Content Creation For Agencies With William Villalobos

Every time I've spoken to you or anybody In in the team like you know uh from From go high level I feel like they they Asked me tell us a personal questions And we get into personal conversations And being interested in people is a Great thing to have when it comes to Working with people I think I don't know That's just my thing 100 and it that Makes it easier right and that's the the Biggest reason why you know we generally Tell people that you should pick a niche And work with only those types of Businesses because Once you get to know one dentist really Well you know you learn things that you Can apply to all dentists right and now You're scaling [Music] Hi everyone and welcome to another Episode of the high level Spotlight Sessions where we showcase awesome Marketers doing awesome marketing today I am joined once again by a good friend William Villalobos of the He's founder and CEO of the Futures uh If you didn't check out his first Spotlight you should go check that out William welcome back to the show Thanks James it's uh really good to see You again and yeah hopefully we have a Good combo today William has and the Futures have Supported tons of high levelers hundreds

Maybe thousands at this point Um with graphic work the Futures started Out as a On-demand type of graphic service Um but has kind of recently evolved so I'm excited to talk to you guys about Your new offering which is helping People Um with content production which is a Need that you know I think we all kind Of have right and so talk to me about How this came to be was this a big pivot Was this a natural evolution Yeah so I mean to be honest is it's been Uh basically the same thing uh the the One thing that has changed is that as we Evolved and I think every company Evolves to a certain degree based on What customers ask for uh one of the Things that we focus a lot on is Companies that now when we help them at The beginning they just needed to you Know get started get their website on Their logos and whatever but now as we Evolve and they evolve there is a need To produce content on a recurring basis In a way that is cohesive continuous Uh Progressive and it reflects not only Material and work that needs to be Worked on for their customers but also Work that needs to be produced for Themselves in order to promote their Services uh their SAS their whatever it Is so when we first started out we we I

Mean this was a couple of weeks more Than three years ago but we started out By doing Graphics only then we evolved Into video and and what would pushing a Lot right now is is basically what we Call uh micro content which is the idea That you now have we now have a bunch of Customers that are not only uh producing Landing pages and go high level which is Something that we build natively but Also they're grabbing their backlog of Content so all their Zoom calls all the YouTube videos that they have sitting Somewhere in a channel and they're Giving it to us so what we're doing now Is we're putting a curator so they don't We put a curator in in their in their Company And they go and listen to all that Content they bring out the Nuggets of Value so the best portions of that Content and then we turn that into micro Pieces so micro a piece of microcontin Basically means anything that is under One minute so let's say you are you have A weekly Zoom call with people that you Coach or with your customers We're pretty sure that on those simple You answer tons and tons of questions That are basically really directly Related to your customers needs we go in We grab that and we like okay let's get 7 10 12 pieces out of that We put all the captions we put all the

Headlines we put all uh the basically The the layout that goes around your Brand and then we get it back to you Within dates so you can actually publish It now on Tick Tock Instagram Uh due to Etc et cetera and so what we found is That where a lot of agencies usually get Stuck is in that little portion of the Curation where they they either say well I don't have someone in-house that I Want to pay to go and spend two hours Three hours listen to my stuff and Finding the best thoughts Or the other place where people get Stuck is in saying you know what I just Don't know what to produce because I Don't have I mean after I have a few Ideas and after like a few months they Run out of ideas of what to produce so We said like you know what you have a You know you have a mind a Minefield I Mean you have a gold mine here of things That we can just dig out from which is Your All content so give that to us and by Default you just it's almost it's Completely done for you so you give it To us we give it back to you I want you How to do a distributed publish it Etc Et cetera so that is basically we're Doing the same we're producing Graphics We're producing video except that now It's been shaped in a way that it makes

It easier on the agency owner that Already has clients in a recurring need For content To get their sales and their work done Without Um babysitting a designer or babysitting A creative thing if that makes sense Yeah it does I mean it's a it is a real Challenge right like we have that Challenge internally like we're probably Gonna have to talk to you guys about Um possibly engaging this service Because like this show right now right I Record the show twice a week that's two Essentially two hours worth of content Um but our team really just kind of Scans for one clip And and then we move on and it's kind of Like well you know the team that does That doesn't have time to like you said Sit there and just listen to hours and Hours you know I produce content Paulson Produces video content it's a lot of Time that someone has to spend kind of Intently listening right and you have to Be paying attention you can't be doing Two other things because you're you need To find the stuff that are those nuggets Of value But if you do that yeah I'm sure every Spotlight session could be chopped into Seven pieces of content no problem Yeah you know That's uh that then your social calendar

