COMPLETE Print On Demand Tutorial 2023 (FOR BEGINNERS)

If you clicked on this video then you’re Probably somebody who’s looking to build An online business that is sustainable And that can make you a passive income From the comfort of your own home well If that’s the case and I want to say Congratulations because I’m going to Show you how to do just that in this Video my name is Simon and in this video I’m going to show you step by step how To build an entire e-commerce Print-on-demand business from complete Scratch and make your first sale within 24 hours you’re not only going to learn How to build your print on demand store But also how to promote your store using Facebook ads this is the part that most Other YouTube videos are missing even Though this is the most important part Because that’s exactly how we get Customers so as you can probably tell by The length of this video this is going To be a practical step-by-step guide Where you can watch over my shoulder how I set up a new print on demand business So 99 of this video is going to be me on My computer setting everything up using Tools like canva printful Shopify and Facebook ads I’ll make sure to leave all The topics Down Below in the timestamps So you can easily jump around in the Video or find the topic that you’re Looking for also don’t worry this is not Going to be a video where I try to sell

You on a thousand dollar print on demand Course at the end of the video I’ve Really tried to include everything you Need to know in this one video to build Your store and make your first sales the Only thing I do ask if you get value out Of this video is to make sure you smash The like button down below and subscribe To the channel so more people can find This information for free so let’s get Started Foreign [Music] So now how does the print on demand Business model work exactly it’s very Important that we understand how the Business Works before we start setting Everything up so it all starts with your Online store and this is going to be the Place where people can find and buy your Products and then obviously we have Customers every business needs customers But now how do we get customers onto our Store to buy our products well we’re Going to use the platform of Facebook Facebook already has millions of people Or even billions who are interested in Specific topics and specific niches the Perfect customer for our store so people Are already interested in our products All we need to do is show them our Products so that they can then visit our Store and buy them from our store but Now how do we actually deliver the

Products to the customer well that’s Where our print on demand supplier comes Into play in this video we’re going to Use printful there are multiple print on Demand suppliers that basically Supply Us with the products we can create the Designs and put those on the products But then once a customer buys something On our store printful our print on Demand supplier will take care of the Fulfillment part so they will make sure To print the design on the product and Send the product to the customer so First of all we have to pay Facebook to Get traffic to our store so we create Facebook ads so then people scroll on Their Facebook and then they see our ad And then they click on our ad and that Will take them to our store obviously This is not free so we also have to pay Facebook for running ads on their Platform and then once a customer goes To our store and buys a product he will Do the payment directly on our store so They will pay us directly now we have The money that we are charging for the Products that we are selling and part of That money we’re going to reinvest back Into Facebook ads so we can get more Customers to our store the other part of The payment we’re going to pay directly To our print on demand supplier in this Case this would be printful who then Ships out the product to the customer so

All we need to do is to make sure to Continue get customers onto our store That buy the products and everything Else will be handled by printful so they Will ship the products to the customer We don’t need to worry about warehouses We don’t need to worry about producing Anything except for the designs Obviously and so we can focus on Marketing and on creating awesome Designs for the products and then the Rest that isn’t paid to Facebook and This that isn’t going to printful is Then our profit now that we understand How print on demand Works let’s look at All the elements we have to set up for Us to build our own print on demand Business so a big part of your print on Demand business is going to be your Designs now don’t worry you don’t need To be a designer to create a profitable Print-on-demand store but what you do Need to do is you need to understand uh Your Niche so a niche is basically Something like a topic that people are Interested in this could be hunting Fishing pets or fashion or Fitness all Kinds of different niches you can create A store about and then you’re basically Going to create original designs that Relate to people in that Niche that are Interested in that specific topic I’m Going to show you exactly how to create Those designs using a tool called canva

And then once you have your designs We’re gonna put those designs on Different products now here you can see Close so this would be a hat and a Hoodie you can also put it on mugs on Shower curtains on pillowcases basically Anything you can think of you’re going To find a print-on-demand supplier that Will create a product for you with your Design on that Pro product so it really Depends on your Niche what would be the Best products to sell on your store Once you have all the products we’re Gonna put those products onto our store We’re going to use Shopify to create our Store very easily with without any Coding it’s going to be very easy and Straightforward I’m going to walk you Through every single step and then once We all have our finished store we’re Going to create Facebook ads that go Directly to our products so then we can Get sales on our store so those are the Four elements that we need to worry About it’s going to be our designs our Products our store and then the ads I’m Going to show you how to do all that in This tutorial now when it comes to Choosing a niche for your store there’s A couple of things you want to look for First you want to make sure it’s a very Passionate Niche so people are Interested in a specific topic are not Just kind of interested they are very

Very interested in fact so interested That they will actually buy products to Communicate to the world how interested And passionate they are about that Specific topic a good example is this Store who sells apparel in the vegan Niche so people who buy those products Are so passionate about being vegan that They want to show everybody else that They are passionate about being vegan Then the next thing is Insider knowledge What I want to say with that is just It’s an advantage if you yourself are in That specific Niche so if you’re very Interested in let’s say hunting then you Know exactly what people who are also Interested in that topic would want to Buy so that’s an advantage if you can Find a niche that you yourself are Interested in then we also have the Thing about targetable ads basically We’re going to promote our store using Facebook ads and they have audiences on Facebook so you want to make sure that These audiences are actually targetable But you don’t really need to worry that Much about that part because Facebook Has so many different interests that you Can Target that it’s going to be hard to Find a niche that you will not be able To Target with Facebook then you want to Make sure that the niche is not Restricted so something that is Restricted for example is crypto is

Something that you can’t advertise on Facebook so you don’t want to maybe you Don’t want to create a store full of Tissue shirts with crypto Insider jokes Because you will not be able to promote That on Facebook and then you also can Keep an eye out for Trends now Trends is Kind of a double-edged sword because Trends you can make a lot of sales Quickly when the trend is kind of Picking up or growing but then when this Trend dies down you can very quickly get Very low sales because people are just Not interested in that specific topic Anymore so personally I don’t like to go With Trends because I like to have a Stable business but I would certainly Keep an eye out for Trends within your Niche that you can hop on which can Really boost your sales okay that’s Enough theory for now let’s finally get Active and start building our print on Demand store the first thing we’re going To do is create our Shopify account and Start a new store Shopify is simply the Platform that allows us to very easily Create online stores there is no coding Involved nothing complicated like that We can simply choose a theme so the Design part is already kind of taken Care of and then all we need to do is Add our products make some adjustments And then we have a finished store Shopify also integrates with pretty much

Every print-on-demand supplier so it’s Going to be perfect for this business Model they do have a 14-day free trial And after the trial ends it’s going to Be 29 per month for using Shopify However sometimes they do have a special Promotion like right now where you can Get three months of Shopify for only one Dollar per month after the 14 day free Trial and you can find those special Offers by clicking on my Shopify Referral link Down Below in the video Description so go to the video Description right now click on that Shopify referral link and we’ll move on From there so when you click on that Link Down Below in the description you Should get to my special Shopify sign up Page where right now there’s an offer of A 14 day free trial plus three months of The Shopify plan for only one dollar per Month depending on when you watch this The offer will change but usually you’re Going to find a special offer on my page So make sure to use the first link Down Below in the description to sign up for Shopify once you’re here we’re going to Simply type in our email address right Here and then click on start free trial Then here I like to skip all the Questions because it really doesn’t Matter we’re going to get the same Dashboard anyway here we can type in a Store name if you already know the name

That your store is going to have you can Type it in here but as you can see this Is optional so we can also skip it if You don’t know the name of our store yet We can always come back later and change Our store name so I’m going to click on Skip then here we have to set the Location of where our business is Located so by default this would be your Location once this is set you’re going To click on next then here I’m going to Create my Shopify account using my email Address so I’m going to click here and Then we’re going to have to set a Password for our Shopify account once That’s done we’re going to click on Create Shopify account And this will take us into the Shopify Dashboard Now we’ve successfully created our Shopify store which is going to be the Place where people can find and buy our Products the next step is going to be to Connect our new Shopify store to A Print-on-demand supplier where we’re Going to get our products and then when Somebody buys something on our store our Connected supplier will automatically Ship out that product to our customer Without us needing to do anything Manually all we want to do eventually is Focus on our designs and marketing our Products and everything else the Fulfillment part of the orders is going

To be handled automatically by our print On demand supplier in this video I’m Going to use printful as my print on Demand supplier because they do have High quality products they have a lot of Different products to choose from and They also have warehouses all around the World so we can offer quick shipping Times now you don’t need to go with Printful you can also use other Print-on-demand suppliers and connect Those to your Shopify store so now we’re Gonna go back to my computer we’re going To set up our printful account and Connect that account to our new Shopify Store I also have a special referral Link and a promo code for printful which You’re going to find Down Below in the Video description so to sign up to Printful just click on the second link Down Below in the description which will Take you to this page right here and Then once you’re here just click on Let’s go Then you can sign up using your Facebook Account Google account or Apple ID I’m Gonna simply use my email address so I’m Going to click on sign up with your Email then here we want to fill out all The fields and click on sign up Then here you can choose whatever you Want I’m going to just say start my First online business and then click on Finish

Now printful has sent us an email to Confirm our email address that we have Just used so go to your email inbox Click on the button in there and that Will get us full access to our printful Account so to connect our Shopify store With our printful account we’re gonna go To stores here on the left side menu Then we’re going to click on choose Platform And then here we’re going to click on Shopify Then scroll down and click on get the App And that will take us directly to the Shopify App Store where we can simply Click on add app right here This will take us into our Shopify Account and then we’re going to click on Install app And now we can see it recognizes that we Already have a printful account so now We can just click on continue here And then click on connect store to this Account And that’s basically it now when we go To our printful dashboard and click on Stores we can see that we have now our Shopify store connected with our Printful account great so now our Printful account is connected with our Shopify store so both of these platforms Can communicate with each other the next Step is to add our first product from

