uh Things that I am doing right now using Chat GPT you guys I'm sure has heard of That by now you've probably tried it out Yourself it's free as of right now and I'm sure it's going to be going through Subscription based here soon but as of Right now you can take advantage of it Do some really cool things with it and I Want to show you how I'm using it to do Some review videos so if you're out There trying to promote some products Whether it's CPA products any type of a Physical product or whatever I'm going To show you how you can use it to help You to do that so right now I'm logged Into Market health and this is a Platform that I've been using for years Basically to promote some health related Type supplements they have all different Kinds of stuff in here pays out most of It 50 Whatever the sale is or just like a flat Rate of like 45 dollars per cell and That's what most of their stuff is here And they have a lot of different Products it's been out for a really long Time and that's kind of key when you're Using chat GPT to write a product review For you or a video script is that the Product has to be pretty well known Because if not it's not going to have

Any information on I've tried searching For some newer products that I found Here recently it didn't have no Information on it so I couldn't use them So but this one here what I did is a Couple products in here the acnezine and Ulta white what I did is I went over to My chat GPT And this one here let me scroll the top All I did was put in explain to me what Acne is and it wrote me out a couple Paragraphs here and then I wanted Something more informational about it so I put in write me a detailed article on What acne is and how to use it in a Casual and funny tone and when you add These extra words in there it really Helps to create a much better type Article or a video script if you're Trying to make a video from it so Basically what I put in here is how to Use it casual and funny and it can Starts off here it says are you ready to Say goodbye to those pesky pimples for Good and then if we go on down here It says and don't worry it's not some Kind of weird goopy substance so it's Pretty cool how it throws in these extra Words to make it just sound more casual And funny but what it did is it wrote Out all this content for me that I could Use to create my own video with so Whether I want to get on camera or not And have this showing somewhere maybe in

The background where I'm reading it as I'm doing the video I can or which Something I've been doing a lot more Lately is not even showing my face on Camera and the results seems to be just As good and if you don't show your face On camera you can obviously read stuff Like this much better because your face Isn't focused on looking at a different Screen or something else and not at the Camera and so what you could do is just Read this off or if you want something That I've been using more because uh the One tool that I miss so much which is Vidnami is gone but there's also pick 3 Now and pick 3 has taken a huge they've Actually place a lot of what vidnami was And there's a special going on with it I'll put the link below this video if You want to go there you can actually Try it out for free and there's a coupon Below where you can save I think even 20 For life if you sign up through that Link it is my affiliate link if you use It I really do appreciate it Um but you do get that extra 20 off a Month as well but what you can do is you Can basically take this content and I'm Not going to go through and show you a To z how it all works because they just Take way too much time but you would Just take us content you would copy it You would log into your pick 3 account And right here you can see they have an

Option of script to video so I'm going To click on proceed I'm going to paste It in here Ctrl V and I'm going to go Ahead and give it a name and we're just Going to call this acne zine Click on proceed And now we're going to choose a template And you can see here if you ever used Vidnami uh this has it used to not be Like this but they recently updated this And they turned it into so many more Templates which uh really kind of remind You of what vidnami was and it just Looks so much better so what I'm going To do is we're just going to pick one of These and for this example I'll pick This one here that says red ink And we want it to be 16 by 9 because I'm Going to be putting this on YouTube We'll click continue And now we're just going to wait and What it's going to do is pick 3 is going To take this article that I put in here It's going to take out a bunch of the Keywords that it finds in it it's going To take find content from video clips or From images and it's going to put it all Together in this video by itself just Like this and so if you look at this now You can see this background video fits Perfect with it you have your text here You have the different scenes at the Bottom and with these scenes you can Come in here and you can edit all the

Scenes you can add the you can edit the Text the videos everything when you're Done you can generate it you can add Audio to it so it'll read the text Itself or you can just read it yourself Even and add it to the video so it even Sounds better but this is a super easy Way to be able to create content for a Review type video for a particular type Of product turn it into a video and Upload it to your YouTube channel throw In your affiliate links under it get it Ranked if you you don't know how to rank Your videos guys I got a full course on It called YT marketer it is kind of Expensive but it shows you the full Behind the scenes what I do to rank my Videos my clients videos all over the World you would never have to worry About not ranking your videos anymore But if you want a shortcut to all that And don't want to learn how to do it you Can just go and use my 2B service at and that's the same type Of service that I use to rank my own Videos from there and you can just Purchase the gigs there and I will do All the work for you but I want to show You something else too so let's jump Back over to this chat GPT And I want to show you where I did Another one here for Ulta white and if We come to the top you're going to see Where I started off with this here write

