Create a Mandalorian-Inspired Photo Effect [no spoilers!]

Thanks to a Pedro Pascal Star Wars Day And Father's Day are one and the same This year hi I'm Abby Esparza and I want To take this generic Raider man and turn Him into a not a Pedro pesto but into a Mandalorian who maybe like crash landed Onto a mad max-like planet and just Decided to stay no tablets no digital Painting no patience some people don't Have one or any of those things Sometimes those people are me and that's Perfectly fine all resources featured Today can be found over on in vital Touch plus get unlimited downloads of Photos and fonts all with super simple Commercial licensing plus a no locking Contract means you can cancel anytime a Subscribe now with the link down in the Description uh follow along with me We're going to start by putting together Our Sky focusing on creating a nice Blend of a Sundown and Starry Night Situation I already have a base of stars A year for me And next let's create a new layer set to Screen and paint a bloom of orange light On the bottom half of the canvas I'm Using these Mandalorian uh promo images As my main point of reference that's Kind of the vibe we're going for And we can get right to my favorite part The clouds we're going to need an image Of scattered clouds on a slightly dark Blue background something with

Perspective and a clear gradient of Light to dark blue sky because we're Going to double click that layer and Look at the blend if section focusing on This layer we're going to use these Toggles to remove the darker values of The image which will then blend away the Upper sky but leave the clouds and Lighter Sky hold shift to split these Toggles up and keep pulling them towards The right until you achieve that you Know Blended Sky effect Clean up any harsh edges with layer mask If you need to You may also end up with some stars in The dark clouds usually that's not that Big of a deal but it's a really easy fix Let's just duplicate our Sky layer right Click clear any layer Styles and bring That layer below the original sky and Then we can add a new layer mask invert The mask using Ctrl I turning it black And all we have to do is mask in the Clouds wherever we don't want those Stars to peek through Foreign By pushing the colors more into that Teal and orange range I'm going to run Through this really fast but if you want The full breakdown of the image settings And all you can check out the written Version linked down below starting with A screen layer we can just manually Paint in some light going from Orange to

Teal up top And we're going to further reinforce That teal and orange with a gradient Fill layer set to Overlay this will also Add a touch of contrast And you can finish up dialing in that Contrast in brightness using a curved Layer I'm going to bring down the Mid-tones And I think this will wrap up our sky But the colors still aren't really where I want them to be yet I usually save This step for last but let's add our Color grade in and this will give us the Final teal and orange colors I'm going To just paste this in but again the Written version will have all these Specifics we're mostly just pushing the Teals and oranges and this group will Stay at the top of our layer stack you Can even lock it to keep it out of your Way but what I really want to get to is Our main subject our soon to be a Mandalorian meets Mad Max I already have Him pre-extracted and we'll do some Speedy color adjusting using filter Camera raw and selecting Auto this will Just add some fast contrast we are going To add even more contrast using a curves Layer inside of our subject Bringing Down the Shadows slightly and then we'll Use opacity to further dial in that Contrast we'll also be placing layers Underneath this layer I hear in a bit

But first we're going to put our subject And group named subject this will help When adding in our helmet later on Before that though we have to clip some Color adjustment layers into this group Starting with a hue saturation layer Removing negative 70 saturation from the Blues And then next let's clip a curves layer Bringing up the Shadows this is going to Look really intense and too bright but Once we add back in our shadows it'll All end up evening out But now that we do have a slightly more Neutral base we can add in our shadows Let's make a colorful layer set to dark Blue and clip it into that subject group Above these layers here and set that Layer to multiply bringing the opacity Down to around 70 percent Next we're going to uh double click Again and adjust the blend if settings Blending the layer away from the Subject's highlights so this time we're Using the underlying layer sliders again Holding alt to break up these sliders Now we want to remove this Shadow from The edge of the subject you could do This by hand but my favorite way to do This for a quick Shadow is to delete the Current layer mask on the color fill Layer hold the Ctrl command and then Click the subject layer this will create A selection around the subject next