Printful to our Shopify store so to add The first product to our store we simply Go back to our printful dashboard go to Stores and then under our store we can Click on ADD product right here And that will open up the product Catalog of printful and here as we can See there are tons of different products That we can choose put our designs on And sell on our store the products that You want to sell on your store really Depend on what makes the most sense for Your Niche so for example if you are in The fitness Niche it might make more Sense to sell tank tops or water bottles Or Fitness bags as opposed to selling Phone cases for example so you really Want to get to know the niche that You’re in and find out what people are Actually interested in so for example This gaming mouse pad is probably not Something that I would put on my store If I would be in the fitness Niche However if you are in the gaming Niche Then a mouse pad might make a lot of Sense now a great place to start is to Simply try and sell products that are Already selling well here on printful so When we go to collections here on the Bottom left and click on sellers it will Show us all the products that are Currently selling the best here on Printful so for example this t-shirt Right here now what I also like to look

At is to see where the warehouse is Located so if I want to sell products to The market in the United States I want To make sure the product is also Shipping from the United States as we Can see right here this product has Warehouses in the United States and Canada which means that they have quick Shipping times for customers in the US And Canada if I want to sell this Product product in Europe then I would Probably go with another t-shirt that is Already in a warehouse in Europe because I want to make use of the quicker Shipping times So if you are interested in this product We can simply click on it and that will Take us to the next step which is the Design step and here we can also click On the reviews on the left side so this Product has already over 3 000 reviews So you can see exactly what people are Writing about this specific product you Can also check out images of designs That have already been printed on this Product and see if this product makes Sense for the design that you want to Sell on your store Now sometimes with products on printful There’s going to be different areas Where you can print your designs on so For example for this t-shirt there is Just a front area of the T-shirt you can Also print something to the back area

Right here or you can add an outside Label here at the back of the shirt an Inside label you can also print Something here on the left sleeve or the Right sleeve as well so depending on the Product there’s different areas where You can print on here for this t-shirt There’s also a different printing Techniques so here there’s embroidery Which is basically the design stitched Onto the shirt so when we choose Embroidery here the area has changed as Well so we can print a large design over The whole t-shirt we can just print it Here in this small area now embroidery Like I said is just at the design Stitched onto the shirt like this which Is usually a bit more expensive but can Also look a lot higher quality then we Also have the DTG Printing and this is Just basically Coloring the fabric off the t-shirt Itself or of whatever you’re selling so Here this is what it looks like then Here you also have a lot of different Colors for this product now it might Seem tempting to offer a lot of colors But oftentimes it just overwhelms the Customer so I wouldn’t choose all these Colors so I would maybe go with three Different colors or maybe five different Colors at Max to start out with later on You can test with more colors as well to See what your customers like the most

And then you’re gonna find your best Sellers and then we also have the sizes Of this shirt now what you want to keep In mind is that the larger the size the More you’re going to have to pay for the Product so if you’re going to sell this Shirt for let’s say thirty dollars just For all the sizes on your store and Somebody buys let’s say a 5xl size of The shirt then you’re gonna have to pay 21.55 for this shirt the probability of You being profitable is really low Because you’re going to have to pay for Advertising costs processing fees as Well so I just want to keep that in mind And you can also uncheck all these very Large sizes if you don’t want to pay That much so as you can see when we Deselect the 3XL to 5xl then the price Can go to 13.55 cents Max so this is Something that you can consider just to Make sure that you are profitable with Selling this product all right so in the Next part I’m going to show you how to Easily create designs that we can then Put on our products that we are selling On our store in print on demand the Design part is actually quite important Because it’s what makes your products Unique and what sets you apart from Other stores and this is the reason why People are buying your products in the First place so you definitely want to Put some effort into your designs now

That doesn’t mean you have to be a great Designer because nowadays there are tons Of tools that can make it very easy for Us to make great designs however the Idea for the design is really what makes All the difference people buy because of Emotion so what we want to do is tap Into those emotions that already exist Within our Niche so for example take This store which is focused on the vegan Niche the Target customer here are People who are passionate about being Vegan and they want to communicate their Passion through the clothes that they Wear and as you can see those designs Aren’t complicated to make you don’t Have to be a great designer to create These designs but you do have to Understand the culture of veganism so You know exactly what resonates with Somebody who is in that Niche so again The key to success with print on demand Is to focus on a passionate Niche and Make sure you understand the culture of That Niche so keeping that in mind let’s Look at how we can get some inspiration For designs in specific niches and then How to create those designs so a great Place to start and get some inspiration For designs is going to be So for example if I were to create a Store for the vegan Niche I would simply Come to Pinterest and type in vegan T-shirt design and see what comes up and

Here as you can see there are already Tons of different examples of t-shirt Designs that are working within this Niche so here for example powered by Plants or vegan life is totally awesome So as you can see those designs don’t Really take a lot of design skill as you Can see in a moment here when I show you How to create those designs but they do Work very well because people can Resonate with whatever is on these T-shirts now you don’t need to go with T-shirts you can use these designs also On other things like mugs for example or Even shower curtains or pillow covers And stuff like that Um you definitely don’t want to just Copy everything that you find here but What you can do for example is just take The slogan team herbivore and then just Create a different design with that Specific slogan so you want to take some Inspiration but you don’t want to just Straight copy these designs because that Will just lead to problems later on now For the storage I’m going to create in This video I’ve decided to go into the Dog Niche so the Target customer is Going to be people who are interested in Dogs who are very passionate about dogs And maybe who even own a dog so dog Owners so to get some design ideas here I would just type in for example dog Owner T-shirt design

Owner t-shirt design and then we can see What comes up so here we can see a lot Of slogans as well like think positive With p-o-w or dogs are my favorite People Um there’s no dog like a rescue dog and Just things that resonate with people Are interested in dogs so again I would Just take these slogans and then create My own design With a tool that I’m going to show you Now so the tool that I recommend to use For creating your designs if you are not A professional designer is to use you probably have heard about This website before this is like an All-in-one design tool that is browser Based so I’m going to leave a link to This one down below in the description As well where you can sign up this is Actually free so I can use it for free I Would recommend you get the the paid Version I think it’s like ten dollars a Month or a month or something because Then you can download your designs as a PNG file with a transparent background So this is something I would definitely Invest in and before you’re going to Create our first design we’re going to Have to check what the dimensions are That we need to have for our designs so We want to come back to our printful Account and whatever product you have There’s going to be guidelines so here

On the left side we want to click on Product info pricing and guidelines And then we’re going to click on print File templates and here we can see the Dimensions for all the places we can Print our design on so for example if You want to print our design on the Outside label we would have to use this These Dimensions right here so this Would be a square if we want to print on The front or the back side of the T-shirt then we’re going to use these Dimensions right here so let’s say we Want to print our design to the front of The T-shirt what we would simply do is Just copy these Dimensions let’s start With this one go back to canva and then When we click on create a design here at The top we’re going to go to custom size And then we’re gonna put in the Dimensions here now you want to make Sure that we change the pixels to Centimeters because this is the did I Mentioned that is displayed on printful I’m going to paste the width in right Here then I’m going to copy the height As well I’m going to paste them in right Here and then we just click on create Create new design And that will take us inside of the Canva editor where we can start creating Our designs now you’re going to notice That using canva is very intuitive very Straightforward and actually quite easy

To do because they have already tons of Different pre-made design templates that You can start from and then just do some Adjustments to make it fit to your idea So let’s say for example you want to use Some text on our design we’re just going To click on text right here then we can See some different font combinations That we can use for our design so for Example let’s take this one right here Then when we click on it it will Automatically import it into the canvas Here we can just drag it around we can Change the colors here at the top we can Also just double click and just change The text like this so as you can see Very easy to use and they also have tons Of different elements so when we go to Elements right here we can just type in Anything that we want so for example Let’s type in a yoga for example and Then we have tons of different elements That we can use for yoga as well so Let’s say Yogi like this We can change the color here at the top Let’s change this to let’s use this Color here and just like that we have Created a design that we can now maybe Put on our products and advertise using Facebook or Tick Tock so as you can see It’s very easy and straightforward so Now I want to quickly show you how I Would create my first design for the Store I’m going to create in this video

Which is in the dog Niche so let’s go Back to Pinterest where we have some Slogans that we can use for our designs Let’s just take for example this one Think positive so I would just use this Slogan go back to canva and then just Put the text here in the canvas so I’m Going to go to text I’m going to Simply Add a heading I’m not going to use any Of these fonts here for now at the Bottom it’s going to add a heading and I’m going to type in think then I’m Going to duplicate this one by clicking On the duplicate icon drag this down and Then type in positive so this is going To be be the slogan that I’m going to Use be using for this design then I’m Going to make everything uppercase by Clicking here this one as well and then I want to change the font I think this Looks a bit too boring so I’m going to Click on this text I’m going to go to The font selection and I’m going to use This one right here and I found this one Before I think it looks very playful Very cool then I’m going to do the same Thing here for the positive And then I also want to add a an element So I’m going to go to elements and I’m Going to type in Um par because think positive obviously Is a play on the word paw and so I’m Going to go to par or dark part even and Then I’m going to see what’s available

So here canva or has a lot of paid Elements so you have to be on a paid Plan to use these elements for example This one right here where it says Pro But they also have a lot of free Elements for example this one here is Free that you could use I’m going to use A different one so I found one before That I want to use Okay so here I found it it was this one Right here that I want to use for this Uh this design so and the next thing I’m Going to do is I’m going to make the Text here uh round so I’m going to go to Effects and then I’m going to click on Curve here at the bottom and then I’m Gonna just drag this to make it a bit Larger and I’m gonna change the curve uh Maybe let’s do 80 that’s fine And I’m going to do the same thing here Go to effects curve and then I’m going To do a negative curve here let’s do Minus 20 or let’s do Minus 35 something like this and then Obviously I want to make sure this is All Um the right size I’m going to just drag This out a bit kind of like this okay so Now I’m also going to change some of the Colors so I’m just going to click on the Element I’m going to change from this Red to something a bit less saturated Maybe take this one right here and then We can also change the pause here let’s

