David’s Journey To 8 Figures with Seven Figure Agency

Hi my name is David kozlaric and I'm With agency elevation when we first Started with Josh Nelson and seven Figure agency I don't know her exact mrr But I know we were only at six figures a Year not even at seven you know the Biggest struggles and things we're Looking to solve for definitely are Related to systems processes hiring Firing how to grow and generate clients Through you know cold methods and Outbound and Josh had a system for us That that really helped with that where Are we now with our mrr so I don't know The exact numbers again because we're Growing so fast but we're over eight Figures a year now so we've had Tremendous growth since we've been with Josh and seven figure agency life is so Much better and different in many good Ways we obviously work a lot more but Things are growing well because of the Structure and systems that we've learned From Josh and following his system and Seven figure agency so what are some Things that have made a big difference Is joining uh 7fa with Josh we've really Learned to implement processes and so Stick to a structure so it's easy as an Agency owner to want to deviate take Control of everything yourself but Learning to delegate hire have a process That you follow has just been the Biggest thing for us as we scaled over

80 employees so I think the biggest Thing that I can say about Josh Nelson And with seven figure agencies is that Anytime I've been to Josh for I don't Know exactly at least five years or Close to that he's always been there to Help no matter what he's always Available and accessible and he's always Willing to give advice or dig into Something personally and it's hard to Find you know a lot of agency groups you Join you're just a number there's a Pre-recorded system and that's not the Case with Josh he delivers more than Anybody and he's always accessible and Transparent with what he's doing and it Works if someone's thinking about Joining seven figure agency they should Do it they should not think twice about It they shouldn't look back 100 you need To be in this if you have an agency you Will grow I've never seen a more Successful group of agency owners than Those with Josh and seven figure agency

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