Goes from One thing a day to you know multiple Pieces of content today because you're Now creating this massive amount uh you Know if we did that just for spotlight Sessions we'd have 14 pieces of content Per week Just from the spotlight sessions Yeah I mean I mean to be honest I mean This is just a build up on optimization Right so every agency is always looking For optimization uh for systematizing Stuff Um so you I mean for example yeah just To use you guys as an example if you Have two videos that come out every week Um that's a lot of work first of all I Totally understand that I totally Understand that after this gets recorded You send it to somebody that person is Editing whatever Whatever glitch we had in the Conversation or whatever but also put in The subtitles putting the banner on the Top and the bottom putting the intro the Outro uh and also AI isn't perfect so uh You know all this software they give you All these captions automatically of what You say but somebody like me that has an Accent for example or anybody that says Something really quick it doesn't get Picked up so what we've done is also Have a human team that literally listens In and corrects that 20 of Mark margin

Of error that comes from the AI because That's literally I mean I wish I wish I Could say that AI is perfect on that it Does help a ton but it's not perfect so You do still need a curation portion to Your workload so that's one thing the Other thing is that Yeah you guys have this huge backlog of Stuff uh and you guys have a huge team And a company like yours even with that You'll still be like you know what if I Was pushing At least publishing one piece of Microcontact every single day which is You know a regurgitation of something That I said two three weeks ago one Month ago six months ago it wouldn't Matter because it's still valuable for Some people Um and you're always learning out of Something so the idea here is to find The theme on the like I guess the flag That says how to get more sales which is Probably you probably have at least 10 Podcasts or 10 interviews or people Telling you different ways of selling More SAS for example you can have like In 10 pieces I tell you how to do it in Different ways and people get to choose What's better for them and what's what Fits their model best and it's just a Continuous continuous learning I guess So there's a ton that goes into it and And you're right with the AI it's funny

Because we use we're we're finding Ourselves using descript more and more And it cracks me up that it still Doesn't recognize high level right it Still doesn't recognize like I correct I've corrected it in the script I don't Know 100 times and you would think at Some point it would realize oh When when this voice because it knows my Voice now right it like Auto labels it My my voice it can actually recreate my Voice When this voice says high level that it Means one word no I still have to go Through or someone has to go through Every time and correct every reference Of high level to you know what I mean So yeah it happens all the time yeah Yeah and I I met I actually met Um the founders of the script oh really Yeah because they were they were Actually in Texas Um uh at some kind of event and it's a It's a pretty cool platform uh the thing Is that you know we get people doing Copywriting with AI we get people doing Captions stuff the fact of the matter is And even the software that people use to Do video editing it does have ai into The image so the fact of the matter is Uh in the foreseeable future for the Next three five years you still need Human ears to listen in and do that and I believe it is we're getting used to

Give you an average like we get a lot of Pieces of micro content but we're Getting people sending in Videos that are like conversations for Over two hours Literally so and so we have somebody That has to listen to the whole Conversation and find for example we Have somebody that says like let's Eliminate from all the captions all the Curse words well okay for the caption Because then the editor has to blip it Um The AI you cannot tell that to because Every day right so you have to listen so That's two hours that somebody has to Listen through and then half an hour Making the notes every single time so That's already that and then sending it Back to the editor time stamping all the Type of stuff we understand that is time Consuming luckily enough we have a large Team that can do that but I understand That it will be harder for an agency to Start thinking well do I need to hire Like a person full time even if it's Like on the other side of the world Because people think like oh I'm gonna Do it on the other side of the world or The cheap the reality is You know there's always a difficulty of Like okay they'll still probably make Some errors so I mean our our Copywriting theme our

Our caption checking team is all uh Us-based so it is different you you also Sometimes have to get the the detail That comes into slang Uh like we got people say like you know All you have to do is put your foot on The door the AI gets totally confused Because that's a phrase that means put It for the door you know get started or Whatever whatever it means but it tries To make sense out of it so things like That uh that's required that touch zone So how do you make that um Is it the same all you can eat model as Your graphics where I can just keep Throwing in videos to be cut up for the Same monthly price or talk to me about How you're pricing this and how you're Able to Make it work because like you said it's Hours and hours of somebody's sitting There listening to stuff It is so Um so basically what we've done is it is A flat fee always I I'm a very at Profesely flat speed model just because I think it's easy for people to Understand their cash flow and as a Business owner myself I understand that's important when you See your weekly your monthly things Right your your payments and stuff so That's number one predictability but the Other thing it is it is it is all you

Can eat where the other link the only Limitation is that you have a certain What we call ticket so you have uh for a Few tickets at a time that you can work On or the team can work on your behalf But we actually did the calculation of These in order for you to produce what The the features can produce for you it Will cost you around 17 400 and something dollars a month if you Were to do it with the exact same theme On your own That's the average price Um so we do it for a fraction of that But the idea is uh When you let's say you have a few Tickets like this one can video be doing Your landing pages and go high level the Other one can be doing your thumbnails For your YouTube videos people can be Doing your slide decks for your webinars And the other one can be doing seven Five pieces of micro content a week for You which all you have to do is upload That old video or like or that new video Uh and then we just piece it dice it Slice it all this type of stuff Um but yeah so that's basically how that Works it's all you can need based on That but to be honest it's a lot of Things that you can produce Uh so we find that some people don't Even Have the capacity to keep us as busy as