Make this black like this and then just To make it very clear I’m also going to Change the Paw just this part of the Word through the same color as the heart So I’m just going to do it like this and There we go so this is going to be my Finished design that I’m going to test On my products now because this text is Black this design wouldn’t work on a Black or dark blue t-shirt for example So what I’m going to do is I’m going to Duplicate this design by clicking on Duplicate page and then I’m going to Change the colors to make it also work On dark colored products so then I would Just click on the text and change the Color to let’s say white here as well Just this part change it to White and Then also the pause here change it to White and then I just click on the Background of the entire design and I’m Going to click on background color and Make this black so here we have two Different versions We have one for light Background color products and also dark Background color products so now I did Create a couple of more designs that I’m Gonna put on some products and add to my Store just so you have some more stuff To work with here for our example store Now once the design is finished what we Want to do is click on share here at the Top right and then we want to click on Download here we want to download it as

A PNG file with a transparent background So we want to tick transparent Background here now this is a feature That’s only available for the paid Version of canva this is why I recommend To use the paid version and also you get A lot more elements that you can use for Your designs so that’s definitely money Well invested if you’re going to do do Print on demand then I’m going to click On a download and that will just Download each file as a PNG file Now we can go back to printful and add Our design to the product so we’re just Going to drag the file here to this Design area and then it will be uploaded To printful And we want to make sure our design is Centered here in the front of the shirt Sometimes when you have different Dimensions you’re going to need to Adjust this little bit here but as we Have used the dimensions for this Specific t-shirt it’s already optimized Now what we could also do now is click On placements and add some other designs Or maybe a logo on different places of This t-shirt what we also want to do is Make sure we select all the colors here On the left side that we want to add to Our store like I’ve already mentioned I Wouldn’t add Too Many Colors Uh just so you don’t overwhelm your Customers so let’s say we gonna add a

Black one a white one maybe a red one as Well no I think red doesn’t really work Because with the color so maybe a blue One and maybe something like that now as You can see for the black shirt we’re Gonna need to add another then another Design we’re gonna need to add the the Light one as it that you can see here And I’m going to show you exactly how to Add this we can do that after we have Added this product to our store so for Now we’re going to click on proceeds to Media right here So now here on this next step we’re Going to be able to choose all the Images that we want to import to our Shopify store which will then be Displayed on the product page for this T-shirt so here you can just click Through and see what makes sense for the Product that you’re selling Um let’s say I’m going to choose this Hanger here and then you can also click Through all the different colors that we Have chosen before probably the blue one Doesn’t really make a lot of sense with This design but I’m going to keep it in Anyways and if you want more images to Be added to your store you can also Click on additional and then for each of The variants for each of the colors you Can add more images so for example if I Want to add also some people so let’s Say I want to add this guy here and then

I want to also add let’s say a girl for The White Version here let’s add this One and then it will just add it here on The left side and all the images that You add will be imported into you your Shopify store so then later on we can Still edit them we can delete them or Add even more images manually but these Will just be provided from printful Themselves so once that’s done we can Click on proceed tool details Here we can edit some of the information For this product like for example the Product title we can change it to Something a bit more creative like Positive t-shirt And we can also add a description now There will be a default description for This t-shirt and we can also change this To something let’s say quirky or on Trend description you can get some Inspiration here but what I would Recommend to spend some time and find a Good description to make it creative to Write it in your brand voice to write it In a voice that will represent people Within your Niche so again you have to Know the your customers you have to know What they resonate with to create a Great description so tell them why they Should buy this product why this is Unique why this is amazing and you can Also add some humor and stuff so Actually put in some effort because then

People really have the feeling that They’re at the right place Um to buy one of your products and then We can also add the size guide the size Guide is in Imperial or metric system This depends on where you’re selling so If you’re selling in your Europe I would Use the metric system but let’s say I’m Building a store for the US so I’m using The imperial system here you can also Use both if you are selling Internationally so I’m just going to Stick with Imperial for now and then we Can also use some tags this doesn’t Really matter so I’m just going to skip This And then we have this ticked published Product that’s fine and then we can also Add this product to a specific Collection right here however we only Have one collection yet which is uh made By default from Shopify I’m not going to Add it to any collection because we’re Going to look at how to create Collections later in Shopify itself and How to add products to each of those Collections so once that’s done we’re Going to click on proceed to pricing So here we can set the price that we Want to sell this product for as you’ve Seen before printful charges different Prices for different t-shirt sizes so I Actually forgot to deselect all these Larger sizes here because they are very

Expensive and it’s going to be hard to Be profitable with them and what I like To do is set a single price for all the Different variants and all the different Sizes because it just makes marketing a Lot easier so the goal eventually would Be to sell this t-shirt maybe for 39 or Even 49 and but we are going to have to Test if that that will work so what we Can do for now is start out with a price Of 29 for one t-shirt just to see if People are willing to buy specific Designs on our products and then once we Find a product that people are buying we Can slowly increase the price to let’s Say 39 and then maybe even 49 and see if People are still willing to to pay that Amount for our designs but for now I’m Going to set this to 29 so then once the Price is set we can click on submit to Store here And now this product will be pushed to Our Shopify store So now whenever we want to get an Overview of all of our products or even Adjust those products we can simply go To stores here on the left side then Choose our store and then here we’re Going to see all of the products that Are in our store that that are connected And currently we only have this product That we have just added and I also want To show you how to add an additional Design for the dark t-shirt versions

Because when we click on edit here we Can see that for example for the Black Version here we would have to use our Other design that we have created for Dark t-shirts so all you have to do here Is just select all the variants that we Want to change the the design on and Then when all of them are selected I’m Gonna click on change print file here And then I’m going to delete this Current print file here and just drag in The other print file which is Um made for the dark t-shirt versions Okay so this already looks a lot better So now we can just click on proceed to Mockups and then we can change the media Here as well if we want to I’m just Going to leave it as it is so I’m going To click on sub and here as we can see The print file has now changed on the Dark colored shirts and now that this Product is imported to our Shopify store We can go back to the Shopify dashboard And now here on the left side menu when We click on products we can see that we Have one new product inside of our Shopify store now all the information is Already imported from printful so we Have the name of the product we have the Inventory and we can also click on the Product and then we can see all the Other information like our description The size charts all the images that we Have imported the options the different

Variants and then here at the bottom we Can also see the URL of the product page Of this t-shirt so now I did go ahead And add some more products here to my Store just so we have some more products To work with and we can see how the Store would look like eventually so I Have added some hats here I have added Some hoodies and a couple of more T-shirts so this is going to be kind of An apparel store for dog lovers and then There’s one more thing we have to set up With in our printful account so when we Click on my printful here at the top Left we can see Um a step four here which says setup Billing so now we have to click on setup Billing enter our credit card Information so they can actually start And process our orders once we get our First sales in our Shopify store I’m not Going to walk you through how to set up Building because it’s very Straightforward just follow the process After you click on this button and then What you can also do is order samples so If you want to you can test out the Products yourself before actually um Selling them on your store if you want To check the quality or if you want to Check how the design looks on your Product you can actually go ahead and Order samples so when we click on order Samples here

And then click here we can choose our Store so this would be the Shopify store Then we would click on create your order And then we can see all the products That we have already added to our Shopify store so let’s say you want to Order this hat right here we just click On it click on choose and then we have To continue to shipping here at the Bottom type in our shipping address and Then this product will be shipped to Your home so you can check it out great So now we know how to create designs how To put those designs on your products And then how to put those products on Your store in the next part I’m going to Show you how to build out your store and Make everything look awesome so now we Are back inside of our Shopify dashboard Where we’re going to start and build out The store so the first thing we’re going To do is choose a theme for the store This is going to be the basic structure And the basic design that we’re going to Use for our store which will make things Very easy so let’s click on online store Here on the left side and then go to Themes and then we can see the Pre-installed theme with Shopify is the Dawn theme as you can see here this is a Good basic theme that you can also use For your store but there are also other Themes that you can go with so when we Scroll down we can see that that there

Is a theme Library so we have some free Themes and then we also have the Shopify Theme store where you can go ahead and Purchase specific themes so here you can See they have a lot of different themes For around 300 so it’s quite expensive Especially when you have a limited Budget and you’re just starting out I Would just simply go with it with a free Theme and that’s exactly what we’re Going to do in this video so we’re going To go to the theme Library go to explore Free themes here and then we can see we Have nine different free themes now you Can take some time for yourself and Check each of these themes out for Yourself to see exactly which one would Fit your store the best in this video I’m gonna go with the studio theme so I’m going to click on it and then click On add to theme library then once the Theme has been installed to our Shopify Store we’re going to have to activate it As well so we’re going to go to actions And then click on publish Then again confirm here And now when we scroll up we can see That the default theme has changed to The new one we have just installed which Is the studio theme so now we can click On customize here And that will take us inside of the Shopify editor where we can customize Everything about our store

So here in the center we can basically See a preview of what our website Currently looks like right now we are on The home page as we can see here at the Top we can also switch to a product page If you want to look at how our product Page currently looks like just like this And then we can also switch from Different devices so right now we are on The desktop version we can also switch Right here at the top to the mobile Version and see exactly how our store Page looks like on a mobile phone which Is very important because most people Nowadays are actually shopping on their Mobile phone as opposed to their Computer so we can now switch back to The home page right here And then let’s go back to the desktop View and then here on the left side you Can see an overview of all the sections That are currently on that specific page It always starts with the header here at The top which includes the logo that We’re going to add later on and also the Menu and then all the way on the bottom We have the footer and then in the Middle between the header and the footer We have the different content sections So every theme on Shopify comes with a Pre-made set of sections that you can Then customize so here it starts with The rich text section right here then it Goes to the slideshow then we have

