Company Object Enhancements!

Hey happy Thursday everybody Sean coming At you from my level so today we have Some updates on the company object That's right we've added bulk action so If you go to the company list you can uh Before you can do anything really in Bulk very well so we've added this so You go to the company list you now you Can see you can select them all you can Do a mass delete on them so that's Awesome that's a great update there Um and let's jump into the hold on let Me grab my release notes sorry about That okay cool awesome so ability to Both delete companies and it Disassociates the contact so like if you So obviously I have a company it has Multiple contacts designed to leave the Company Boom the contacts we want them To remain obviously but we don't want Them to be associated with a deleted Company so that's gone the maximum Number of companies which can be deleted At once is 100 Um and you can also view all the deleted Companies in the audit log module yeah That's what I want to show you as well So if we roll over here you can see my Big head yeah you can see right here That uh when the company was actually Deleted and who deleted it so this will Give you again um you know always trying To give you not just capabilities but Also auditability because maybe it's not

You actually doing the action and Someone's like freaking out where did Microsoft go well now you can see Microsoft got deleted right so as a Result that capability and power is now In your hands Um also you can search companies by Their email address under the company Page and the ability to add new Companies from the contact details page These are two awesome enhancements That's what this is showing you right Here if you have a contact and you're Like oh snap I want to add a company Well now you can that's really easy and Oh yeah this is the deletion Confirmation Um that that comes up oh and this is Just just showing you that um you can Add the company right there whoops from The contact page so anyways those are Really great enhancements on the company Object I'm just um I want to make sure That all this got out you can check this Out and just know we continue to enhance The company object to make it kind of a Really first class experience Um and there's just more to it so stay Tuned more to come on the company object And I hope all of you are having an Awesome Thursday thanks

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