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Happy Tuesday everybody Sean coming at You from high level so I wanted to I Like to share things even when I'm not Supposed to oh wait hold on let me get My hand back here okay so a couple Things one Um well actually I'm gonna do two videos This is the first one so uh this is Coming out this quarter well actually The other thing is too I don't even know Why I'm okay I'm just doing it in random Order anyways this is um our MVP of our AI content Generation stuff that's Coming out so we are gonna debut this First and foremost in the uh social Media posting part of the app here so Hold on let me just slide this over so Basically uh this is a social media Poster as you know today and you know You normally go up here and you hit new Post Um and uh right now it's like create new Upload blah blah blah and you can see Content AI is gonna be a new option Right so then boom it's gonna pop up and It's gonna be like yo what do you want To do here give us a title give us a Description and then add keywords and Then like a tone and then like how many Outputs would you like and then you're Gonna be like bam generate that content And then And just be like yo here it is there's Your content variation right and then

You can regenerate it and then you and Then I think and then you can uh you can Send feedback obviously if you want to Uh or you can just uh grab that and then Throw it into the content to use it um And then continue your post creation Right so then oh here's the send Feedback you'd be like wow you guys are Amazing you rock or like oh I'd improve This right you know that kind of thing So that would go gets back to the team And then boom you've got your content You're ready to rock you can post it uh And then of course uh just heads up so Then later on you want to go back and See like oh what what the heck have I Done and all this other stuff you can Come back and see all of it you can look At the transactions all that and um and Check this out so it costs money right So this is using uh the chat gbt gbt3 Something Um and so uh I think it's gbt3 because Uh that does best for this type of Content I'm sorry I apologize I'm not an Expert there but Um this not only goes back and gives you All this info but here's the cool thing About this so this is another Revenue Opportunity for the for the agency right So what we're going to do right is we're Going to have those gonna charge at the Agency level like we normally would but There's also a markup potential for you

As an agency so if you expose this to Your clients and they're using it you're Going to be able to allow you're gonna Have a markup on that you're going to be Able to create a profit on this so that Is an amazing thing now of course from Here this is MVP uh version one it's Gonna come out everywhere else don't you Worry blogging and websites and uh Funnels and I probably missed a bunch of Other places but it'll go everywhere Well it needs to go and then of course Um chat GPT is going to be next up on The horizon because it's very Conversational so figure out what to do With that but I'm super excited about This the designs Rock and I hope you're All having an awesome Tuesday as usual And any feedback we're always happy to Hear it thanks

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