They would like to and I think that's When that's that's when we ourselves are Right now working even on producing Content to basically Tell people or teach people a little bit Of how to think about strategizing their Content everyone knows that content is Important Uh uh the thing where people get stuck Again is like how do I come up with Ideas to produce content and and then Once you get to that we call that Strategy and then once they get to that Then it's the pre-production which is Now I need to see it and film and what Is the background what do I have the Right tools the microphone whatever to Be honest it doesn't matter you can do It with your phone as long as you say Something smart And then comes the curation that's when You need somebody to help you or you're Doing it yourself I mean if you're a Business owner you're running agencies You have a bunch of plan and say you're Making I don't know 10 20 30 40K a month You shouldn't be doing these things Yourself you should have a team helping You do that right and then after that is The tedious work which is editing uh Designing putting things together so uh And then the last one which I always say You can have Anyone that is part-time and you think

Doing it which is distribution which is Now you need to put it on all the Platforms so Those pillars Uh I find at the beginning of them the Strategy part is where a lot of people Get stuck and hopefully that content That we produce will help with that yeah I mean well let's help some people out I Think you're 100 right right like you Don't even it doesn't even have to be Video like if you've seen uh the the Type of Micro content that they produce Like imagine when you're scrolling Through your feed and you see like Gary Vaynerchuk clip or you know somebody of That caliber right where it's like Oftentimes there's like a wave animation To the voice and like a timer thingy Going across the bottom and there's like A banner and a footer graphic or Whatever Oftentimes it's not even video it's just Somebody's voice right that that has Like an animation so like you know you Could just literally sit there and open Up voice memo and and talk about stuff And then send that to you guys and the End result would be a really visually Pleasing piece of content right Yeah we actually called those audiograms So the audio the audiogram is actually a Quite simple hack for people that don't Like to be on camera or have a hard time

Doing that you can literally have a Document a Microsoft Word document of Like 20 tips that are that you know that Your audience really resonates with and Read off read them all off like record It on your microphone and and go like Okay these are the three things that you Need to know about this this and that And then have a Graphic that has a Picture of you or whatever and that says Three tips to increase your sales to say That and then all we got so we have that Graphic that's the graphic design part And then we add the wave to it but it Gives it a sense of Um this is a real voice with a real tone Of personality and authenticity to it so Next time people see you speaking or a Gig or a medium person they're used to That tone because at the end of the day I know a lot of people want to automate Their businesses and hide behind a Spreadsheet but people buy from people People so and if your voice is out there Some way or another or and stuff I mean Yeah they will buy because they like Uh the authority that you bring to the Thing at the end of the day a lot of People you will have competition you'll Have people that do the same thing in Your agency that other people you know A lot of people do SEO a lot of people Do landing pages and stuff but you will Get clients based on you a lot of the

Times uh or based on your team or based On reputation and all this type of stuff So it comes down to that and yeah I'm Not professing that people should do Like a huge personal brand and become Influencers because I know that can Become overwhelming to a lot of people But whether it's you or somebody in your Team that is spoken just if you look at An example if you look at our website Um to look at the picture of the guy That is on the above the fall on that Area and that's a real guy that works For us he manages accounts and he he's a Real guy and he's in our banners and Stuff and we just happen to stumble one Day onto his personal Instagram and we Noticed that on his own time he was Producing fine content like memes and Stuff so we're like you know what Uh you're funny Uh you're extroverted you're charismatic Can we stop so He started recording once a week for us Like four hours a day and what he does Is he has a green backdrop and we're Sending ideas and he records that idea And they're very funny so she go to our Instagram design and I think it's Designed the Futures in Instagram you'll See that it's filled with memes Uh from this guy that's also on our Website and it's him it's almost like Parodies right and the whole idea is

That he's imitating Um a marketer that suffers on the daily Basis to produce content because you Know it will make it we're making uh We're making fun to be a light-hearted About the fact that sometimes it cannot Be that easy to produce content or People get stuck and what we found is That that actually started getting a lot Of views in certain and some of those And we'll push some of those as ads so I Always tell people that you can actually Pass your own organic content and turn It into ads because if they resonate With people that people laugh they heart It they like it or they have a lot of Views that means it has a high potential To be something that you can use to Advertise or be uh scroll stopper for Something that you're selling when you Push an ad on YouTube or Facebook or Whatever that's funny I'm looking at the Instagram page right now and I can tell This guy's funny without even watching One of the clips yet You mentioned something else that I Thought was a really good tip when you Said uh even if it's you know something That you recorded a year ago It's still gonna be valuable and I think That's something that I've learned Um here at high level you know Sean and I have been giving the same webinars Over and over for three years now but