Let's go to select modify contract and Contract by 150 pixels or so feel free To play with that amount But now let's add a new layer mask to The colorful layer increasing the Feather by 50 pixels or so And then we can also duplicate that Shadow layer and set it to Hue to bring Even more blue into our shadows The Shadows like these are always paired With some Rim light however and we can Use our existing layers to create one Super fast let's duplicate the shadow Color fill layer and bring it to the top Of the clipped layer stack I set the Color to an orange color The blend mode to color and the opacity To a hundred percent Now we're going to invert the layer mask So now it's on the edges here And then we just need to switch up the Blend of settings we want this layer to Be Blended away from the shadows and not The highlights so basically we're just Switching everything up If the edges do need a bit more light Which in this case they definitely do Add some using a clipped curves layer Also removing the layer from the Shadows Using blend if I do have some really good tutorials on How to paint really nice room lighting Which would look great here but this is Going to do for now

Because we gotta get to the Mandalorian Portion of this Mandalorian tutorial in This case it's the helmet the main goal Is to try and turn a generic sci-fi Costume into something more Mandalorian Inspired without just copying and Pasting helmets from blorez screenshots Which first means we need to remove all Of what our current helmet has going on We need a blank slate we could paint but Not everyone has a tablet or the Patience for that and this is where Content aware Phil is Gonna Save the Day Let's duplicate the subject and clip the Duplicate into the original and let's Grab the lasso tool and set the feather To 10 pixels We want to select the mouth and nose Portion of the helmet Now let's go to edit content aware fill The default settings should work fine But we can always flip through these and See what looks best Importantly we want to remove the Green From any areas we don't want Photoshop To sample from so we don't want any of The ropes or cloth we really just want The helmet and the upper part of the Chest Foreign We just want a smoother base with a Metal like texture since the rest of the Armor and helmet is pretty rough and Rugged we don't have to worry about

Having you know perfect shiny Surface by Default it'll paste as a new layer we Clip your layers back into the subject If you need to And then we're going to hold shift and Select the flat subject and the content Fill layer hold alt slash option drag The layers to duplicate them and then Right click merge them And then on this merged layer we're Going to repeat that content aware fill Step as well as the duplicate step And this is going to remove the goggles [Music] And now for our actual helmet design I Definitely consider bringing up a Reference to the Mandalorian style Helmet feel free to trace if you're Using only a mouse like I am I'm very bad with a mouse but it doesn't Matter you're still going to be able to Do that if you are also bad with a mouse Like I am all we're doing is recreating A very simplified version of the primary Eye visor on three separate layers so You'll make the eye part a soft black The base a medium gray and then a light And dark area on each side of the base To create the metal curve shape think of This though like a rough draft oh we Just need shapes that are going to hold Our textures and Lighting We're going to add some texture using The lasso tool to select and copy the

Helmet's surface the surface is going to Be our texture So we're going to paste and clip that Texture into each gray shape setting Each layer to hard light You'll likely have to adjust the angle And size of the textures to make them Fit and flow better you can also try Different blend modes and opacity levels And now all we have to do is add some Shadows and highlights onto all three Layers and this will help bring them all Together and blend them with our already Existing helmet I use layers set to Overlay and screen For most of my shadows and highlights Just with a soft round default brush set To black and white I used a harder brush For some of the harder highlights on the Visor and Edge of the helmet you can Also use the smudge brush to drag out Highlights making them look more natural Again this is a great trick if you're Using a mouse and no tablet You're really just going to want to use As many layers as you need adjust their Opacity as you need to clipping each Layer into whatever shape you're Lighting and shading by using clipping Masks and multiple different layers we Can be as sloppy as we need to there is No Precision going on here You can also group all the shapes Together and use clipped overlay layers

To create a more Global lighting to help The three shapes appear as one object as Well as creating some Shadow layers Below the shape if you need some casted Shadows Try and use the already existing Highlights and shadows to guide you And then we'll finish everything up with A simple little white light flare on the Flashlight I use this pre-made flare set To screen I did change it to a slight Pale orange color Um try and go with pale light colors as Opposed to flat white And we're dropping in a little Dwarf Planet slash moon to frame our Bounty Hunter our budget a papa Pedro Pesco a Moons and plants like this are super Easy to whip up we do a complete walk Through in that written tutorial a link Down below And there we have it a mad Mandalorian a Pedro Pascal imposter feel free to Switch up the visor and helmet design Super easy to do and the colors too if That classic teal orange sci-fi color Combo isn't doing it for you I don't Know why it wouldn't or check out some Of the other videos that envirotest plus Has to offer if you did like this video Consider giving us a like and even Subscribing if you still need to and Remember to click the little bell icon To be notified of all new videos

Including tips tricks course tutorials Happy designing see you next time Foreign

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