An article on Alta white and that's what It did it wrote me a decent little Article here not very long so I came Down here and I put elaborate more Because I wanted more than just this Little bit of content on it and it's so Cool how chat GPT will actually Understand what you're telling it and Says sure here's a few more points to Consider when it comes to all to White And teeth whitening so I put out all These bullet points to me and then it Down here it put a little conclusion and Then I put okay well explain to me who Should use it because obviously this is Something that's important people want To know well is it for me or not so you May want to include this part in your Video so I put explain who should use it And then it goes on and explains here Who should be using it and then I ask Well why should people care to whiten Their teeth and then it gave me some Bullet points as to why people should Care so this is a ton of content that I Could use to reorganize myself if I Wanted to in any way to make a nice Video script or I could even combine all This together and make a really nice Article to post on my WordPress website As of right now I'm not sure how Google Handles AI content but I do know that There are tools out there that can Easily identify AI content and if they

Can identify it I know either Google can Now or they will be very soon and this May hurt search rankings if you're using This type of content so if you're Posting this type of content on your WordPress website you want to make sure That you're editing it yourself and Doing some of your own work to the Content and maybe not using this for all Of the content so let me give you an Example let's go ahead and just copy This content right here and we're going To jump over to this tool here called I'll put the link below This video if you want to check it out It's super cheap it's only like pennies Per credit but what you can do is you Can paste your content in here and you Can check it you can detect AI content You can also detect plagiarism so you Can see right now that this here with as Much content as I add it's going to take About six credits so if I click on scan Now we're going to give it just a second Here and you can see here that it's zero Percent original a hundred percent AI But there is no plagiarism detected so Depending on how you want to look at This and maybe test it out on your Website to see how Google's hand Enrolling all this right now because it Is plagiarism free but it is a hundred Percent AI you know how is Google going To look at that and what are they going

To do are they going to rank it or are They not going to rank it well only Time's going to tell how they handle This type of content so there's tools Out there like word AI I'll put a link To that below this video as well as all These other resources that I'm Mentioning but with that tool you can Paste in an article when it's coming It's going to completely rewrite it Rephrase it restructure it but it sounds Really really good and it makes it a lot More unique and a lot less AI detectable And so that may be another option you Can use too but if your goal is to do Like affiliate marketing on YouTube then This is ideal for it because you can use This for your script whether you want to Read it yourself and talk about it by Creating your video or whether you want To use a tool like Pick 3 to paste it in There to create the video for you edit It some you can do that upload it rank It and then put your link in there and Then that's it you just move on to the Next product repeat repeat repeat until You have a lot of these products in here Ranking really well because these Products here especially through Market Health they've been on here for a really Long time which means if you've ever Done CPA marketing you probably know That a lot of the products through a lot Of those companies they don't last very

Long you may make a product review it May be up for a few weeks and then all Of a sudden your link quits working Because that offer is no longer Available but with this one I've seen These products on here some of them for A year or even two which makes it great If you're planning for long-term Promotions and if you look over in the Right hand column you can see German Offers French offers Italian and so There's different places where you can Promote this in different countries in Different languages and all this will Even make it more beneficial to you Because that means less competition Because most the people who does this Type of affiliate marketing they're Doing it within the US in the English States and so if you if you Branch out Into these other countries into these Other languages it's going to open up a Whole new opportunity for you to make Money from affiliate marketing I know This video is getting kind of long but I Just wanted to share with you one more Thing about chat GPT if I come up here To the last thing that I posted is I put In here to write a story about using all To White and this is so cool it actually Wrote a story about using this and you Can read through here you can pause this Video if you want to read through it I'm Not going to read it to you but it goes

From the beginning all the way to the End of it with a little conclusion and Then I thought okay that's cool what About if I tell it to write a song about Using Alta white and of course it wrote Me a song about using it too so this Chat GPT is an amazing tool for Gathering content but keep in mind Depending on how you're wanting to use This content it may or may not work very Well for you for me because I'm using This to do my own video reviews it works Amazing if you're using it to upload on Your WordPress websites exactly the way It is it may be working great for you Right now too but just keep in mind as AI advances Google is going to catch on More and more to this type of content And I'm just not sure how they are going To react to it but that's what I wanted To share with you guys in this video I Hope there are some helpful pieces of Nuggets that you can take from this and Use for your own business if you guys Like these types of videos please feel Free to subscribe to my YouTube channel And hopefully I'll see you on the next Video

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