Every time we do it you still see People's eyes light up like they'd never Heard of automation before you know like Literally like I I've been telling People you should automate response to Every new lead for three years but every Time I give the same talk it's It's new fresh people have never heard It it's a novel idea and so I would I Love I think a lot of people overthink it and You know like if I were gonna go build a Personal brand right now or start a Business right now I would look at okay What are the the things that my Customers get wrong all the time And I might even theme it's like okay Every Monday I talk about lead Automation every Tuesday I talk about You know Um missed call text backs and how you Know every Wednesday I talk about Whatever and I'll just keep doing it Because every week right like you know This the odds that you know only X Percent of your audience sees a piece of Content anyway right so you know a lot Of people like oh well I talked about That last month and it's like yeah but 85 of your audience didn't even see the Content you know and and let alone did It resonate with them and you know going Back to Gary vaynerchuk I think he's a Great example he's been saying the same

Things For 10 years right but he continues to Do it over and over and over again and That's the whole thing is like I'm gonna Keep saying these same things until you Stop listening to me and you actually go Execute on them right Um so I think that's a great tip is that You know don't think that because you Said it once or that it's a year old That it's not valuable content Um because you'll be shocked at how Often you can repeat yourself That's that's interesting that you say That there's a couple things that you Made me think of yeah for once I think a Lot of the times marketing is teaching Marketing is showing it's playing Showcasing marketing I think is Something I mean there's different Approaches to it right I think selling Is saying get this get that marketing Sometimes is showing you ways to achieve Things so if you compare that to I don't Know when you went to school University High School whatever it is Professors and teachers they say the Same thing every single semester every Four months they get a new batch of People and they say the same story and Maybe they change the tone a little bit Or they shape it but still they've been Doing that for years and years and Decades so it's a bit of the same

Because they know they're getting a new A new group of students so it's the same If you want to get a new group of Clients you keep on telling the same Story now with the power of video and Being able to publish it online now this Is Evergreen but you're right even if You and Sean and whoever in high level Is pretty or anybody as an agency owner Is producing content and they repeat it Again it's still okay because maybe the The title and the thumbnail and stuff May everything is slightly different and Resonates with the new generation in a Different way or better And also you made me think of something Like I think recently I was searching For a specific marketer just because I Was curious about what they had to say What she had to say about Marketing in General because I'm I'm an eternal Student of marketers marketing is for me Is so interesting so I was like trying To search for her and I Google her name Funny enough I think number three interviewer had a Found or something was with you I was Like oh really I had no idea that chase Interviewed this person like in 2018 17 I don't know 19 maybe and that's so Young and then you didn't have this Sleek setup that you have right now you Were probably a different wall different Haircuts slightly you know

Swag uh it's so interesting to see and I Watched the whole video uh so it tells Me that I was looking for information That to me was relevant today that you Recorded two three years ago and it Still it was still relevant for me to Watch it I'm being of course you know I Use high level myself but if I wasn't And I was looking for that It could have made the connection for me To purchase even if it was three years Old because still giving relevant Information for what I need today and That's the power of recording and Publishing at any time I guess yeah 100 And I think agency owners are often Um You know suck at their own marketing Right like we it's just common right It's the the Cobblers children have no Shoes We're spend all of our time on our Clients we don't do good marketing for Ourselves and I honestly think this is Like you said it is a bit of a hack it's The easiest way to do a high volume Content marketing program Because all you have to do is Lay is Vocalize it and then you swing it over To the Futures and they're going to chop It up into a million pieces of content And now you just use it you know you can Schedule it out in high level now you Just schedule it all out in advance and Let the thing run

Um but I don't know if you've found but I have personally been so blown away When you start to do that How quickly You just feel the impact right all of a Sudden it's like people are messaging me About all these things I can't Oftentimes you can't like precisely Figure out what piece of content they Saw that made them reach out but it's Just like this Collective Um snowball of all of a sudden it's like Whoa we're busy like where did this come From and it's just because like you said You don't you don't you don't know where This content is going to end up right Like so and so shares it to so and so And next thing you know it's in some Reddit group or something and now you've Got all these people reaching out or You know if you here's the other thing I Love you guys know how to edit for tick Tock right and that's kind of a new Style of content right if you know a lot Of people are like oh I'm gonna go into Tick Tock and then they do what they They think they know how to do and it Doesn't resonate right it has to be like Quick Cuts you know the timing of it all That kind of stuff But the beautiful thing is now Facebook And Instagram have shifted to the same Style like reels it's the same thing and Now there's YouTube shorts so if I get