Another Rich Text section then we have a Feature collection which you can see Already has a couple of our products on It and then whenever you want to Customize any of these sections all you Have to do is is either click here on The left side or click directly onto the Screen and then on the right side or Depending on your screen size it also Opens up here on the left you can make All the changes so what I would Recommend whenever building your site is Just click on every single section and Then just go from top to bottom through Each of the menu items and see what you Can do so here for example we can change The location of this text to the left Side or we can put it back to the center When we click on the text we can also Just change the text right here on the Right side so as you can see it’s very Easy to do now whenever you want to Switch sections around you can do that Here on the left side so let’s say you Want to have this Rich Text section Below this slideshow section here all we Got to do is grab this section and then Drag it down below the slideshow section And then here in the middle as you can See you can see a macro overview of the Page And just like that when we let it go we Can see it now switched so we have the Rich text section below the slideshow so

Let’s just put it back like this and Then Um usually you’re not going to use every Single section that comes with the with The pre-made set off sections with your Theme so what you can do is just delete The sections that you don’t want so Let’s say we don’t want this Rich Text Section below the slideshow all we got To do is click on it and then on the Bottom right we can see the remove Section button so we just click on Remove section and then it is gone Whenever you want to add sections that Aren’t already on your page all you got To do is scroll down here on the left Side and then click on ADD section right Here and then you can see the entire Library of sections you can use here I Would recommend to just click on a Couple of them to see what they have Available so let’s say we want to add a Feature product It would just type in featured then we Can see we have a feature collection Section or a featured product section Let’s click on feature product right Here and then it will just add the Feature product section we can also Let’s say we reposition this here to the Top below let’s say the feature Collection and then we can make Adjustments to the section by just Clicking on it and then here on the

Right side we can click on select Product and then just select any product That we want to feature here on our home Page just like this so now to create a Very nice store with a lot of content Some images some videos that are Featuring your products we obviously Have to create some content now Obviously the best way would be to order All the products and then do a photo Shoot with with professional models and Stuff like that and to have a really Awesome site but nowadays there’s also Other tools that you can use that are a Lot cheaper or even free that you can Use to create a customized content that You can then put on your site so one of These websites is this site Enables you to put your designs on Pre-made images so that you can then Display your designs on professional Photos so let me show you how this works So for example let’s say we are looking For a picture with a person wearing one Of our t-shirts with our designs and That is also kind of related to the dog Niche so what I would type in here is a T-shirt mock-up Mock-up and then let’s just also type in Dog to see what comes up And here as we can see we have tons of Images with people wearing a t-shirt and There’s where there’s also a dog in the Image for example this one right here

And as you can see we can actually Change the design of this t-shirt so Let’s just click on it here and then What we can do is just change the color Of the T-shirt to whatever we want it to Be so let’s maybe choose this one and Then we can click on insert image let’s Um go and upload from your device and Then let’s go to my designs that I’ve Prepared for this store let’s just Choose this one right here click on open And then we can crop it a little bit to Make it centered and the right size Click on crop and then it’ll Automatically put that design on that T-shirt so as you can see and this is Very easy to do and that gives you a lot Of content that you can then put on your Page on your store so once we’ve done That all we got to do is click on Download And then we will process this new Mock-up and once it’s done we can Download it to our computer and use it On our store And what I like to do here on is when I create a new Picture with the design I like to scroll Down here then you can see more Templates with the same model so this Way you can have kind of a congruency on Your page to have the same people on Your store which makes everything look a Lot more branded look a lot more

Professional so sometimes you have to Kind of browse for some time To find the right images that will fit To your store to your Niche but once you Find it you just scroll down here and You can see all the images that are Related to the same kind of style and Then what you want to do is maybe we Would also use this image here which we Can then use kind of as a banner picture And then I would just try to find more Images with all of these people who are Also wearing like caps who are wearing Hoodies so we kind of I have a Congruency on my store now another cool Thing you can do here on on placeit is To create mock-up videos as well so we Could type in in let’s say hoodie Mock-up video and then we can see that We have also videos that we can just Place our design on and to be honest This looks really realistic so nobody Would be able to tell that this was Actually just a mock-up and not a Professional photo shoot with your Original designs now to be able to use This tool properly and download your Mockups you do need to be on a paid plan But what I would just recommend is to Just do a a monthly plan for like I Don’t know it’s maybe 15 and then create All of your content put it on your site Then you can cancel your plan and you Just basically paid 15 for a lot of

Different content that you can then use On your store so I I think this website is really amazing and they Have tons of different mock-up templates That you can choose from so just take Some time browse all their media and Find the perfect mock-ups for your store So then once we have a couple of good Images that we can put on our home page Here we can start to customize our site So let’s start with this top uh Rich Text section again you don’t need to use It you can just click on the trash icon And then it will be gone from your page But let’s say we want to use this and Just put a slogan here at the top to of Our page so this would be saying apparel For True dog lovers and then I would Just move on to the next section the Slideshow section I think that makes Sense so that people can get a Vibe of What your products look like in the in The real world so we just click on the Slideshow click on the first slide here On the left side and then go to change Select image And then we click on upload an image and Then I just go to my pre-made mockups Here then I see what I’ve created so I’ve created a couple of images with my Designs and also Um With people on it with dogs so let’s Maybe just take this one here and then

Let’s click on select and save here at The top and now we have the first Slideshow image here at the top of our Home page we cannot do the same thing For the other two slides we can even add More slides or delete slides if you want To so as you can see it’s very easy to Customize now one thing that I recommend Is to actually go and look at other Successful online stores in your Niche And try to kind of create something Similar get some inspiration from other Pages and 99 of what they have you can Also recreate here on Shopify just by Choosing the right section and then by Customizing it with your content now one Thing I definitely want to add to my Home page here are the different Collections for what I’m selling on the Store so right now I’m selling apparel So this would be we have one collection For t-shirts for hoodies for hats and so On so what I would have to do is look For that specific section on the right Side we have already a collection list Let’s say that wouldn’t be here all we Had to do is click on ADD section here And then type in collection And then we would add a collection list Here we just drag this here to the top Below the slideshow and then we have to To add some collections now we don’t Already have any collections set up on Our store so this is what we’re going to

Do now so to set up our collections We’re going to first save our changes Here at the top always make sure you Save so you don’t have to redo stuff and Then we’re gonna go back here click on Exit and that will take us back to the Shopify dashboard and then we’re going To go to products here on the left side And now click on collections because Right now we only have a couple of Products on our store but they are not Really sorted into collections so here Are the collections you already have a Default collection which is the home Page I’m going to actually delete this One just select it more actions delete Collection confirm and then I’m going to Add some more so I’m going to click on Create collection here then we have to Give the collection a title so let’s Start with t-shirts T-shirts then you can also give it a Description not really necessary right Now and then we have the collection type I’m deciding to add each product Manually so I’m going to choose manual Here and then we also have to add a Cover image now you can also create a Mock-up for your T-shirt collection just Some people wearing your t-shirt designs Which will then be displayed on the Feature collections on your home page And what I’ve done is I’ve simply Screenshotted one of my products here

That I’ve added and I’ve created this Folder for it so I’m going to choose This image right here Which will then be displayed for this Specific collection then I’m going to Click on Save and I’m going to do the Same thing for the other two collections Which are hats and hoodies so now I’ve Created three collections for every type Of product on the store the next thing I Need to do is tell Shopify what product Belongs to what of these collections so We’re going to go back to products here And then we’re going to select all the Hats and then tell Shopify that these Belong into the hat collection so just To make this a bit quicker I’m just Going to type in head here in the search Bar then I’m going to just select all The hats that I have then I go to more Actions add to collections here and then I choose the hats collection click on Save I’m going to I’m going to do the Same thing for the hoodies And also for the t-shirts Great so now Shopify knows what product Is in what collection so we can now go Back to online store And then go back to the editor by Clicking on customize here And that will take us back to our editor Now when we go to our collection list Here that we have just added before we Can now tell Shopify what collection

List we want to put on our home page Let’s go to the first one here Collection number one click on select Collection here then let’s choose T-shirts first select then for the Second one we’re gonna choose hoodies Select and then for the third one we’re Gonna choose the hats Save cool so now our homepage starts off With a basically title for this page Then we have some images here and then We have the collection so t-shirts Hoodies hats now to make things a bit Simpler here I’m just going to delete a Couple of these sections that come Pre-made with this template so I’m just Going to delete the feature product Section the image with text section okay So now I think you have enough Information and enough tools to build Your own store design you could just Recreate any store that you find online Using these tools that I’ve just showed You click on ADD section and then Customize each of the section that you Want to have on your store now I want to Go over a couple of more things that Aren’t quite as intuitive here on Shopify and just so you know how to set Up every single part of your site and Let’s start out with how to adjust the Menu here at the top because currently We just have home catalog and contact so To adjust the menu we’re going to have

To go back to the Shopify dashboard Right here and then we’re going to go to Navigation here on the left side under Online store and then we can see we have The footer menu here and the main menu The menu that is on the top is the main Menu so we’re going to click on main Menu here and here is where you can Adjust your main menu you can add items You can delete items and you can also Just reposition where the links will be So I’m gonna delete Um the the catalog here click on delete And I’m just going to click on ADD menu Item I’m also going to add just my Collection so I’m going to go to link go To collections and then I’m going to go To t-shirts add Do the same thing Click on collections hoodies ad and so On you can also add other links like a Search bar you can add specific products If you have a best seller you can add Pages you can add blog posts even and That that way you can just change your Top menu so once you’re done here I’m Going to click on Save menu and now when We go back to online store and customize We can now see that the top menu has Changed accordingly and now what we also Need to do is add some legal pages to The footer of our site here which would Be the terms of servers the shipping Policy the return policy and so on so

