Eliza Updates & Notification Manager Updates!

Hey happy Wednesday everybody Sean Coming at you from high levels so we've Got two big updates for today well Actually uh two videos for today anyways So first up Eliza updates so um again Eliza for those of you who do not know This is a rollover platform that we uh That is totally separate from high level Think about like a call center platform But just for chats uh and so if you're Running like a big call center you have A lot of clients and you want like a Singular place to organize all of that Um that's what Eliza is if you need more Information from that um you can hit up The services team and they can help you With that but um to get started uh Really quick introduce the add contact Functionality on Eliza so now you can Add contacts like you can inside high Level so this is great that if you're Actually in uh if you're actually in There and you want to actually add Someone Um you can do that now there's also some Engineering updates that you can check Out here so for those of you who are Interested take a look so that is uh Number one number two notification Manager preferences enablements of Channels so this is a CRM update and Essentially here's what's new you have The ability to set notification Preferences based on different channels

We currently support in-app email and SMS and the ability to select multiple Delivery channels for a specific Notification type as well as type of Notifications which now support all Three channels so what does this mean This means let's take a look here if I Am uh let's say first example Conversation notifications so notify for All conversation and messages initiated With the account so if there's any Conversation notification do I want a Notification period And if I do how do I Want it do I want it as an in-app an In-app really just means that like You're getting you're getting the Desktop notifications then uh email of Course you get an email SMS you're Getting an SMS so now we have all of That Um ready to go in the system and you can See this is like an example here hey Task email and SMS is due in 15 minutes So now you can get notified via email And then of course example here task Assignment so all of that is now Customizable across all these different Channels inside the notification manager Inside the system them and of course you Can see down here all new conversion uh Conversations message initiated these Are all the different categories that You can do a couple of notes on this Um so I think that's awesome uh the team

Has just done such a great job here Continuing to push this out Um also along the same vein you're gonna Get um The ability to uh uh this kind of starts To roll us into a lot more granular Permissions so for those of you who are Waiting for that that should be on the Horizon up next uh of course this is a Quick text example here okay cool and Let's see I'm gonna skip past this oh Yeah Facebook enhancements uh we just Moved okay well that's just versioning Stuff okay awesome Um that's all for this video I have a Huge uh new release uh coming up next After this so I'll talk to you in a Minute thanks

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