The content from you and I schedule it Across all these channels tick tock's Going to give me a chance to like Instantly get a huge amount of views Whereas YouTube shorts gets indexed Right YouTube's the second biggest Search engine in the world so now like You said two years from now people are Still going to be finding that content Because they're searching keyword-based Things Um Instagram could give me a huge influx Of business right now because the the Way things go viral on Instagram is Crazy Um and then I'm sure that similar things Are going to start to happen in Facebook And Instagram as they tweak their Algorithms to kind of match what Tick Tock is doing So I feel like if you're listening to This and you know that you're not doing A good job marketing your own agency Building ad campaigns and and that kind Of stuff is very uh takes a lot of time It's daunting but I do honestly think That you could just turn on your phone Or just even the the voice recorder and Swing it to a service like this And you'd be surprised at how fast you Have a packed content calendar planned Out two months ahead Yeah I mean so it's funny as you were Saying that I was thinking that

Basically when you build all that amount Of content you basically kind of Building like a Content beehive in a Sense uh because it's like everyone's Smelling the honey and they go close to It and you just keep on producing and Producing and producing more and every Once in a while this little b goes and Shares that in Reddit as you said it or Shares it in whatever Tick Tock and then That says like what do you get these oh It's over there where these we have Exists and you go back then it's like a Whole Channel full of information and That's when playlists coming to play so You can even start to catalog Uh let's say that example that we used Earlier like Um all the micro pieces to content that You can extract based on only cells on Different coaches that you guys have Interviewed for example they all have a Different take you can have a playlist Of shorts called how to sell better SAS Or something and it's just different 20 People's opinions on how to do it and You can pick and choose what fits you Best Um and I think that's the smart way to Approach these kind of things without Getting overwhelmed uh because I again That's the biggest bottleneck that I Find a lot of people have I mean it's Funny I mean you can keep on adding wood

To the fire and be like I'm gonna give You the curator I'm gonna give you these And then the next issue is like ah Um like who's going to start a jazzy so It's almost like sometimes I feel like Marketers are looking for a marketer to Help them with their own thing Um But I think marketers are better off Producing uh dedicating itself to their Fulfillment and selling more uh and and Of course having an idea of how they Want to present themselves but as you Said people often forget how important It is to promote yourself and stuff Um sometimes it is said that it's not The best company that have the most Sales is the most known company that has 100 you know Matt Casino makes this Point all the time it's like if you know Everything's a numbers game right if if I know I have a good piece of content And every thousand people that see it Five people buy Well if not even a hundred people ever See that piece of content how are you Ever going to get new customers right Like you just have to get people seeing Your message And I think you made a really good point In that there's a big difference between Sales type of content and marketing type Of content and everybody goes right to The sales type of content when it's

Really the marketing content it that is What you need to be focused on and I Think if you you know do the things that We've been talking about which is like Okay what are Let's say I'm a marketing agency and I Sell to Um plumbers right like what do I know That plumbers need to be doing that They're not doing what do I know their Common objections are when I try to sell The marketing Services Um what you know what are the Misconceptions that they have about Running ads or SEO or this or that you Know I would just make a list of these Things and then yeah like every day just Record a video on one Um record a voice memo whatever it is You create a mountain of content so fast And like you said I think a beehive is a Great example be or a great metaphor Because you know beehives there's so Much activity just swarming and that's What quick that's what it feels like When you start to put out a ton of Content you just feel you're like I Don't know which B it was but it's like You can just feel this Collective cloud Of activity around your brand Yeah I can I can see how that was the Feeling that you I mean when you guys I mean I mean I've been with you guys For a while but uh you guys have been

Churning out a lot of content and and You still can even more but I I I can See how you probably get more emails More people connecting to you just Literally on these interviews or other Stuff that you're producing on a Constant basis uh and yeah I mean There's so many tips and stuff that I Could give about this like people having Issues with like oh if I record these as Some people have this fear that they Have to put enough facade and be like This sales person hey how's it going They change themselves to do that and And that I mean to Easter on but I feel sometimes It's easier to use use your voice you be You and again people buy because it's You and that will make it easier for you Because you also feel true to yourself In the content that you're producing and People will people feel things you exude Who you are people feel who you are if You're real you're authentic is you're Not being like this you know quick Speaking self car person I don't know What I'm not to say you know like the People that is like you I hardly Understood but here's my money like uh I Think it's better off when you're like You know this is it and then and yeah I Think that's a good way to operate Um one thing that we're finding is that Some of our customers are now just to