First of all I’m going to delete all That here and just click on the trash Bin uh like this so now we have to Create those legal pages so again we go Back to the Shopify dashboard by Clicking on exit then we’re going to go To settings here on the bottom left and Then scroll all the way down and click On policies right here now with Shopify It’s quite easy to create those pages we Can just click on create from template Then you can see a template that you can Use to create your refund policy with Now I do have to look at some of these Brackets here and change that Information to what is applicable to you But this will be a good starting point For your refund policy I do recommend to Read through it to make sure it’s Actually like it’s valid for your store As well well but that way you can just Create these Pages really quick then Private policy will do the same thing Create from template and terms of Service we do the same thing again read Through it change all the placeholders Here in the text and uh and delete Anything that doesn’t apply to your Store and then we also have shipping Policy so here there’s no template Because that’s different for every Single store to know what the shipping Times are for your print on demand Supplier you basically have to ask them

Or go to their website and see what the Shipping times are for your Target Location for printful we can see it Under forward slash Shipping so we can see for Canada it’s Two to six business days Mexico 6 to 12 United States two to five business days So as I would be selling in the United States I would just use two to five Business days so I’m gonna go back here And just paste in shipping takes two to Five business days Then we also have content information Which is required if you’re selling in The EU however I’m selling in the US for The store and so I’m just going to leave It as it is then click on Save And now we can close the settings and Now we want to go back to navigation Here under online store and put these Pages into the footer menu so then we Click on footer menu And we click on ADD menu item here go to Link go to policies and then add each of The policies that we have just created Here let’s start with the private policy Then Add the refund policy And so on then I’m also going to delete The search link here in the footer and Click on Save menu And now we can go back to online store Customize And now when we scroll down we can see

The policy Pages here at the bottom in The footer So now we’ve spent some time customizing Our home page but what’s actually even More important especially if you get Sales by running ads is your product Page so we can switch from our home page To products default product and that Will take us to our product page So this is the page that we will be Sending people to with our ads so most People will never even visit your home Page they will just buy directly here From the product page so here we can see The images of the product we can see the Different variants as well and and then Here is going to be the description and What I like to do is actually look at The product page from a mobile view Because that’s how people will find your Page because most people just be Browsing Facebook using their mobile Phone and therefore they will also be Shopping on our page using a mobile Phone so here what I would definitely Add is Um the recommendations here at the Bottom which is already pre-made we can Delete all the other sections here And you can add some stuff like 30 day Money back guarantee and just some Things that entice people or that make People more likely to buy from your Store but what’s very important is

Actually the um the description here Because that’s the first thing that People see when they scroll down Um again you can just add some good copy Good sales copy for your product kind of Relate to the customer at things like Um buy two get like 20 off and just Things like that now another thing That’s missing from our store is a good Logo now before you can create our logo We’re gonna have to decide on a store Name so a website that you can use to Get some inspiration for brand names is Going to be here this is Just a business name generator so for Example we can just type in keywords Related to our business like Doc apparel Click on generate Generate and then we get some ideas About what our name what our brand name Could be Shopify also has its own brand Name generator that you can check out Um usually I find that this is mainly Good for inspiration because a lot of These names are already taken but then Once you have found a name that you Think might work well for your store You’re gonna go to a site called I’m going to leave all The links to these sites Down Below in The description and then you can just Type in your idea to see if Domain is even available because you Want to get domain just make

Everything look very professional Official and legit so one name that I Found that I could use for this store is Um perfect paw apparel and when you Click enter you can see uh if Domain is available if the Facebook name Is available and so on so I would Definitely just check if is Available and once it is you can just go With that name Then once you have your name we can go Back to canva to design our logo so the Easiest way would be to just click on Create design here and then go to logo Here because they already have a lot of Pre-made logos that we can just use as a Starting point and here as you can see I’ve already recently used a couple of Them so let’s say again let’s say you Are in the vegan Niche so I would just Type in vegan And then we can see what kind of logos Come up so what we can do now is click On let’s say this one here and then we Can just change everything we could Change this one to let’s say Vegan Pro Or something like that then we can just Change that to apparel just like that And now we have a customized unique logo For our store now for me this would be In the dog knee so I would just type in I would just type in Paw and then I just Check out a couple of these logos here Let’s take for example this one here

Click here and then I would just change This to Um perfect Paw and then I would use the apparel Here at the bottom make this a bit Larger like this then maybe you can also Change the colors here so that’s the Logo that I’ve created quickly and I Also created a version for a dark Background in case I ever need this Version as well again we’re going to go To share then download transparent Background check click on download Once That’s done we can just simply go back To our Shopify store and then click on The header here and now we want to go And change the default logo and click on Select image click on upload and now I’m Gonna go to where I’ve saved the logo Right here and then click on open and Now the logo will be changed To mine click on select then we can also Change the size here we can make it Smaller we can make it bigger whatever Looks best and once it looks good we can Click on Save And now while we’re at it we can also Change our favicon so whenever somebody Visits your store let’s go to the three Dots go to view then you would see the Logo here at the top now currently we Don’t have a logo yet so we’re going to Add our logo here to the top of our Browser so let’s go back to canva and

We’re going to just duplicate our design Or you’ve just made for logo click on Make copy Then again we click on it to make some Adjustments and now I just want to have This logo here as a design so I’m going To delete the text here make this larger Like this and then I also want to change Dimensions to a square so I’m going to Go to resize and make this 500 by 500 500 pixels Click on copy and resize And now I should be able to download it Just like this and I’m going to also Create no I think that’s fine so I’m Gonna just click on share Again download Transparent background download and now On our Shopify store we’re going to go To theme settings here on the top left Scroll down go to favicon click on Select image and now we can simply Upload the logo that we have just Created Click on select Then save the changes And now when we preview the page again Go to view then we should be able to see Our logo here at the top Like this as you can see this looks very Professional so a very quick and easy Thing to do which makes everything look A lot more professional another thing we Want to look at is the colors of our Store so the color theme so you can also

Do this under theme settings here but Then under on the top here you can see Colors and here you can see all the Default colors on your store currently For example we have this kind of white And blue grayish color theme so if you Would want to change that all we got to Do is just click on the different colors And then change it to whatever you want To want it to be so let’s maybe change It to an orange And then we can see what changes so now The buy button changed to Orange so you Can take some time here to make sure you Have the correct branded colors that you Decide to go for with your store now if You want to add some additional Pages Like an about us page a our mission page And stuff like that you can also do that In the dashboard so let’s go back to the Dashboard and then go to online store And then we have pages right here by Default there’s the contact page so if You want to adjust that you could just Click on contact then you can add some Text here like that you will get back to Them within 48 hours and so on or you Can also add other pages so when you Click on ADD page we could just let’s Say add in our mission page and then add All the content here text images and so On click on Save And then we can also add this page to Our navigation so again we would have to

Go to navigation go to let’s say we put This in the main menu and then click on ADD menu Pages And our mission add then once we save This new page will be visible in our top Menu so now we’re done with the front End setup of our store meaning all the Pages on our e-commerce website what we Also need to do is look at some of the Settings for the back end setup of our Store meaning the shipping rates the Payment providers and so on to make sure We can do all the back end setup of our Store and then eventually publish our Store we’re gonna have to pick a plan so We’re going to click on pick a plan Right here in the Shopify dashboard And then here we’re gonna go with the Basic Shopify plan which has all the Features that we need normally this Would cost 29 per month right now they Do have a promotion where you can get it For one dollar per month for the first Three months check out the link Down Below in the description to see if that Offer is still available or if they do Have a different offer so then we’re Going to click on choose this plan then Here we have to decide on the billing Cycle I’m just gonna stick with the Monthly payment option click on choose Billing cycle then here we have to enter Our business address or if you don’t

Already have a business just type in all Of your personal information and then Here at the bottom we have to set up our Payment information so add a credit card Or connect your account to PayPal and Once we have all this set up we’re gonna Click on Start Plan and that will put us On the basic Shopify plan now you are Still on the free trial even though we Have chosen a plan right now but if we Don’t cancel our plan now before the Trial runs out then we will get charged For the first month of using Shopify now Let’s continue with the back end store Setup so we’re gonna go to settings on The bottom left And then we’re just going to go through All the important tabs here on the left Side we’re going to start with store Details so here basic information we’re Going to click on edit and just fill out All the fields so under store name this Would be perfect paw apparel And I’m also going to use the same name For the legal name of the company store Industry is going to be clothing then Here under address this is the address That people are going to see on the bill When they order from your store now if You don’t already have a business Address that you can put here I Understand that you don’t want to put Your personal home address so honestly It’s up to you but what I’ve done in the

Past is just use any random address in The in the country that I was selling And it actually worked so that’s a Possibility the cleaner way would Obviously be to have a PO Box address or To have a business address that you can Put here but I’m going to leave this Decision up to you then you have contact Information here make sure the email is Correct so that you get all the messages Then store currency you want to make Sure that this is the currency of your Customers so if you’re going to do ads In the United States you want to make Sure that the currency of your stores Also United States dollars and then you Also want to make sure that the units Are correct right here once you have Checked that click on Save And then we’re going to move on to Payments so we’re going to have to set Up our payments so that we can actually Get paid out to our bank account once Somebody orders something on our store So what I’m going to do here is set up Shopify payments that’s the easiest way To get paid basically through Shopify so I’m going to click on activate Shopify Payments And then what we want to do here is Enter all of our real information so That the money that our store makes will Actually end up in our bank account Once that’s done we’re going to click on

Complete account setup Then here we also have to set up Two-factor authentication so let’s click On setup two-step And once that’s finished we have now set Up Shopify payments so people can Actually check out on our store using a Credit card using Apple pay Google pay Shop pay and all the other kinds of Payment methods Now by default PayPal is Also set up already on our store now if For some reason you don’t want to use PayPal on your store you’re going to Have to manually deactivate PayPal so We’re gonna have to click on manage and Then go to deactivate PayPal Express Checkout so that’s it for setting up the Payments let’s move on to shipping and Delivery Now because we have integrated our Shopify store with printful and we’re Selling their products our shipping Rates are already set up right here Under app shipping profiles so here when We click on show we can see different Rates for different shipping zones and Also for different products so let’s for Example click on this one here click on Manage and then we can see what products Fall under this shipping category and Then when we scroll down we can see the Different rates for this different Regions of the world so for example for T-shirts it’s going to cost people in

