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If you're in a digital marketing agency I've got something really excited and I Want to walk you through it's called the Ultimate agency funnel this is something I presented at the high level Summit Earlier this year it was really well Received so I thought it'd be great to Create a video for you to kind of walk You through exactly what it is how it Works and how you can implement it in Your agency to get clients to come to You pre-positioned to buy so if you're Tired of chasing prospects down if You're tired of relying on just cold Outreach and networking and referrals And you want to have a systematic Approach to have new clients scheduling On your calendar come to your Pre-position to buy definitely going to Want to watch this video Foreign [Music] So I want to start by saying this funnel Is proven this works really really well I've been running this for for several Years in our agency and I was just Running the math in terms of like the Numbers that have actually been produced Through this we've generated over 32 000 Inbound leads 2 712 strategy sessions Booked 561 sold retainer-based clients And 1.2 million dollars in Mr monthly Recurring revenue generated if I kind of Add it all up this funnel I'm about to

Walk you guys through has generated over 32 million dollars in Revenue so this Has proven this works for agencies in a Niche focused environment and it will Work really well for you as well and so From a high level the ultimate agency Funnel is just a simple three-step Process first thing we want to do is we Want to get the prospects to opt in then We want them to schedule in on an Appointment and then we we have to make Sure that we've got a process to convert Now you guys have all heard yeah I need To have opt-ins I need to have lead Magnets and things like that and so we Could talk for a long time about cool Lead magnets you could use within your Agency what I want to focus on is what Happens after somebody schedules in or After they request your lead magnet Because that's really where most of us Drop the ball let's just say you're Going to use the lead magnet of a cheat Sheet the ultimate cheat sheet for the People in your Niche to generate better Results online What I often see is go to landing page And after that page is seen We take it straight to where they can Download the lead magnet it's gonna okay Go watch the thing well the reality is That is your most captive opportunity With your prospect like right when They've opted in for your thing you want

To offer them a shortcut you want to use A video on that page that says hey Thanks so much for requesting this cheat Sheet it's going to be awesome I went Ahead and sent it to you via email let Me walk you through the key Concepts That are in this lead magnet and let me Talk to you about why you're going to Want to schedule a time with us now so We can show you how to implement this in Your business I promise if you kind of Add that little component to the front Right after somebody opts in for Whatever it is lead magnet cheat sheet Guide case study you give them the Shortcut via auto play video you're Going to get more of your prospects to Do what you want them to do which is Actually schedule it on your counter That's the first thing the second thing Is we got to make sure we're following On up on all fronts I see a lot of Agencies they've got lead magnets like This somebody opts in and they send the Confirmation email like an email goes Out and says hey here's the lead magnet Well the reality is we need to make sure We absolutely have a follow-up sequence That touches them a number of times at Least seven to ten times over the next Four weeks that will move those people From interested to to The Next Step Which is scheduling in so that's the Opt-in process a couple basic tweaks you

Can make there The next thing is we want to we want to Have a process where somebody can Schedule in this is at the very bottom Of your funnel this is your your Appointment funnel and yes there's Simple tools like calendly and schedule Wants that you can use high level is the Tool I love and that I suggest and you Know all of these systems can can let Somebody pick a time on the counter what I'm going to suggest is you have a Dedicated page a dedicated page that Says hey if you're ready to take your Niche business whatever it is roofing Company AC company plumbing company in Our case to the next level I'd like to Offer you a complimentary strategy Section we'll look at your online Marketing strategy will show you exactly Where there's room for improvement and Kind of sell them on why they want to Schedule this appointment now Again that's simple stuff really where I Find most agencies drop the ball they Miss they don't wind up getting the full Outcome is what happens after they book The Time right they've just said I'll Meet with you on Thursday at four O'clock through the scheduling platform That's where they're most captive so you Really want to sell them on showing up For the appointment you want to sell Them on the value they're going to get

On that appointment so we want to do That through autoplay on the Confirmation page and then we really Don't just want them to come in and be Like okay let's see how this goes we Want to warm them up ideally your Appointment process takes somebody that Might not know you to the point where They've gotten some value from you and They start to believe that you're world Class in your Niche by showing them Examples and case studies in advance I'll show you some visuals of this here In a second but ideally we want to have An autoplay video and give them some Homework hey take a look at the case Study below just so you can get a sense Of what's possible for you in your Roofing business in your plumbing Business in your chiropractic company And give them some homework to kind of Pre-assess in a Advance we found by Adding that simple tweak to our Confirmation process more and more Prospects were showing up and they were Showing up excited about what we could Do less like hey show me more like hey How much is this going to cost Let me know in the comments if you think That would be beneficial if you think You could have more and more clients Kind of leaning in when they show up to Your appointments as opposed to just Showing up and being like hey tell me