Give an anecdote when it comes to Content Um we get often the question of like can I use this not only for myself but also To sell to my customers and the answer For that is usually yes because I'm a customer who said like who was Producing a lot of landing pages on a High level and WordPress with us And then one day he's like and I don't Know why he asked this because to me to Be honest it's it's okay for people to Resell what we do but then he he Literally he pays a subscription and he Created a website in WordPress he sold It for like nine thousand dollars nine Thousand dollars and we did it for him Like a week and he was telling me all About it's like like I my investment was Paid for the next half a year whatever With you guys in One landing page that You guys didn't last like five days uh So being a smart about that's what I Mean when I say like just go on there And sell and have a reliable team Helping you produce stuff uh at the Other day marketers and people that run Agencies I think they're storytellers to Create narratives that are compelling And by and by being good at it uh and by Having a good product and filming people Will buy from you uh based on that if You well that's really smart right Because you said like with your features

Plan you get let's say you have four Tickets at any given time well if I use One for my own content That means I could I could resell the Three Clients and and give them a Content Program Pages that you're selling to somebody For 9k Right and that's really smart now you're Kind of arbitraging You are generating more con clients Because you're marketing for yourself And then you're covering your costs and Making profit off of the other three Open tickets and I think that's a really Actually a great service to offer Because you can If if I'm a marketer and I sell to Plumbers I know all the things that Plumbers should be talking about to Their potential customers right because That's what I do I do marketing for Plumbers right so I could give that list To every plumber client of mine and say Hey Every Monday I want you to send me a Voice memo about this Don't don't if you've said it a hundred Times I don't care just say it again in A different you know what I mean like Every Tuesday I want you to send me Something about this or whatever and now You take that content you hand it over

To the Futures they give it back to you You pass it on and you're just making Money in between I think that's a genius Service That's a great example yeah it's like It's client's homework right the only Thing you're going to do with Mr Klein Or Mrs client is just give me your voice Let me borrow your voice this is the Script read it all because it's your Voice we're going to publish it on your Social media because let's say the angle That they're taking is snna like social Media management as an agency which a Lot of people do would go high level and Then social media management what is it It's basically having clients pay you on A recurring basis for you to keep their Social media live uh and and running and Authentic and all this type of stuff so The marketer comes up with the strategy As you said and then they turn that into Something that is consumable by their Customers and produce it is a cycle and It keeps your cash flow healthy and it Keeps your customer happy because you're Constantly doing that as a base thing to Charge for and you can do upsells on That like you know I'll do your ads now I can do your SEO now I can do whatever It is uh cold calling whatever it is That your agency model offers but then If you have a recurring based Foundational offer that is constant that

I think will keep them as your customer For months and months a month and Avoiding the most you know Which is I think a lot of agencies Issues uh avoiding I really I really Love this idea I mean I have shied away From organic social media content as a Service because in in the past my my Experience was it didn't work right it Didn't work very well just creating Pictures that get posted on somebody's Facebook and Instagram page after a Couple of months they're like yeah this Isn't really generating any business for Me and it's hard to it's hard to fight That like yeah it's probably not like It's a good idea to keep stuff flowing Through your feed but it's not like a Needle mover like ads are But this type of content I think is Right because it is authentic it's their Voice it's making connections and it Would be so easy to feed them topics Right because like if I work with only Plumbers or if I work with only Restaurants or whatever anytime there's Anything new in the industry Hey record me your take on that new type Of PVC that is now being used or that New I mean imagine a restaurant Hey everybody send me send me a five Minute clip about a new item and why you Put it on your menu

Oh well that one is actually my Grandma's recipe you know she's from uh Italy and you know I remember being a Kid eating that and now you're crying And now all of a sudden you're you know You've got a line outside of your Restaurant because of this great story That you told Um that got chopped up into some nice Micro content I think that's a really Scalable service That would have a big impact on a Business that you could run right Through you you guys I mean I think That's really Yeah I mean you know I I again like These are things that to make the Business feel comfortable you don't have To charge them A lot you can charge them I don't know Depending on the number and the offer That you create like 250 bucks 500 bucks A month let's say but you got the the Let's say you do it in graphics only we Produce 30 data Graphics in under three Days maybe less that's one customer so If you have 30 customers you're charging Them 300 bucks then you can see how that Stacks up on your monthly recruitment Revenue and the job for each of those is Done every three days for the whole Month so you can keep on picking up Customers that's that's the one thing The other thing is that we have these

Briefs that you can use from us that we Actually as I say we have a copywriting Theme so we can actually do the whole Job for the customer like create the Captions for this for for the stuff we Can create in the actual uh copyright Copywriting for the landing pages and Other stuff and that's all included so All you have to do really is request Stuff and understand your customer I Cannot emphasize this enough uh the best Flavor you can do to your own business Or agency is to really really understand Your customer I know that there are People that go horizontal or vertical or Whatever whatever reason you choose I think people should be as honors Business owners students of their Customers and this like literally when I Was looking for the interview that of This lady and you were interviewing her That's just me Studying Marketers because we cater and we work With marketers but because I'm a I'm not Obsessed it's not the war it doesn't Sound too healthy but but I'm uh I'm Passionate about about the the industry I love uh understanding marketing so Interesting at a psychological level uh So that's what you mean studying them so If your Niche is Plumbing or Dentistry Or whatever I understand everyone wants To make money but it will be a plus if

