Customize & Insert a PowerPoint Calendar

PowerPoint slides are a great way to Track projects and using a calendar in PowerPoint lets you do exactly that it's A stylish way to share key Milestones hi I'm Andrew Childress and in this video I'm going to show you how to insert a Calendar into PowerPoint when you know How to insert calendar in PowerPoint Designs you'll wow in the audience you Can share dates timelines and Milestones In a visually stunning way for today's Calendar tutorial PowerPoint we'll work With the beautiful 2023 calendar Infographic template from elements I Have it downloaded and opened up in PowerPoint here as you can see this one Is full of many stylish and unique Calendar layouts all you'll need to do Is pick the right timeline then drop in Your own details for example I can pick The month of April here you'll see the Calendar layout here in the middle these Colorful squares are designs I've used To call out key dates the squares call Your audience's attention to those dates Over here on the left notice the these Text placeholders they let me add Additional context to the slide to add Details here simply click into one of The text boxes and select the contents Then begin typing in your own words as You're seeing me do here I'll Flash Forward and you can see how the slide is Filled out it's an amazing calendar

Timeline PowerPoint slide ready in Moment you can leave it in this slide Deck or you can paste it into another Presentation to be a standalone calendar Slide design of your own let's look at Some other slide designs for example This one shows two months at once it's a Compelling way to add even more detail To your favorite calendar in PowerPoint Design one thing I like to do is adjust The colors for even more contrast to do That let's click on a shape to select it Then come up here to the shape format Tab here on the ribbon click on it then Choose the shape fill drop down on the Color Chooser browse these color options Then click on one of the thumbnails to Apply the new design instantly you'll See the a look and feel of your calendar In PowerPoint transform it's how to add A PowerPoint calendar fast you can also Build a PowerPoint calendar animation Design to animate a calendar in PowerPoint click on the calendar to Select it as you're seeing me do here Now come up to the ribbon again clicking On the animations tab this time in this Gallery here click on the drop down Arrow to launch the full list of Animation options choose one and you'll See it apply to your calendar in real Time this is a fun way to make your Calendar More unique audiences will Always thank you for making your slides

More interesting and an animated Calendar is a great way to do it you can Also work with a built-in PowerPoint Calendar template to do this come up Here to the file menu found in the upper Left corner of PowerPoint click on it And choose new from the list of options Here on the left in this search box Let's type in calendar and hit enter you Can click on one of these template Thumbnails here to start working with The design you've chosen As you can see it's amazingly easy to Add calendar in PowerPoint designs That's all thanks to premium envato Elements templates for 2023 elements is A creative resource with a compelling Offer unlimited downloads that's right For a flat monthly rate you can download And use as many calendar and PowerPoint Templates as you want and that's not all Elements includes millions of other Digital assets like fonts stock photos And so much more you can't afford to Miss out before you go be sure to click Like on this video then subscribe to our Envato tots plus YouTube channel there You'll find countless other roundups Tutorials and so much more you can't Afford to miss out I'm Andrew Childress For envato tuts plus and thanks so much For joining me Foreign

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