What you can do So the other thing we definitely want to Like kind of get them excited and ready And we do that by sending email Confirmation hey here add it to your Calendar now also following up with that Additional homework we want them to get Following up via email and text message To remind them to actually show up if You've got to show up problem with your Appointment process that's probably Where it can be tweaked and I'll share One ninja hack that really helped us Improve our show up rates significantly On the appointment process and that's Leveraging social media in addition to Email and text message what we found is If we can find that person on social Media that just scheduled connect with Them whether it's on Facebook Instagram LinkedIn connect with them now they've Scheduled they see a personal friend Request and then shoot them a quick Personal video hey Bob I see you just Scheduled really looking forward to our Session if you can get them to accept You and then watch that brief video I Can assure you your show up rate is Going to Skyrocket compared it to what It is right now so we've talked about The opt-in we've talked about the Appointment the next thing is is what I Call a hotly follow-up I don't know About you the whole point of our sales

Process right the whole point of our Appointment funnel is to get prospects In our Niche to schedule in on the Counter right we want them to show up so We can take them through a nice sales Process that says hey here's what you're Doing today here's there's where there's Room for improvement here's what we can Do to help and ask for the business now Ideally the people say yes they give you The credit card every now and then You're going to get the one call close But what I found is in the agency space Typically the client wants to get an Agreement that kind of explains what's Going to be included they want to talk It over with some of the team members And there's a little bit of a of a Follow-up process that goes into Actually getting the deal signed a Couple of tips here in your in your Closing process first of all make sure You schedule the next appointment right After the meeting like never let the Meeting go okay I'll send you the the Overview and we'll take it from there Right on that call say absolutely that Sounds right let's schedule a follow-up You know next next Thursday at three or Whatever time works for them get that Booked in but what we've found has Really helped in our agency to improve Our close ratio from appointment to sign Deal and with the agencies that we work

With in seven figure agency is having What I call a hot lead follow-up which Is a pre-engineered sequence of emails And communication that follows up with Those prospects over the next two weeks To remind them hey you're still in Process to give them additional details Maybe examples maybe client references That they could reach out to and prompts To get them back onto the counter to get Them back in so that you can move them From interested to closed if you don't Have a hotly follow-up system in place And you think that would be useful let Me know in the comments because this was A game changer for us especially when we Started to integrate two things number One Direct Mail Right everybody's Getting emails and automations and Things like that but you can really Stand out if you put together a Jack and All package of just the package that you Mail out via FedEx with a copy of your Book if you have that in other Positioning materials you're going to Stand out because they had a great Meeting with you and now they've Received this package in the mail it's Really impressive will make you stand Out and the other thing you want to do Is add a deadline to your sales process Last thing you want to do is have all of Your sales appointments sound interested Say hey I'll get back to you schedule

That next call and then it just kind of Goes into into the state of limbo it's Like what what happened is this deal Still in play I don't know that will Kill your momentum it will kill your Sales team's momentum and so engineer Right on the sales call Hey listen can We can we agree to make a decision on This one way or the other sometime in The next two weeks and almost everybody Will say yes to that and because they've Done that now you can create your hot Lead follow-up so it reverse Engineers Back over two weeks so after two weeks You can send the disconnect hey Appreciate the opportunity it seems like You've decided not to move forward you Know is there any feedback you could Give me that I could do better in the Future And that disconnect Usually kicks the person that was Actually interested over the finish line Now like no no I am going to do it let's Let's get started or they don't right And then you know you can remove that From the pipeline you can create more Headspace for yourself and your team to Go focus on deals that are actually Going to be in play so That's the ultimate agency funnel Cliff Notes version I've got a visual I'd love To share with you that kind of walks you Through this entire process and each of

The pages in the phone it's gonna be Hard to see here on the video but I do Have a deep dive training where I walk You through kind of what that opt-in Page should look like what that Confirmation page should look like with The video and kind of moving them to the Next step what the calendar page and the Application page should look like when They're ready to schedule in and kind of The Nuance in between like the Nuance Between the emails that move them to Appointment the retargeting strategy all The way through to the hotly follow-up So if that sounds useful and you really Like to go deep with this and understand Exactly how you can implement this in Your agency Um I've developed this ultimate agency Checklist as well as a video Based Training goes about an hour that shows You exactly how this works and really Kind of takes you in behind the scenes If you want to grab that you can go to funnel Or if you happen to be you know in a Place where you can hit a QR code you Can scan this QR code Beneficial hopefully you took away some Key insights and takeaways let me know In the comments if you enjoyed this if There was some specific aspect of it That was useful if there's questions You're like hey you know what I like

That idea but I don't understand it post That in the comments as well and be sure To subscribe be sure to hit the like Button grab your Deep dive training on The ultimate agency funnel and I can't Wait to see you implement this and take Your agency to the next level talk to You soon

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