The United States 3.99 now it could go in here and make Some manual changes by going to the Three dots and click on edit rate and Then we can change the price here if you Want to charge a different price now if You change the rate here this is not Going to change the price that you have To pay to printful when somebody orders But that’s going to change the price That the customer have to has to pay to To you to your store however I wouldn’t Recommend to change anything here for Now I would just leave everything as it Is now if you’re interested in how much Shipping costs with printful you can Just go to forward slash Shipping and then you can choose any Product here that you’re interested in How much it costs to ship them let’s say For example gaming mouse mouse pad and Then you can see what the rates are here So the gaming mouse pad for the United States would cost three dollars and Fifty cents to ship now let’s move on to Taxes and duties now this topic can be Kind of complicated because it varies From country to Country what you want to Do is become familiar with the tax laws Within the country that your business is Located and also within the country that You’re selling in Shopify does have some Information so when you type in let’s Say United Kingdom here then you can

Click on this link to get some Information about what the tax laws are In that specific country and if you’re Required to collect tax from your from Your customers then you can set it up Here under the taxes and duties menu I’m Not going to go further in detail here Because like I said it really varies on The country that you are selling in then Let’s move on to domains So currently we Don’t really have a domain for our Store The Domain that people will see our Store under is going to be this domain Right here which obviously looks very Ugly so what we want to do is we want to Add a custom domain so if you already Have a domain that you have already Purchased you can click on connect Existing domain however probably most of You don’t really have a domain yet so we Want to click on buy new domain and we Already checked if our brand name is Available for domain so now we Should be able to buy it here so I’ve Decided to go with the name perfect paw Apparel and let’s see we can see Name is available for 15 per year so now We would just have to click on buy right Here And if I actually wanted to buy this Domain now I would just click on buy Domain here and then it would Automatically connect my store to this New domain perfectpaw now

We’re done building out our store the Next step is to make our store available To the public by removing the password So right now our store is password Protected so only we can access our Store but in order for people to go to Our store and buy our products we meet We need to make it available to the Public so that’s what we’re going to do Next now to make our store public we’re Going to go to online store on the left Side and then click on preferences Now here we want to also type in our Home page title which will be the title That is visible on Google when somebody Is looking for a store so this would Just be the brand name then we also want To add a short description here and then We want to scroll down to where it says Password protection right now our store Is password protected so we can only Access it with this password that we can See here so what we want to do is Deactivate that password by unchecking This box and then we just want to click On Save and now our store is visible to The public so now before we actually Send people to our store I would highly Recommend to test all the pages on your Store so we want to go to online store Go to the I icon and we just want to go Through all the pages we want to click On the products we want to go through The entire checkout process and see if

Everything works correctly if the Shipping information is displayed Correctly and so we don’t have any Problems because when we are are Starting to pay money for ads we don’t Want to mess up because something on our Store doesn’t work because then we’re Spending money and we want to get sales Obviously so also go to your phone type In your domain that we have just bought Before and just browse through your site And make sure everything works before You go to the next step which is going To be how to promote this store so with This we’re going to wrap up the store Creation part of this video and move on To how to actually promote our store and Get our first sales now there are Obviously many ways on how you can get Your store in front of potential buyers If you do have some money to spend I Would definitely recommend to start with Facebook ads because we can easily Target specific interests and we can get Results very quickly so the next step is Going to be how to set up Facebook ads For our new print on demand store now Before you can start running Facebook Ads there’s a couple of things we need To set up first we need to create a Facebook business page for our store and Then we need to create a Facebook Business manager account then inside of That manager account we need to create a

Facebook ad account and then we need to Create a Facebook pixel a Facebook pixel Is simply a piece of code that we’re Going to put on our store which is then Going to track all the activity that our Visitors are going to be doing on our Store which is then going to be the data That we’re going to use to optimize our Campaign so we can see exactly what Works and what doesn’t work and then Once we have all this set up we can Start creating our campaign and set up Our ads alright so the first thing we Got to do is create our Facebook Business page so log into your Facebook Account and then here on the left side Where it says Pages we want to click Here And then we want to click on create a New page Then we want to give our page a name so This would just be our store name in my Case perfect paw apparel let’s say store And then we also have to decide on a Category so this would be let’s say Clothing then here we can also put in a Description about our page and then Click on create page on the bottom left And then here we do want to make sure to Fill in as much information as possible For our Facebook page which will help us Keep our accounts our ad accounts Healthy and not get us banned when we Start running the first ads I’m gonna

Skip this part for this video because I Do have a complete tutorial about how to Create your Facebook business page I’m Going to leave a link to this down below In the description and I’m going to skip Just skip through this real quick here And I’m going to move on to the next Step Now we have created our Facebook page And we also need to create our Facebook Business manager or meta business Manager whatever you want to call it so Let’s go to and Then once you’re here click on create an Account Then here we’re going to type in our Business name and also an email address Then click on submit Now we are inside of the Facebook Business manager the next step is to Create our Facebook ad account so you Want to come over here to accounts and Then go to ad accounts And then click on ADD and click on Create a new ad account We’re going to give our ad account a Name choose the currency and then click On next Then choose my business click on create And now we have to assign someone who Will manage this ad account in our Example it’s just going to be ourselves So we’re going to choose our own Facebook profile here and then we’re

Going to just do full control so we’re Going to take this box and click on Assign Great now we’ve created our Facebook ads Account the next step is to create a Facebook pixel and put that pixel on our Shopify store so that Facebook can track Everything that our customers do on our Store so that they’re actually able to Optimize who our ads will be shown to This is absolutely essential if you want To make sure you’re able to optimize Your ads so let’s go to data sources Down here and click on pixels And then click on ADD And then here you can change the name of The pixel if you want to I’m just going To leave it as it is and click on Continue Then let’s click on setup pixel now And then we have a couple of options on How we can get the pixel on our store The easiest one if you use Shopify is Just use this first option add code Using a partner integration so we’re Going to choose this option And then here because our store is on Shopify we’re going to choose Shopify And now Facebook tells us to connect our Shopify store to Facebook so we’re going To need to go to our store to our Shopify store here and start connecting Our Facebook account with Shopify so Let’s go to online store and then go to

Preferences And then we’re going to scroll down to Where it says Facebook pixel here we’re Going to click on set up Facebook And this will redirect us to the page Where we can add the Facebook sales Channel so let’s just click on ADD sales Channel here at the top And now as we can see here on the left Side we have created a new sales channel For our store which is Facebook now we Need to go through all these steps to Connect our Facebook account to this Store so let’s click on connect account Then here we need to connect the Facebook page that we have created Before so this would be perfect paw Apparel Store Then click on connect And then we need to connect a Facebook Business manager account that we have Also created before so I’m just going to Use this one here click on select Then connect And then here Shopify is asking us how Much data they’re allowed to share from Our store with Facebook now I would Recommend to choose maximum here because That will allow Facebook to optimize Your ads better so I’m choosing maximum Here and then click on Save And then here we want to connect the Facebook pixel that we have just created Before which is going to be the source

Of all the data from our store so let’s Click on connect here Then we have to agree to the terms and Conditions and click on submit for Review So now you can see it says your shop is In review however that is referring to The shop on Facebook which is not Something we’re setting up right now all We want to do is be able to run ads to Our Shopify store and as you can see Here we are already able to run ads on Facebook and Instagram because we have Now added the Facebook sales Channel and Installed the pixel So we can now come back to our Facebook Business manager and move on with the Pixel setup process so we can now check This box I’ve completed the setup on Facebook and then click on next Then here we want to check if our pixel Is actually working so we’re going to go And get the URL of our website so we can Just go to our Shopify store go to Online store click on this icon here and Then just copy the URL from the top of The browser then go back here to Facebook and just paste in the URL click On send test traffic Now sometimes it does take some time Until the pixel is active on your store So if it doesn’t show you that your Pixel is active right away don’t worry Just come back in like 30 minutes and

Then try again to send some test traffic And see if the pixel is active and Eventually should get to this page where You can see that the pixel is active Then what you want to do is click on Next Then here let’s click on finish And now we want to connect our Facebook Account and also our Facebook ad account To this pixel so we’re going to click on ADD people here at the top choose our Own Facebook account make sure we have The full control over this pixel click On assign And done and then click on ADD assets And then choose our Facebook ad account Here click on ADD And done And now to make sure our pixel works Properly we also need to verify our Domain so we need to go to Brand safety Here on the bottom left click on domains Then go to add and click on create a new Domain Then here we simply put in the domain of Our store and then click on ADD And now we need to add this meta tag Which is basically just a piece of code Onto our HTML code of our store so all We need to do is just copy by clicking On this code right here then go back to Our Shopify store go to online store Themes And then go to actions here click on

Edit code And then we want to go to theme liquid Here on the left side Now this looks quite confusing but just Don’t freak out just follow what I’m Doing here all we need to do is just Paste in that code in the header section So here as you can see the header starts So we just click here click on enter so We get a new paragraph then we just Paste in the code just like this and Then we click on Save that’s all you Need to do to enter the code onto our Store and now we can go back to Facebook And check if that actually works by Clicking on verify domain here And there we go our domain is now Verified now sometimes it does take a Few minutes or even hours until the meta Tag is live and you can verify your Domain for me it only took like a minute Until I was able to um verify this Domain after I paste it in the code but Once you see that page here then you’re Basically done verifying the domain Great now this domain has been verified Now another thing we need to do is also Verify our Shopify domain because now we Have verified our main domain that People will see when they visit our Store now we also need to verify our Shopify domain because when you go to Your Shopify dashboard go to settings And then go to domains you can see