You choose a niche that you can if You're not passionate about that you can See yourself becoming passionate about In the sense of not doing it yourself But understanding that it's it's really Trying to you really have to care about People I guess you really have to want To learn from people This is something I found with you guys You are when I every time I spoken to You or anybody in in the team like uh You know uh from from go high level I Feel like they they asked me tell us a Personal questions and we get into Personal conversations and being Interested in people is a great thing to Have when it comes to working with People I think I don't know that's just My break 100 and it that makes it easier Right and that's the the biggest reason Why you know we generally tell people That you should pick a niche and work With only those types of businesses Because Once you get to know one dentist really Well you know you learn things that you Can apply to all dentists right and now You're scaling and and that's kind of What I'm getting at like I really feel Like you can create a really nice Content program Based on topics that work for any Dentist because you learn them really You you know you work with one maybe and

To your point you know I always say if you can pick an industry You're passionate about that's great but More importantly for me is pick an Industry you're somehow connected to Right maybe your uncle or your Brother-in-law is a dentist and you're Like hey I'd like to do some free stuff For you in exchange for your knowledge Your testimonial your whatever and That's how you figure out all these Things that you then go and say okay Great I got it like it sounds like every Dentist sells this thing called Invisalign and every consumer is Confused about should they get braces or Invisalign That is a perfect opportunity for every One of my customers to talk about I can Record that I can turn that into content And now I can use high level to schedule The content out so I'm not just Providing content I'm also providing the Service of it being published And wow what a nice package all of a Sudden we just created right and yeah we Can leverage the pricing at the Futures And the same thing with the high level You get unlimited accounts for one Monthly price you could quickly build a Very scalable business that you could go To any dentist and say hey I know this Is going to work for you right because I Only work with dentists I know that you

You know talk about invisalignolite Right yep I do I know that you know you You whiten people's teeth and you Probably are okay giving away a free Session right like yep great boom you've Got the whole thing ready to go yeah and I mean and usually these uh just all These niches that you mentioned these Are smart people they look at their Competitors and they're thinking these Guys next door the chiropractors of the Dentist they're producing tons of Content look at my content game uh There's a certain pressure If you go When you're trying to sell these kind of Things you're like well I mean I found These five competitors of yours these Are all like three mile ready from you They look at every day they're posting Or every two days look at these guys They're doing this is like how about you Let me help you with that that's an easy Sale and and by the way I'm not gonna Like you know I don't know how to break Your bank like it's not gonna be this is This is less than it will cause you to Bring people in and then once they're Happy with that stuff then you can Observe to things that help and get the ROI because I understand this whole Thing of like people after you posting On their behalf they're like well I Don't see the ROI on that ah you just Putting pretty pictures for me it's like

Huh I understand that it's A Hard Sell Sometimes on that so therefore I always Say Uh that that pricing doesn't have to be Like oblivious to to something so it Doesn't have to be too costly but then You can observe to other stuff like Constantly creating offers for them Publishing their uh their websites that They can make in WordPress through a High level good stuff Um doing the lead generation doing the SEO and all this type of stuff so Um there is a lot here and also one Thing that I find is like the most this Is just because I work with other Marketers The most successful agencies I see out There that I we work with are the ones That truly Truly understand that their customer Needs can be fulfilled with three or Four features with high level for Example not the 90 features that they Can probably use from it this is like We're gonna use GMC we're going to use This we're going to use this this and That that's my offer it's like it's About creating an offer out of this Whole robust machine called DHL instead of like overwhelming Yourself trying to use every single Feature that gets launched every single Week if that makes sense

100 and one other thing that you made me Think of is It's so much easier to sell a package Around Like oh yeah every day we'll post a Picture it's like a stock image of a Plumber and some words or whatever Versus oh we're gonna post content that Is your voice or your video but in the Professional setting right like we're People are vain like we love to see and Hear ourselves and when you guys put the Treatment that you do on a video clip it All of a sudden looks very professional Right and you look like an authority and So I could see it being very easy to go Sell to dentist doctors like whoever Because it's like Yeah like your competitors are putting Out stock images every day or whatever But you're you know we're gonna make you Look like a rock star right like and as Soon as you see one piece of content of Yourself In that caliber of content It's almost like I would imagine there's Like a dopamine thing going on where You're like yes I would like more of That please make me look awesome and Like an expert in my industry every day That that's fantastic cause I'm sold Well I mean that's actually a thing they Say like people's favorite favorite Topic is themselves

