Company Object Update!

Hey happy Wednesday everybody Sean Coming at you from high level so we got Some great updates today so first and Foremost let's dive in here so if you go Into a uh sub account and you go into The settings and then companies there's This really interesting new little menu And it's got this one option here and I Want to it's got actually two pieces to It so first up uh it says create and Associate companies with contacts now Um let's just read through this Associate contacts with companies based On the contacts business name field Value so obviously you can click learn More and you can take a look at the help Docs but the idea here is if I'm inside Of contact right Um and I want to associate multiple Contacts with one company we try to make This easier with this new Option so the Idea here is when you check this box if You're actually inside a uh here you go If you're inside of contact and you put The name of the business in there it'll Automatically associate that with and Create for you a company if one doesn't Already exist obviously and if you had Like a second person for example it'll It'll add that same person so now that Company will have both people in it Right so that's that's a really cool Option just sort of an automatic Association kind of thing but here's the

Other cool thing let's say you've Already done this so a lot of you may Have already have a bunch of uh contacts In there with the same company name and You're like yeah but I want to clean This up I want to like fix this all that Stuff we'll check this out so when you Hit that option and enable it it's going To ask you do you want to create company Records for your existing contacts and What that means is the system will go Through find every contact with the same Company name create a company for it and Associate all those contacts together With that same company so it's a really Awesome uh feature not only does it do Great things on a go forward basis but It also helps all of you who have to Clean this up so anyways that feature is Now live so take a look when you get a Chance and uh I will have another video Coming out here in just a second thanks

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