There’s the domain that you have Assigned to your store the one we have Purchased and then also your Shopify Domain which is this one right here and Facebook also wants us to verify this Domain so let’s just copy this domain as Well then go back to the business Manager and click on domains then you’re Gonna go to add domains again click on Create a new domain paste in the Shopify Domain click on ADD and then we just do The same thing again so just copy the Code here go to our Shopify store so I’m Going to just show you again where it is So online store or then themes actions Edit code And then go to theme liquid And then under the head as you can see Here we just click enter and then just Paste in the code for the second URL as Well click on Save And then again wait like two minutes and Then we can come back to the business Manager here and click on verify domain Now if you’re not able to verify your Shopify domain for some reason what you Want to do is go to the Shopify Dashboard go to settings and then to Domains then click on your currently Used domain as the primary one for the Store And then under domain type you want to Set this domain as redirect so click Here set as redirect

And then once that’s done you want to go Back to your business manager click on Verify again and then you should be able To see this screen right here once That’s verified you can come back to Shopify and set the other domain as Primary Again by clicking on this button And now the next step is going to be to Tell Facebook what kind of customer Actions on our website should be tracked So that we can then use that data to Optimize our ads and to do that we’re Going to go to the three lines here all Tools and then go to events manager here Here let’s click on manage prioritized Events And here we’re going to set up our Events for both of these domains so Let’s start with the first one here Click on manage events then click on Edit and now we can add up to eight Different events and prioritize them as Well so we need to tell Facebook what is The most important event that we want to Track on our site so the most important Event would be to it would be a purchase A conversion on our store so let’s first Choose the pixel here that is tracking All the events which would be this one That we have already installed and then We’re going to choose the event name so This would be purchase right here And then we’re going to choose another Event so choose the same pixel and we’re

Going to use initiate checkout here and Then add another one same pixel this one Is going to be add to cart and then Another event which is going to be view Content right here So again these are going to be the Events the actions that people do on our Website so that we can use that data to Optimize our campaign the event of a Purchase has the highest priority Because eventually that’s our goal to Get people on our store and purchase our Products and then we have initiate Checkout add to cart and view content so It’s basically the customer Journey from Getting to our store to buying something First somebody views a product and then They add it to the card then they Initiate checkout and then they purchase The product so let’s click on apply and Save the changes confirm and apply and Then we’re gonna do the exact same thing For the other domain as well so just Manage events edit and then add all the All the four events based on the Priority here as well as we’ve just done Before when that’s done click on apply Confirm apply And now we actually want to go and check If all the events that we have just set Up for this pixel are working on our Store so let’s go back to the events Manager And then here we make sure our current

Pixel is selected and then we go to test Events then here we just choose the URL Of our store and then click on open Website And now we are a new visitor on our Website so the Facebook pixel should Already have been triggered so we can Now go back to the events manager and Under test events we can see we have a New page view so our pixel is in fact Working so now let’s go back to the page Again and then maybe click on t-shirts Here and then click on one of the Products And now again we go back to the events Manager and see what pixel event has Been firing so we have two page views And then one content view which Represents somebody looking at one of Our products and now we can also just Click on add to cart here And now when we go back to the events Manager we can see the the add to cart Event has also been fired so the idea is To just go through the entire checkout Process and see if all the events are Working now you don’t actually need to Go ahead and buy your own product just To see if the purchase event is working Because you’re going to notice on your Store if you get a sale anyway and if You don’t see it on Facebook then you Know that the purchase event is not Working okay so hopefully you were able

To follow along here I know doing all This for the first time can seem quite Of confusing however once this is all Set up we can now finally create our First Facebook ads campaign let’s get Started so inside of the Facebook Business manager to create our first Campaign we’re gonna go to all tools and Then to the ads manager the Facebook ads Manager is where we’re gonna create and Manage all of our Facebook ad campaigns Now before we go ahead and create our First Facebook ad campaign we’re going To first go to account overview here on The left side and make sure we have Completed all the steps so we can run Ads so the first thing we need to do Here is just to confirm the Facebook Page that we want to use to run our ads With because with every ad it’s going to Show our Facebook page as uh the company That is running that specific ad so We’re going to confirm the page here This is the one that we’ve created Before in the video and then we also Need to add a payment method because Obviously we are running paid ads so Obviously Facebook wants to get paid for Showing our ads so let’s click on ADD Payment method and when that’s done we Are ready to create our first campaign So let’s go back to our campaigns here And then click on create on the top left To start our campaign the first thing we

Have to set in our campaign is the Campaign objective and because we are in E-commerce store and we want to sell Products online we’re going to choose Sales right here so that is going to be Our objective to get sales on our store Then let’s click on continue Here we have to give our campaign a name So I’m just going to name this pod store One And that’s all we want to do for the Campaign level for now we can now move On to the first ad set so you can either Click on next at the bottom right or you Can just directly click on new sales ad Set here and we’re going to name the ad Set after the interest that we want to Target with the ads in this specific ad Set but as we haven’t chosen the Interest yet to Target we’re just going To leave the name as it is for now and Later on we’re going to come back and Change the name so let’s move on to Conversions here we’re just going to Leave it at website because we want to Get conversions on our website and then Because I only have one pixel the pixel Is already here but if you have multiple Pixels then you make sure to choose your Correct pixel here the pixel that is on Your Shopify store and then for Conversion event we’re going to choose Purchase because we want to optimize our Ads for purchase if you want people to

Buy our products on our store so we want To set purchase as a conversion event Then let’s move on to budget and Schedule I’m going to set the budget to Ten dollars per day and then change the Start date to midnight the next day so I’m gonna just do 12 p.m I’m not going To set an end date because we are Monitoring our ads every single day and We’re going to kill our ads anyway if They don’t work so I’m not going to set An end date for this ad set let’s move On to audience here we’re going to start By narrowing down the location that our Ads should show up in so by default it Is set to your own country I want to Change this so I’m just going to delete It here and then here we can simply type In the country that we want to Target With our ads so let’s say we want to Target the United States I would just Simply type in USA and then choose that Target country you can also add more Countries and locations if you want to I’m just going to stick with the US for Now then we can move on to age now this Really depends ends on the niche you are Trying to Target here the niche of your Store so if you have a niche where There’s probably more an older Demographic then you want to change the Age accordingly here I usually just Change this to 21 because people who are A bit older they have more disposable

Income that they can actually spend on Products then we can also have a change That genders I’m just going to leave it At all genders for now and now we get to The most important part of this ad setup Which is the detailed targeting so with Detail targeting we are able to narrow Down the audience that might be Interested in the products that we want To sell so for example here I’m Advertising a store that sells apparel For dog lovers so I would just type in Something like dog and then see if There’s an interest for that specific Keyword and as we can see there’s dogs Animals which is perfect and this Interest has around about 5 500 million People inside of that audience so There’s definitely enough room to scale If I can see that the ads work well with This specific interest so I’m going to Choose dogs right here and we’re just Going to test one interest at a time so I’m not going to add anything more here Under detailed targeting so now we can Actually scroll up to the ad set name And then change the name to the interest That we have just decided to go with so Dogs animals And then we can scroll back down and Move on with the settings for languages Here because my store is in English I’m Just gonna choose English here if you Are selling obviously in Spain for

Example then you want to choose Spanish Then placements we’re going to keep this At Advantage Plus placements that’s Everything we’re going to do for the ad Set now let’s move on to the ad So here is where we’re going to create The ad that people are going to see so The first thing is going to be the ad Name I’m just going to name this ad Number one and then we’re going to Choose the Facebook page that this ad Will be from so this is just going to be The one that we have created before here Then we’re going to go to add setup Now By default it has selected catalog if You choose catalog it will just take Products from your store and then show Them to Facebook users what I want to do Here is just create my own ad creative When people say creative in advertising What they just mean is the media that People see in the ad so this could this Could be a video or this could be an Image so I’m going to do manual upload Here and then upload my own creative and To keep things as simple as possible We’re just going to use a single image Ad so no video no Carousel post just a Single image and now I’m going to Quickly show you how to easily create a Professional Facebook ad using canva so Let’s head over to again I’m Going to leave the link Down Below in The description for this tool so log

Into your canva account and then let’s Click on create a design at the top Right let’s do a custom size and make This a thousand times a thousand pixels So it’s going to be a square Dimension And let’s click on create new design and Then what I like to do is just check out All the templates that canva already has About exactly what I’m going to create So let’s say I want to advertise the Hoodie on my store with this Facebook ad That I would just type in hoodie and Then add or Facebook ad even And then see what kind of templates come Up so here I have a whole library of Different templates that I can use for This ad and pretty much all of them look Quite professional there’s also video Templates so you can also create videos Ads with canva so let’s just take this First one kind of as a starting point to Create our ad then I’m just going to Delete all the elements that I don’t Want to have in my ad so I’m just going To leave a deleted text here delete this One as well delete that and obviously Also delete these products here And then I’m also going to delete the Banner here and I’m going to keep the Text and then I’m going to put my Product here in the center of the ad and Now to get an image of my product I’m Going to Simply go to my Shopify store Actually visit my store here under

Online store preview and then I’m going To go to the product that I want to Advertise so it’s going to be this Hoodie right here I’m just going to go To the product page then I’m going to Click on the image and then I’m just Going to save this image right here so I’m just going to right click and then Click on save image and then just save This image to the desktop then I’m going To go back to canva and then just drag In the image that I’ve just downloaded Into the canvas and now as you can see We still have the white background the Cool thing about canva is they do have a Tool that can automatically remove the Background all we need to do is click on Edit image here and then go to Background remover And that will automatically remove the Background of this image what I also Like to do is go back to the image click On edit image and then go to shadows and Add a drop shadow just like this and Then I’m also going to change the text To our offer the current offer that I’m Going to be advertising is just that This item will be 50 off so I’m going to Type in 50 off And then I’m going to change the second Text to today only make sure everything Is centered and then I’m also going to Add a background to this text here so Let’s go to effects then go to