They can talk about and sell the better Of you are the only thing I would say Like look at your own behavior like I Mean I don't know about you but I know That for example My wife goes on YouTube looks at how Somebody that has a nice I don't know Whatever fridge or jar for water or Whatever and then she goes like Oh look I said yeah and I got these in whatever Store and then immediately she makes a Connection Google's the the brand and Shops from that people are shopping by Looking at video social media and stuff So it does have a huge influence in your Behavior because I buy things when I see Somebody else talking about it it's just The same that we will do in the past When you go and meet for a coffee I was Like oh where did you get that watch oh I got it there and then you're like oh Thanks and then you next week you have The watch Now it's just two videos and it's people That you don't necessarily know but that You somehow like or trust their style Their way of living their tone whatever And then you're like oh I like that Because We are creatures of our surroundings uh I don't know if that makes sense you Know we are totally influenced by what We surrounds ourselves with which is What the algorithm does he has created

That superficial landscape that we used To have in the streets of a city or Something like that 100 and for me it's Becoming clearer and clearer that we are Creatures of Um opinions and we and while the current State of the world especially in the United States is oh if if your opinion Is not mine then we we hate each other The truth is that's the exact opposite Of the way that the world is right like So imagine Uh I'm a med spa owner and you're a med Spa owner right I used to work with a Lot of Med spas and they all offer some Sort of body sculpting and um CoolSculpting was like the most popular One when when I was doing this but other Places would have and they would use uh Cold to freeze fat in your body right so They would like make it really cold and Then supposedly like the fat Crystallizes in in your body processes It out well other Med Spas would choose A machine that does the opposite heat And it would like heat up and melt the Fat in your body and your body would Possibly right so two Med Spas you and I I sell CoolSculpting you sell the the Heat one Um let's assume they both work Well blue or red pill blue red pill Right like all I have to do is talk About hey um can you please send me a

Video of why you chose to offer CoolSculpting to your patients instead Of a heat-based one and I go well to me You know I did a bunch of research and It just seems safer to cool down fat as Opposed to whatever you make a video and It's like oh well you know Um I I hate being cold and apparently People like me react negatively whatever Your justification is right you're gonna Attract customers and I'm gonna attract Customers but if we don't give our Opinions at all the customers don't know Who to choose And so to me it's like you have to Voice your opinion because it's not Right or wrong it's just going to Resonate with certain people and it Won't resonate with others and that's Completely fine but the worst thing to Do is to not resonate with anyone I Guess is what I'm getting at 100 yeah You can only be 100 you cannot cater to Everyone because that's catering to no One and at the same time you're totally Right I mean it goes back to We're storytellers marketers are Storytellers should tell your story That's what makes you you that's what Makes your agency and it's going to be Opposed to somebody else's and your Differentiator is that and that's what's Going to attract people that are Like-minded and these people will

Attract their people and you know There's a huge market for everyone the World is so abundant right that you just Need to attract people that you really Care to work with and that you have Enjoyed a good life working with and and Be able to find those that crowd for you I think every business owner has made Decisions About why they opened a business why They chose the location why they chose The things that they're selling you know All even their hours why they chose to Close on Sundays or Tuesdays or whatever Like all of these things could be Content right and I think it's actually Way easier to create really high quality Content through video these days than it Was to try to run content programs Around stock images and stuff like that And so Um yeah I mean I could talk about this Stuff for days but I know we're coming Up on time I think what you guys are Doing now is really smart and the fact That you can run multiple tickets on one At one flat price point I think should Be very appealing to agencies because if You're smart you could really leverage That into a profit Center Yeah yeah Um for sure um hopefully people check it Out and I have one free thing to offer People that oh right yeah

Um so if you so we did a whole class on How to think about your content and Strategize Etc so if you're interested In that there's a link for it it's I'm Gonna read it out it's offers That the features that IO Slash free training so offers that the slash free training hopefully You guys can put a link somewhere here Uh and that will take you to a free Training on how to start scaling your Content think about it and and not get Stuck on certain things a lot of people Might be fine hopefully Very cool and um we should also plug Your Instagram because we were talking About it and it looks pretty fun oh yeah That's full of news right That's full of memes and you will find It hilarious hopefully uh that's the Sign the Futures uh and then you will Just see his name is Eduardo and he's All over the place he was you know being A dramatic boy about like oh my God I Produced One real or a baby so I did That we laugh internally all the time About it and you know he gets into role So he gets into his it's pretty good It's pretty good stuff so and the fact Is that this person some more customers Talk to this person on the daily basis He works in the company doing stuff so It makes it even more interesting That's great I love it cool well we'll

Get that link up Um for the offers the the website is the William thank you so much as Always for coming on the show to hang Out Thank you Chase uh it's really really Good to see you right so talk to you Soon Thanks for watching guys see in the next One [Music]

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