Conversation Updates Download attachments & custom error messages for 3rd party API

Hey happy Wednesday everybody Sean Coming at you from high level so wanted To let you know uh two quick things here So one is on the API side so uh Conversation update so basically we've Rolled out the ability to capture custom Error messages for the custom Conversation provider so this is kind of Cool if you're not using this so on the API you can sort of like turn off your Brain for a second there's another Update in a minute but basically um the Idea is we have the ability to in uh to Integrate any custom third-party Messaging provider that could be SMS it Could be uh like I don't know any kind Of messaging at all it doesn't have to Really be SMS but now you also have the Ability if you're using that API to Deliver custom error messages so for Example here you can see it says contact Doesn't have full address so the idea is If you're sending out a message request And there's an error of some kind you Can now send that error message back to Us and it will actually appear right There um so you can inform the user Exactly how you want to do it And so um anyways that's now in the API Uh you can go ahead and pause this video And read all these details if you want To so now next up Um also another conversation update We've rolled out the attachment not

Found tag component for all messages Inbound and um outbound and what is this So basically unloading messages in the Conversation panel if the attachments Are present we'll check um and if They're accessible we'll let you know uh Whether or not they're uh there or not If the attachments are accessible we'll Also give you the attachment preview and Download button this is present as of Today and you'll see here if it's not Present you'll get a URL not found and You can sort of see this these Attachments may not be supported um Quick note there PHP and HTML files we Have now uh actually filtered these out Because we found that they were actually Causing uh people were like out people Are sending you the agency or your Customers Um actually malicious sort of PHP files And things and so we sort of Automatically take those out now so we Don't get impacted but other than that It just is a cool way to not only let You know that the obviously the Attachment's there but also give you the Ability to download it as well so Anyways those two updates are live right Now just wanted to let you know I hope You're having awesome start to your Wednesday and I will see you in the next Video in a couple minutes thanks

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