Deep Linking for Custom Left Menu Items

Hey everybody happy Wednesday Sean Coming at you from high level so I know I look like the ShamWow guy right now But I had this terrible Um Mike situation so I just had to solve It so hopefully this is better audio Quality even though I look weird but I Just wanted to highlight this feature Actually dropped this morning this is Awesome so this was written by Anish She's one of our senior developer Development managers and he's amazing He's been with us for a very long time He's a uh um but he manages a really big Team but he was on a call with a Customer today and the customer's like Hey I'd really like it if you could add This feature now don't don't take this To me this will happen every day but I I Love when we can do this and he thought The feature was so awesome that he added It and it's already live today so I Wanted to bring this to you because I Thought it was fantastic so check this Out so for those of you who know we have The ability to add custom left menu Items to the app and the great thing About that is it allows you to actually Customize what you can do in the app Right so before this you had two options You had the ability to open in an iframe In the right hand side and or excuse me Or you have the ability to pop a new tab Um but this now we have an actual third

Option called open in current window and What this is is think about it like deep Linking so it allows you to have this Really finite granular control over what You're linking people to in the left Menu so in this case for example you can Actually you can use custom values with It but notice what he's doing here he's Actually deep linking somebody to the Media settings so you could literally Say Hey listen I want to uh I'm gonna Have something that says media settings On the left hand side click it and it'll Actually take you to the media settings So anyways this is a really cool small Update that I think provides a ton of Value and I'm just excited that we're Able to get it out so fast so anyways I Hope all of you having an awesome Wednesday and I will see you in the next Video and you can't just get one GM wire You can get two cm miles now you get Five Jam miles for the price of one no Just kidding anyways talk to you later Bye

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