Custom Unsubscribe Links In HighLevel Email Builder

Foreign To customize and unsubscribe Link in an Email first create a landing page with Whatever you'd like the person to see After they unsubscribe Next get the URL to that page and once You have it copied head over to the Marketing tab select trigger links and Click add a link give it a name and Paste your link in the link URL field Then hit save Next you want to go to your email scroll Down to the footer remove the default Unsubscribe text if it's still there and Then add your unsubscribe message then Highlight your message click the link Icon and select your unsubscribe trigger Link in the link list drop down menu Then hit save and also don't forget to Save your email Now we want to go create a workflow so Go to the automation tab click create Workflow and start from scratch once Inside your workflow go ahead and give It a name To build the trigger click add new Workflow trigger select triggerling Clicked and name your workflow trigger Next click add filters select trigger Link in the drop down then your Unsubscribe trigger Link in the next Drop down then hit save Next hit the plus button below the Workflow trigger to create your action

Select set contact DND followed by the Specific parameters that you want to D And D for this example we will select Enable DND or specific channels and only Check email you can choose whichever is Best for your specific situation once You have that set up just switch your Workflow from draft to publish and save Your workflow now whenever somebody Clicks that link it'll redirect to the Landing page and on the back end the Trigger will fire and it will activate The Do Not Disturb email function for That contact [Music]

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