Background and then change the color Here to the same color as the hoodie so Let’s just pick any color here Like this and then maybe I think this Text isn’t really readable as nicely as This one so let’s just also go to Effects here and then just change the Style of this text so we can just play Around with it here so maybe let’s just Take this one and there we go this is Going to be the ad that I’m going to Test with this campaign so let’s go and Download the image by going to share and Then download and click on download now Let’s go back to the Facebook ads Manager then let’s scroll down to add Creative and add our image by clicking On ADD media add image And then I’m just going to drag in the Image that we have just downloaded from Canva click on next then again next For this ad I’m going to deselect allow Enhancements and click on done Now let’s also turn on the add preview So we can see exactly how our ad looks Like as we are working on our ad Then let’s move on to primary text this Is going to be what’s displayed above Our creative so here I would just enter Something that is relatable to the Customer and also maybe add some call to Action so I’m just going to put in Do You Love Dogs share your love with dogs With everyone you meet in this hoodie

And then we’re going to add also a Headline this I would just add your your Brand name or your store name so this Would be perfect paw apparel Uh for this example and then for the Description we’re just going to add our Offer now with offers you could you can Get very creative so here you can see The offer is just 50 off only today so Kind of a sale offer what you can also Do is buy one get one free or buy one Get the second one for 50 off you can Get very very creative and the offer is Really something that is a big factor in Terms of how a good conversion rate is Going to be with your ad so I’m just Going to type in 50 off only today I’m Adding the only today to also add a Sense of urgency when people see this ad Which should also improve my conversion Rates then we’re going to move on to Call to action this is going to be What’s displayed on the button on the ad So we’re going to change this from learn More to shop now which is right here Because this is the button that makes The most sense for this ad and then We’re going to move on to destination so Here we want to just put the product Page for this specific product that We’re advertising here to get the URL of Our product page we’re going to go to Our Shopify store go to products and Then look for the product that we are

Advertising in this case this would be The dog life hoodie we just click on the Product page and then we’re going to Scroll all the way down and then we can See the URL right here so I’m just gonna Copy the URL here copy go back to Facebook and then paste in the URL in This field and we can check the landing Page by clicking on preview URL and then We can see exactly what the landing page Is going to be now here as you can see The price is 59 for this product and we Don’t see anything that says 50 off also In the header it doesn’t say 50 off so What I would do here is to make sure Everything is congruent with the ad I Would actually go to my Shopify store And then I want to add a compare price To this product so it will actually Display a 50 sale so I’m going to go to Edit open bulk editor and then here we Can see the price of this hoodie so here We just have to add the compare price as Well so this would be 119 and then just Copy this for all the other prices as Well and now when we go back and check Out the product page we should be able To see the sale here right here and we Can see the previous price and the Actual price right now what we can also Do is add the banner here at the top so We would just go to Shopify again go to The dashboard then go to online store Themes click on customize and then we

Just click on the header here and we can Change the text to 50 off only today Just like that and now we have also the Sale announcement here at the top of our Page great so now we have created our First Facebook ad what we can do now is Create more ads within this ad set that Is targeting dog animals all we would Have to do here is go to the three dots Go to duplicate and then we can tell Facebook how many times we want to Duplicate this ad so let’s just say we Want to duplicate it once then go to Duplicate and then here we can change The creative so we can create another Image we can create a video we can also Do a carousel ad so the more ads that You’re going to be testing for your Products the higher the chances that You’re going to actually find an ad that Will perform the best and actually make You the most money but for now I’m just Going to keep it simple people and just Stick with this image ad so I’m going to Delete this other AD again and then the Next thing that I want to do is I also Want to Target some other interests Because the goal is to find the Interests that are the most profitable For this product so what I would do is Just copy the ad set so I’ll just go to The three dots here click on duplicate And then we duplicate it let’s say five Times click on duplicate and now the

Only thing that we want to change for The new ad sets that we have created is The detail targeting so the interest That we are targeting so let’s click on The first one here scroll down to a Detailed targeting and then here we can Just again type in any keyword related To our product or our Niche that we are Targeting so let’s again just go with Dog or we can just click on suggestions And then it will just give you Suggestions based on the first interest That we have been targeting here with The first ad set so let’s scroll down And maybe let’s also try and Target Puppies this would also be an interest That definitely is related to the Products on that store then we also want To delete the the original interest here So we only targeted one interest at a Time and now we also want to change the Name so we know exactly what interest That ad set is targeting so we’re gonna Scroll up again and then change the the Name to to puppies And then we’re going to do the same Thing with the next ad set and so on Until you have different interests for All the different ad sets and that’s all We’re going to do for our first campaign So let’s click on publish at the bottom Right In our ads manager we can now see all The details about our campaign that we

Have just set up so under the campaigns Tab we can see this is our campaign that We have set up we can also click on the Campaign then it will automatically Switch from the campaigns tab to the ad Sets Tab and then we can see all the Different ad sets each ad set targeting A different interest and then when we Click on each of these ad sets we go to The ad so this would be the third tab Here in the ads manager and as you can See here we can turn off each ad we can Turn off a single ad set and so on but In order for us to know which ad sets to Turn off or to scale we need to set up Our columns here at the top so we can Actually see all the data that we need To see to be able to make decisions so To set up our columns correctly we’re Going to go to columns and then click on Customize columns So I’ve just quickly set up my columns Just like this the way you can see here On the right side now I’m just going to Scroll through it slowly so it can just Basically copy it To find the right metrics you can just Type in for example row as right here And then you’re going to find all the The right metrics to put in the columns Once you’ve set up the columns just like This we’re going to go to save as preset Here on the bottom give it a name so Let’s say default and then click on

Apply Now let’s quickly go through each of the Columns to make sure we understand what Everything means let’s start with Results so that’s basically what we have Set as a result for this campaign which Is sales so how many sales has this ad Set made then we have reach and Impressions this basically shows us how Many people have seen this ad in the News feed then cost per result is how Much money we have spent to get one sale Then we have CPM which stands for cost Per mil this is how much it costs us to Get our ad in front of a thousand people So a thousand Impressions then we have Unique CTR which stands for Click-through rate so if you have 100 Impressions and we have let’s say two Clicks from those one 200 100 Impressions then we have a two percent Click-through rate so the the clicks Divided by the number of Impressions Then we have cost per unique link click So how much are we paying for every Single click how many clicks have we Gotten so unique link clicks the content Views how many people have actually seen Our product page then we have add two Cards how many people have added the Product to the cart initiated checkouts How many people have clicked on checkout And then purchases how many people have Actually bought the product and went

Through uh with the the funnel basically Then for add to cart checkout and Purchases we also have the cost so cost Per add to Cart cost per initiated Checkout and cost per purchase shows us How much we are paying on average for a Single add to cart action initiative Checkout action or purchase and then at The end we have purchase rowas rowa Stands for return on ad spend so if you Have a row as of let’s say two then for Every hundred dollars we spend on ads we Get 200 back so now how do we actually Read the data that we’ll be getting here For these columns and how do we make Decisions based on the data that we see Let me just give you a couple of the Basics so let’s start with you CTR and CPC so click-through rate and cost per Link click if you get a very low CTR Let’s say around one percent and a very High cost per click that usually means That there’s not that much demand for The product that you’re advertising so It could also be your creative so you Can try and Um and try and advertise some some other Creatives about the same product but a Lot of the time it’s time to move on to Another product because obviously people Are not responding to the product that You’re advertising now if you do get a Decent click-through rate and cost per Unique link click and we get a lot of

Content views so people go to our Product page but we don’t all get a lot Of add to cards that usually means that We have to change something on our Landing page because obviously people Are visiting our landing page because They are interested in what we are Advertising but then they decide to not Follow through with adding the product To the card and and do the purchase so We have to change up our off offer so This could be the price this could be Maybe a creative way on how to price Your products like giving bundle offers Giving buy one get one free and all and All that Um kind of stuff so you have to Experience with your landing page and Also sometimes you have to just up the Quality add some more Trust on your Landing page like maybe give a money Back guarantee and just experiment with Those uh things and then if we do get a Lot of add to cards but we don’t get any Checkouts or purchases that means a lot Of the time that people are interested They add the product to the card so they Want to buy it but then at the checkout They decide to not follow through with The purchase so what that could mean is That maybe the shipping cost is too high That they weren’t expecting or maybe Something is off in your funnel Sometimes even your funnel doesn’t work

So something is there’s an error or Something on your checkout page so you Want to go back to your store and make Sure everything works perfectly and Maybe also play around with the shipping Price maybe also offer free shipping to To see if then people are willing to buy Your product now let’s say we’ve been Running our ads for a day or two and now We have some data in our account that we Can work with and optimize our ads what We would do here is just look at what ad Set is performing the best here in this Campaign so let’s say for the top one The golden retriever ad set we have some A good CTR we have some add to cards and Maybe even some purchases and let’s say The other three here at the bottom are Performing very poorly what we would do Here is just turn these ad sets off and Then we’re going to use the other assets That are performing well kind of as a Basis to find more interest groups so What we would do here let’s say this is The best performing ad set is click on Duplicate and then we just let’s say we Do three more ad sets click on duplicate Here And then what we’re going to do is we’re Going to click on each of the new ad Sets scroll down to where it says detail Targeting and then we’re going to click On suggestions and find more Um more interest that are related to the

Interest that is already working well so Let’s say golden retrievers is working Well then obviously uh dog races so dog Types are working quite well for this Campaign so what we would do here is Just try different dog breeds so let’s Try German Shepherd here and then for The next one we’re gonna go with Um let’s say French Bulldog and again You just want to go with one interest at A time so I’m going to delete the golden Retriever here and then for the third One we’re gonna go with let’s say Rottweiler again delete the golden Retriever and then we just want to keep Doing that so turn off all the ad sets With the interests that are not working Well and find new interests with the ad Sets that are already working well I Hope this video was helpful to you if it Was make sure to smash the like button Down below and subscribe to the channel If you want to see more in-depth Tutorials just like this one I wish you All the best with your new print on Demand store and I’ll see you in the Next video

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